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  • Birthday 06/06/1956

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    I`ll give you 2 guesses!
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    4 Tops - Can`t Seem to Get You Out of My Mind

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  1. Soon to be available in all good charity shops!
  2. Steve Lane

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    Issue is ten times rarer so what would that fetch with the nutters?
  3. Steve Lane

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Top quality early casino spin! https://youtu.be/iPiWCI-nZPg
  4. Steve Lane

    Name this tune please

    And thrice.................Kurt Harris!
  5. Steve Lane

    Home Cinema

    You really ought to get out more Steve!
  6. Steve Lane


    Dosn`t it make you go blind?
  7. Steve Lane

    News: Sad News - Eddie Willis RIP

    Legend is much too smaller word to describe the man! RIP and many thanks for the music of my life
  8. Steve Lane

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    How far will football clubs go to pander to the likes of Chicharito, Marcos.A etc? "Sorry gaffer but I won`t sign unless I get my childhood nickname on my shirt because it means so much to me!" "OK son, no problem....sign here. By the way, what`s your nickname?" "Bacon Balls!"
  9. Steve Lane

    Silly Names, Pseudonyms, Aliases, Why?

    I use an alias. My real name is Donovan Spunktrumpet!
  10. Steve Lane

    Happy Birthday Spain Pete

    Enjoy the day Pedro!
  11. Steve Lane

    Hosepipe Ban

    The can stick there ban up their corporate arses, I won`t be following it! They should have thought about water shortages when they were selling off Reservoirs to rake in extra cash, they can only sell these off once!
  12. We gave up a nighter at the Casino for that frigging dump! 4 am, the sun came up through the shed roof and brought everyone down, a real dustbowl of a place where most of the acts didn`t show up, makeshift plywood sheets as dancefloors and most people crashed out on the concrete floor. What more could you want?
  13. Steve Lane

    Morris Chestnut

    Our Morris was also, if I remember rightly, in the "Shaft" movies.
  14. Steve Lane

    World Cup humour

  15. Steve Lane

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    We`ve Signed. Got to stick with our brothers!


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