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  1. A very old topic but I have some new info that blows everything out of the water. I recently acquired a 12 inch single that was released in....March 1970..some 5+ years before anyone had previously thought...!
  2. Mark R thanks. No it's definately not one of the BBE represses in fact the copy i own was the one used in order to make the repress (ie it was the original source material) if that makes sense
  3. Anyone seen one of these before? Value? It's my own copy....
  4. I’m looking for a copy of the John Edwards “Tin Man” 12 inch single that only appears to have been issued as a promo by Kent Records. Anyone have one or know of one for sale? Many Thanks, Karlos
  5. I've got this on 12 inch, not stone mint mind you, but yes VERY hard to find in any condition...and no it's not for sale...
  6. Well firstly apologies for hogging the board on this one but…. I’ve spoken to no less an authority than Mr Searling on this. He had never heard of it before either (so it must be well under the radar so to speak) but Richard does have contact with Michael Powell so at some point he’s going to contact him to find out the story behind it.
  7. Found my CD....a couple of things to note. It says Advance Promo not for sale on it and it says Japan 2002. The other extended track is tell me. There's no cover to the CD ie sleeve etc. Here's a snap of the CD itself.... Any ideas anyone?
  8. No it’s not that one as that is the Japanese import of the bluebird (UK) CD. In any case I’ve had my one at least 10 years if not more and the release in the link dates to 2007-8. My memory is sketchy but I vaguely recall the seller telling me it was a Japan only release. As well as a long version of “It’s my turn” the CD also has a longer version of another Chapter 8 track (so has 2 bonus tracks) but I can’t remember what the other track is! Will have to dig the CD out again…. Something is telling me it’s a bootleg as I simply can’t find any info on this CD anywhere but the sound
  9. No it's not on You tube and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere either. I'll have to put it up. Although it's an extended version it's "looped" ie after about 2:40 the song then goes right back to the beginning but it's done well. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about the CD I have as I can't find a thing about it on the web...
  10. Just found a CD in the collection which is the above LP but has 2 bonus tracks on it one being a 7:40 long version of "It's my turn".. Does anyone know anything about this CD as I can't find any info on it at all. I got it a long long while ago around 10-15 years ago if not more and all I can remember is being told it was a Japan only release but that's it. Does anyone know any more?
  11. Many thanks to those who took the time to reply...some interesting suggestions. I do like the Charles Johnson and looked at buying a copy until I saw how much the 7 goes for..!
  12. Hi, I need some recommendations from the collective brains on here please. I’m a southerner who has been brought up on a diet of Disco and Jazz-Funk but am now spreading my wings a bit and am starting to listen to stuff that probably wasn’t played south of Watford. I’ve recently got into a tune by Buddy Turner called “You’re what’s missing in my life” and was looking for recommendations of similar stuff ie mid/late 70’s soul dancers that probably won’t have been played down south. Realise this could be a long list but all suggestions welcome! Many thanks in advance. Kar
  13. I remember seeing Chapter 8 in London some years ago. not a full blown concert, they did 20-30 mins as part of an evenings entertainment along with other artists. They blew me away that night so I can't wait for January...best modern soul group ever.imo.. (excluding the likes of The O'Jays, Temptations etc as they've been going for donkeys years)
  14. Russ, I'm afraid the copy you have is a bootleg. The real promo is as described by Johnathan and is a white label with the words DJ COPY writtten several times in blue across the entire label.
  15. Looking for Allan Harris & Perpetual motion 12 Get Ready on Exact change.... The one advertised in sales has just gone, someone beat me to it! Thanks..
  16. Just sent you mail...interested in one of your 12's Cheers, karl
  17. Well £400 or therabouts is not too bad...I was expecting 4 figures...all I need to do now is find a copy. Anyone got one for sale or know where I might find a copy..?
  18. Sorry, are you saying there are only 3 copies (or thereabouts) in the whole world...if so why so few...what's the story..? Oh and how much ££ are we talking about.... Thanks..
  19. Could somebody please educate me and tell me.. A) How rare this is on 12 inch and How much I would have to pay to get a copy... A friend of a friend of a friend etc has one but I've never seen one for sale....
  20. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I have quite a bit of the philly stuff/trammps/Lew Kirton etc but there's plently of others that have been suggested that I need to investigate! Thanks once again.
  21. Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie here and looking for some recommendations from those more knowledgeable than myself. I really love those Philly type 70's dancers such as Four Below Zero's "My Baby's Got ESP" or Blue Magic's "Look me up". With the above songs in mind could anyone recommend any similar type tunes which may have escaped these ears. Thanks in advance... Karlos
  22. The Joyce track was the first 12 on Buddah it's quite a nice instrumental, Monday after was the second...
  23. My copy of the moments has the Rimshots on the other side but that's not to say the Rimshots track wasn't released earlier as a one sided 12... On the subject of the Atlantic DSKO...there are a few 12 inch Acetate's in circulation that have Hot Chocolate's "Disco Queen" on one side and "Tornado" on the other side. A collector friend of mine has once and he swears he got this in late 1974.. However I hooked out my 1 sided Acetate copy of "Tornado" over the weekend it (rather helpfully) has a date on it of 10/3/75 but as it's American I presume that's 3 October not 10 March as they do their

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