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  1. have known roger for years and have also often been shanghaied e.g. at one soul nite in Penrith on Saturday after being to Bury or Congleton on the Friday, we were helping him carry boxes back to his car. Now Roger Had boxes in each hand and under his arms and I heard him shout behind "Doug I think I feel a backdrop coming on " and seconds later hear an almighty crash. I turned around and there was Roger on his back on the floor but still clinging onto the boxes with his legs up by his neck. He looked up and then said sheepishly "Doug, Doug I think I've broken both me legs" Roger has always been helpful for info, have had great discounts and many, many, stories, barking but good guy. Always played Brenton Wood Across the Bridges for "The Scottish Lads"
  2. Totally agree with you mate - was a nite recently and they were handing out jam sponge cake (eh ?) it's all ball gowns and stiletto's (and that's just the blokes)
  3. I was shocked and saddened when I got told the news last week - an absolute tragedy - our thoughts are with friends and family..... Rest In Peace Steve Doug
  4. Reminds me of the Sunday Night a Fleetwood Weekender when I think Kenny Burrell played it and halfway through Ronnie H from rDundee turns to me and "Well Doug if I cant dance to this then I cant dance to anything, theres no point" stood up and headed back to his caravan in silence and on his own . Was time to call it quits.
  5. seen a copy at Prestatyn a couple of years back ¬ £2500 the guy was wanting for it ¬ had to content myself with just holding it for a couple of minutes ¬ I even had the cheek to slip it out its sleeve to see what kinda nick it was in !!
  6. Same but other way about if you know what I mean !
  7. thanks again folks !! I'm sure I know you from somewhere Chalky ?
  8. great info folks - really appreciate that ! If theres any more please keep it comin ! Quite keen to find out more about Joe Adams ! cheers
  9. Can any help with a discography for the Philidelphia label DEL-VAL. Also was the Joe Adams version of "Thats not half bad" ever released on vinyl ? Cost(ish) ? Thanks for any info you can give .
  10. ALLOA "SPARRA' " Welcome back hope you're well ! How's things ? What have been up to ? It's been years matey. Still got your tapes from years ago Doug (formely from Abdn)
  11. I meant the murder was a "cover up" (play on words) for how Frank Wilson" DO I...." came to be discovered - she was really bumped off for her rare vinyl collect and made to look like a "HIT AND RUN " (wasn't that the contours ??) a bit like the DIANA, JFK thing but a lot more serious - for Soul Music Instead ? There's more to this Gently story than meets the eye I reckon, you just need to probe a bit deeper. I apologise for the drivel - was the 4 Tops tune a boot right enough?
  12. It was The Four Tops - Sweet Was The Love but don't know much about it - always thought it was unissued ? Also the dead girls copy of Frank Wilson on SOUL - so is that where he got his copy from - he bumped off the girl for "Do I LOVE..." - It was all a conspiracy to get the rare vinyl - IT WAS A COVER UP !!
  13. None of this is meant to offend but merely an observation although I may be very wrong but kind of noticed a difference with prices at the end of the 90's start of 00's - always put it down to the return of those patrons who had strayed away from the scene for different reasons eg. to bring up family etc but had returned with more disposable income as say the kids had grown up. The records that I had always meant to pickup for £5-10 but never did due to their vast abundance (and my perhaps misguided quest - for newer, rarer sounds) have now doubled tripled...etc.... in price. When I think back to the days of Allanton Droylsden Congleton etc and the records that were there - even the first weekender at Yarmouth - but i'm sure it will be the same for guys older than me who would have seen a noticeable transition from their early days. Also I believe one collector/dj who was paying silly prices (??) for vinyl and seemed to be easy pray for sales because money was no object and the bar price wise just kept rising steadily although he was aware that he would never get his money back if he ever decided to sell up. Don't get me wrong there are certain toons that if I had everything else and the dosh I would do same (and i'm sure we can all say the same as I believe it's human nature) although believe I would have a limit that I wouldn't cross (?!?) A mate once made a comment on how it would be easier for him to sell a record for £20-£30 than one for £100(0) 's say just because of the economic enviroment in which we live.
  14. Music Hall in Aberdeen -1982/83 The Showmen - Our Love Will Grow

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