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  1. Hope you had a good time. Life is short, money is not easy, Please NEVER change just enjoy.
  2. rayskim

    North Wings

    Great night really enjoyed it. Could not get Bones off the floor thought we may have to carry him home but he managed. Nice sets played by all, Love Spiv, he always delivers, really enjoyed Ian P's set and Mick, what can I say a blinder as usual. Thank you for a really good time, see you next month.
  3. rayskim

    Eddy's Opening Night! - A Packer

    Ditto to that, Great Night.
  4. Good night at K.H.F.T. I ached yesterday, in pain today, will probably need bilateral knee replacements by tomorrow, should I even be saying Thanks????????? Thankyou Gents,
  5. rayskim

    Grantham Soul At The Squash Club

    Cracking night Lads, many Thanks, R+K
  6. DeeJay Roy, would you bring Robert Parker for me or Louisa Mark version if you have it orrr as a special treat for me you could bring both.
  7. rayskim

    Nottingham Soul Club

    Thats you Tommo always late.....Looking forward to this. See you there.
  8. rayskim

    Bentinck Soul Club Friday 21St January

    I had a fab time, Thank you Gents.
  9. rayskim

    The Central @ The Union, Nottingham

    Big Thank You all for a great night, loved the music have not danced so much fo ages, each and every D.J did us proud, could wax lyrical about Mak and always love Coops.See you next time. R+K
  10. Hi Guys, nice to see you at F.Town, have a Fab night and hope to see you soon, will get over to the April' ish one will look out for the dates but hope to see you before out and about. A very Happy New Year to you, may your floor be packed and your bar run dry, but not till home time, R+K
  11. Great line up, great people, great venu. Hope you all have a fantastic night, I know you will. Happy New Year, hope it brings you all you want, all you need and everything you deserve, have a fab one. R+K
  12. rayskim

    Kingsway Hall,forest Town

    No need to bring the hose then.............not long now Kims chomping at the bit...
  13. rayskim

    Kingsway Hall,forest Town

    Ha ha see you in a bit.
  14. rayskim

    Kingsway Hall,forest Town

    Hi Carl, any pyrotechnics tonight? cant wait see you later.
  15. rayskim

    Grantham Soul At The Atruim

    Ditto.......... Dr Who why don't you let us know where you are playing, we could come and marvel at you and have a play list, price list and you could educate us all, might even be able to get a photo of your plastic fantastic. Have a very Happy New Year. K x


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