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  1. Hi, Clean copy of Passions on Tower “Just like a rolling sea”. Regards, Martin
  2. Donnie Elbert "Get Ready / Along Came Pride" U.K. CBS (large lettering). TIA Martin
  3. At least Ex. cond. Determinations – You can´t hold on to love Lyrics -Keep me close to your heart Voltaires – My my my baby Chuck Henley – Broken Heart T.I.A., Martin
  4. Thanks guys, fingers crossed as it seems a bit tricky to find. Anyone
  5. Hi all! Looking for a copy of Broken Heart by Chuck Henley om Coach records. Please PM with price & cond. if you have to sell or know where I might find one. Thanks in advance! / Martin
  6. Hi! Looking for a clean copy of Andre Williams on Sunflower "Cry in The Arms Of Another Love" PM with price & condition if you have one for sale. Thanks in advance! /Martin
  7. All records at least Ex. condition if nothing else is stated. 1. The Vanguards - The Thought Of Losing Your Love - Lamp 30 Gbp 2. Z.Z Hill - One Way Love Affair - M H Records - 40 Gbp 3. LaVern Baker - Love Me Right - Atlantic - VG+ with stamp on lbl - 15 Gbp 4. Barry White - All In The Run Of A Day - Bronco - 30 Gbp 5. Bobby Caldwell - The House Is Rockin' - PBR International Demo - 25 Gbp 6. Kings Go Forth - One Day - Mr. C - 60 Gbp 7. Ron & The Embracers - You Came Into My Heart - Spectrum - 40 Gbp 8. Vise - Baby I Love You - Chocolate Mama - 175 Gbp 9. The Magnificent Men - Tired Of Pushing - Capitol Demo - 20 Gbp 10. Cottonmouth - Treat You Kindly - RCA Demo - 25 Gbp 11.Pat Johnson & The Moonlighters - Give Me A Helping Hand - Cap Town - 150 Gbp slight lbl wear on "Give" side 12. The Eldorados - You Make My Heart Sing - Torrid - 20 Gbp Payment via Paypal, postage is 3.50 Gbp more if sent insured. Please contact me through PM for reservations or questions.
  8. Palmer C. Rakes "That Was Then" Columbia Demo M- £15 Thano "Gimme Something" Verve faint lbl wear, otherwise Ex. £15 Jimmy Williams "The Half Man" ABC residue on lbl, VG+ £20 The Blendtones "Come On Home" Success Ex £20 Chris Kenner "Get On This Train" Uptown Ex. £20 Prins Charles & The Toyal Tones "What I Live For" Onyx VG+ £15 Marty Lewis "I Don't Want Nobody" Alon Ex. £15 Postage paid by buyer, Paypal preferred. No checks. PM if interested Martin
  9. Time to celebrate an anniversary again! Soultreats! have now reached 400! Visit for some good music (always) and at time informative blurbs (infrequent...) All the best, Martin
  10. I´ve forgotten atrack I used to listen to a lot a few years ago, I´m pretty sure it was a big ticket item and that it was on the Panther label, any clues what it might be? :hatsoff2:TIA, Martin
  11. £80 + postage, contact through PM please and payment via Paypal (as gift if possible) or cash. All the best, Martin
  12. If you have one or know someone who might part with their copy I´d be most grateful. Contact via PM please. Thanks in advance, Martin
  13. As one of the swedes that are coming, I just wanted to say that I´m really looking forward to this! Been to the 100clu several times but never on an anniversary night, which I´ve heard is something even more special than usual (great) allnighters! ps, just posted a want for another ticket to the event, if anyone´s got one or now someone who does I´d be very grateful ds See you tomorrow, all the best Martin
  14. Hi, if anyone got a spare or now someone who´s not going I´d be glad buy another ticket for the 100 club nighter tomorrow. You can contact me on SoulSource until midnight tonight or text me on 0046739317296 (swedish mobile) My flight leaves early tomorrow morning so the phone will be off for a few hours in the morning, but I´ll get back to anyone as soon as I land. Thanks in advance, Martin
  15. Unreleased (at the time) Ben-Lee Philly recording. These were pressed a few years ago. Two different versions exist, one slightly faster which was comped on a Goldmine CD and this version which is slightly slower. Great track no matter what!
  16. Been after one for a while now, and it seldom seems to crop up for sale? Any ideas on price/availability? TIA, Martin
  17. Well, it is with pride (and a little surprise) that I can announce our 300th addition to the Soultreats! music blog today! Thank you all who kindly have commented on the tracks and the blog in general, makes it all so much more worthwhile! Here´s to another three hundred! / Martin

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