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  1. Driverless cars

    Sorry Steve, the 1st time I clicked the link it took me to an electric land rover page. I now get the idea. Bring that tech on!
  2. Driverless cars

    But WHY?...it`s a stupid idea!
  3. Driverless cars

    Yeah right, in it`s f`kin dreams it would! They`ll bull$hit us with all sorts of answers but like electric cars, they will only run perfectly and reach the quoted "Miles per charge" in optimal conditions. No heater, no aircon, no wipers, lights, heated seats...
  4. Driverless cars

    This is the thick end of the wedge, I can sort of understand it for freight vehicles but how many drivers will be signing on? We are in a world where the powers that be will stop at anything to take away what we find enjoyable.....like erm, driving for exampl...
  5. Driverless cars

    Specially in America, they have shotguns!
  6. Manchester airport

    Airports are private property and you can legally drive around without your number plate attached and not get charged!
  7. Driverless cars

    It`s a wonder he didn`t sue the coffee company for scalding himself in the process. Am great Pete....hope your fine.
  8. Driverless cars

    I remember that. Only in Shit-for-brains America, thank god!
  9. Driverless cars

    The ironic and completely baffling side of the story is. There was a driver in the car but it was in autonomous mode! Utterly pointless and so doomed to failure. Just because it can be done (Although that`s a matter of conjecture) doesn`t mean it should.
  10. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Series 7 was the 1st one to be aired down here, no idea why, it`s brilliant. We can all relate to at least one of the characters. start from series one and work your way through them. There`s also a couple of specials and a live show from a couple of years ag...
  11. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Still Game is back on......series 8, brilliant TV from north of the border! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIGOvhiZMe0
  12. Pointer sisters send him back demo original

    Isn`t that the recent boot with Tyrone Barkley on the flip?
  13. Sax on the Track anyone?

    I think i`m sorted mate thanks.
  14. Sax on the Track anyone?

    Sorted thanks.
  15. R.I.P. Professor Hawking.

    Just seen this and thought it was another sick hoax. Sad news, I always watched everything he did on TV from back in my teens. RIP

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