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    A légpárnás hajóm tele van angolnákkal
  • Birthday 06/06/1956

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    I`ll give you 2 guesses!
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    4 Tops - Can`t Seem to Get You Out of My Mind

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  1. Steve Lane

    Hosepipe Ban

    The can stick there ban up their corporate arses, I won`t be following it! They should have thought about water shortages when they were selling off Reservoirs to rake in extra cash, they can only sell these off once!
  2. We gave up a nighter at the Casino for that frigging dump! 4 am, the sun came up through the shed roof and brought everyone down, a real dustbowl of a place where most of the acts didn`t show up, makeshift plywood sheets as dancefloors and most people crashed out on the concrete floor. What more could you want?
  3. Steve Lane

    Morris Chestnut

    Our Morris was also, if I remember rightly, in the "Shaft" movies.
  4. Steve Lane

    World Cup humour

  5. Steve Lane

    Reject calls to ban Staffordshire Bull Terriers

    We`ve Signed. Got to stick with our brothers!
  6. Steve Lane

    Roy Handy - Baby That's A Groove (Stephanye)

    Not sure when it was booted but I had one off a barrow in Gt Windmill st around 72/73 ish.
  7. Steve Lane

    Roy Handy - Baby That's A Groove (Stephanye)

    Roy Handy was also in The Chosen Few!
  8. Steve Lane

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Someone obviously made him an offer he couldn`t refuse!
  9. Steve Lane

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    And again........... And I drop the speed down on this baby which gets em up!
  10. Steve Lane

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    Majestics is definitely Latin, one of my intro`s to my 3 track Latin phase in my set. Along with........ And sometimes......... And YouTube clips still won`t show up for me. Anyone else have a problem?
  11. Steve Lane

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    More chance of getting Dracula to feast on garlic bread!
  12. Steve Lane

    Happy Birthday Steve Lane

    Thanks a lot all! xx
  13. Steve Lane

    Happy Birthday Steve Lane

    Thanks guys A few beers will be enjoyed at Cleethorpes this very weekend! One of my cards:
  14. Steve Lane

    World Cup in 4K

    He was a f`kin embarrassment!.....the sooner they start giving red cards to cheats like him diving in the area the better! He was awful as well, it just shows how much City players actually make him look good.
  15. Steve Lane

    World Cup in 4K

    And seeing as we have yet another manager who fails to recognise that the team captain`s armband is not just a magnificent accolade to give to the latest "BIG NAME" player to keep him from sulking, we`ll be lucky to make the group stage!