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  1. We went, for the 1st time in years to see Dr Sleep last month at our local Vue cinema, Saturday night, I booked in the week in case it was booked up on the night. When we arrived I was expecting the usual milling throng of parents and kids pick & mixing in the foyer, the new Terminator film had also just premiered that week and a couple more kids movies so a busy weekend. Errr no. There was just me and the wife, no one else in the place, I got us a beer each and we went to find our seats, there was only one more couple in screen 1 and as far as we could tell, in the whole building, as we left they were behind us locking up. Good movie though but what a shame no one`s going anymore.
  2. Sandy Holt, he was British & European Thai Boxing champion, he trained under Master Sken, whereas I trained under Master Toddy in the late 70s early 80s. He made a career out of it whereas I liked my face the way it was!
  3. Who`s done these?
  4. Over Christmas, one morning I found myself watching Escape to Athena with the very delectable Stephanie Powers, and no, she wasn`t sat with me unfortunately she was on screen. Half way through this happened. Wind it on to 50:10 and you`ll see. The end credits of the film credit all the songs/music from the soundtrack but BitN is unaccredited.
  5. The Flamingo club was in the 1st episode.
  6. You can tell a mile away those who have been "Taught" how to dance, they look soul-less, they have no natural feel for the music.
  7. Christ almighty your as out of touch as he is!
  8. Well I suppose apart from ridiculing the scene you may be correct.
  9. Those trousers were/are synonymous with the dickheads and the Sacred Holy Brotherhood of Clowns, Polo shirts came from the mod era, no-one ever wore those ridiculous patch-pocketed cinema curtains until TV arrived on the scene!
  10. Should be another excellent night with top dog Ted Massey behind those twin spinning whirly things this month>
  11. Just the one single, I Lost a True Love, off the album, Johnny Wyatt`s version only on 45.
  12. Legend! Didn`t get the credit he so richly deserved. RIP sir

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