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  1. Had to snap this one, I hope he got a good discount on the Experienced sign writing.
  2. We had a fantastic golden moon last night, it looks like the sunrise in a darkened sky.
  3. Camping at the weekend over Settle way. Friday night and most of Saturday windy and rainy, bloody typical! Saturday night the weather cleared and we were gifted this.
  4. I was a 16 year old lad who pestered him for his spare copy of Laura Lee- To Win Your Heart which he sold me, can`t remember how much but it couldn`t have been a lot. Absolutely top DJ of any era with a 6th sense of how to put a set together. RIP Tony, your body may rest in peace but your soul goes marching on!
  5. Cheers Steve, it was on our outdoor castor oil plant. I really needed your camera for that
  6. Anyone watched Cardinal? We caught the last series which was pretty good so gave it a shot with series 4. Really enjoyed it apart from I think the video editor forgot his glasses. The bad guy left what was supposed to be a Peregrine Falcon feather at every crime scene but the bird must have been the size of an ostrich. In one scene the bad guy shot someone and a minute later the gun grew a silencer. and in the final scene where, again, the bad guy, was firing a hunting rifle very proficiently, got off a half dozen rounds with his bolt action rifle complete with scope but the rifle was missing one important piece.......the clip I`m one who notices these details and it really annoys the wife when i`m pointing it out.
  7. Any idea what kind of spider this is? Very tiny.
  8. This was our daddy blackbird having a break from siting on the chicks. washing.mp4
  9. I actually sent in my baby blackbird photo to the BBC and it was shown and read out by weatherman Owain Wyn Evens, I think he may be Welsh?
  10. The capsule on top looks like a ghost from Pacman.
  11. Following on from the Blackbird chick, we have the parents nesting in the Clematis right next to our back door and they have two new eggs. Here`s mum sat there all morning, never bothers about us or the dogs. Photo taken on zoom (Samsung) from the kitchen window. And the view from the top of our local park this afternoon.
  12. It`s one that i`ve been playing out recently, about time it got out more.
  13. Really?........really?Who the fk is responsible for that steamer? Outside now!
  14. My god, she can`t hold a note in a fkn bucket, that`s absolutely atrocious!!!

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