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  1. We, are naturally hard wired to touch our faces in all kinds of situations, mainly subconsciously and although we know it`s the main way this virus is transmitted we just can`t help it, especially those of us with facial hair. Best to keep your hands occupied.
  2. Being from Burnley I was a regular, from the under 18s Thursday nights around 1971-72 to the midweek nights of Tony Jebb, Billy the Kid and later, Ian Levine. The resident DJs were Rod Stewart lookalikes Sammy D & Micky T. They used to let a few of us behind the decks to play our "American Imports" Sam & Dave, Arthur Connelly, Otis, James Brown etc, for the last hour. As some of us used to go Blackpool Mecca om the Saturday nights we pestered them to get a proper soul night at the Rose Room and that`s how the midweek soul nights arrived.
  3. I`m embarrassed to say I missed it, I was in the bath
  4. A guide?...............bloody hell he`s gonna be a busy boy!
  5. Did you buy the Sub in 2006? I have a black one from around the same time I bought in Amsterdam. Never wear it nowadays, I was sick of folk asking "Is it a real one?"
  6. 44 44 mm Chris, it`s also in 40 mm but the 44 mm isn`t too big, looks it in that photo strangely but it really isn`t.
  7. I had to check and yes it is from 1970, would have said a lot earlier. Good luck with the sale Milky!
  8. My youngest son and his girlfriend are on a weeks holiday in Venice. He says everything is open but the visitor numbers are well down.
  9. Very nice, and very well made, I have a mate who has the grey one and he loves it. I like the fact I can actually read the date, unlike most of my collection I don`t need my readers. This one is the 44mm but it`s also in 40mm, they were a limited edition of 1970 pieces.
  10. Reactivation time? Just arrived today. Been looking for one of these to come up for sale for a while now.
  11. Yes, apart from the OOTP copy only the demo was booted back in the 70s.
  12. Popsike has about 20 listed so I would think the 50 copies is a genuine number.
  13. 12 years late Roger but I did check out Malc`s copy and just for the record (See what I did there ) it`s single sided.
  14. Having a nice clean label will up the value, quite scarce!
  15. It was quite a popular track, (being an instrumental) at that time, 73,74!

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