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  1. Steve Lane

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    A Karcrashian wannabe!
  2. Steve Lane

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    All of these stupid retarded women with plastic tits and trumpet lips who think what they crave is a face like a baboons arse!
  3. Steve Lane

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    Sesame Street theme tune. Am I glad it wasn`t part of the scene in my day!!
  4. Steve Lane

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    I detest that intensely. "TH" is being driven out of our language, mainly by these thick as shit "Roll models" IE: Premier League footballers, reality TV never beens and also, alarmingly by quite a few TV chefs. Would they write a letter, email or their CV like they speak? There must be an descriptive adjective for it along the lines of illiteracy!
  5. Steve Lane


    One and the same Steve! I don`t have a licence as I don`t want to pay the wages of the Savile`s and as I don`t watch BBC or Iplayer so no licence is needed. That`s the rules. Remember all the scarymercials of the 70s/80s about TV detector vans? Not only were there only 20 of them for the whole of Britain, they didn`t really work, it was enough for people to think they did. Nowadays we are a wee bit more learned!
  6. Steve Lane


  7. Steve Lane

    What Killed Wigan Casino?

    Proof reader on strike again dave? I concur most of the above as I was also around at that time. There was Preludin (Prellies) which was top notch gear along with Filon which was actually the same thing. As for what killed Wigan. For me it was marriage and kids and having responsibilities and also the dickheads that were coming down wearing their clown pants and silly bowling shirts. That wasn`t part of the scene at all!
  8. Steve Lane


    Absolutely vile program......should be broadcast in black & white! On a similar subject. Any idea (Without goggling) how much of our licence fee is handed over to Capita to pay for their enforcement officers to "enforce" licence fee`s on people who don`t/won`t pay it?
  9. Steve Lane

    first three records to start a set

    You also have to be able to "stitch" them together, you can`t just play 3 completely different moods, it has to flow!
  10. Steve Lane

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Lucille was a looker in her school uniform as I recall!
  11. Steve Lane

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    Used to watch it and always liked it as it didn`t take itself seriously. Hateful program now, always trying to outdo the other shite soaps with ridiculous plot lines and very little acting ability of most of the actists!
  12. Steve Lane

    Coronation Street - Any fans?

    You know your getting old when you can recall watching Corrie and Ken was at teachers training college!
  13. Steve Lane

    Happy Birthday Dave Moore

    Have a good one matey!
  14. Steve Lane

    Banned Xmas ad

    It`s a start though Steve. Signed and shared on Facebook!
  15. Steve Lane

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Yes, brilliant and can`t wait for the next episode. We slag the Beeb off a lot on forums but Sir Dave`s documentaries are always riveting and somewhat necessary viewing in today's world!


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