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  1. jo65


  2. jo65

    Good Vibrations Bbc2 Tonight

    Haha you get a Jim McDonald accent moving here whether you like it or not as well
  3. jo65

    Dab of Soul at the Seaside Weekender


    Had a really fantastic time last year and booked up again for this one!
  4. jo65


    Me three :-) Hope the weather is kind enough for the flight into Leeds!
  5. jo65

    News: Rugby All-Niter Announcement.

    Brilliant news indeed, our Soul home is safe!
  6. jo65

    A Few Xover Sales

    Hi Darren do you still have the Mike James Kirkland? cheers Jo
  7. Great write up Dave! x wee Jo
  8. And what better way to celebrate,than at Rugby.. Loved the set Carl&Maria did in the freestyle room! We both had a ball, special thanks to Sian for the romantic bit's x And her dad Frank for the lift!
  9. Hope your not presenting her with a pack of curlers....
  10. it's the way ya tell em! Looking forward to Rugby soooo much,good to catch up with you guys x Jo n Olof
  11. jo65

    2010-10-30 Costa Del Soul Oct 30-Nov 6

    Hi Andy and Denise, Myself and Olof thought we'd like to test drive a few days for you Maybe a plan can come together for next year
  12. jo65

    2010-10-30 Costa Del Soul Oct 30-Nov 6

    We'll be comin over for a few days as well. Sun Soul and ...Fun!
  13. Went to see the film last Friday, which was enjoyed by a group of us. It runs for a week in Belfast. Thought it was well attended with a mixed range of ages, l think the QFT holds around 120 folk.. all seats sold..
  14. Me n Kev will be on your doorstep lunchtime tomorrow .. :-)

  15. jo65

    2010-06-19: Rugby All-Niter Sat 19Th June

    He's been having peace talks with the Volcano All is looking good..


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