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    7 Souls - I Still Love You
  1. soulmanash

    Redroad Radio

    Still going strong every Sunday 7-10pm Soul Galore on 102.4fm/redroadmusic.com Covering full spectrum of soul music Join us (that's Ash & Keith) if you can Thanx for reading & Merry Soulful Chrimbo to all
  2. soulmanash

    The Finest All Nighter Venue Ever

    Only went the once - got distracted going up THAT lane Best nighter Wheel/Torch Best venue that never did a nighter? Lyric, Dinnington
  3. soulmanash

    Redroad Radio

    Haven't been on for a while - far to busy - don't ask Soul Galore show still going strong on Sundays 7-10pm 102.4fm or redroadmusic.com - click listen now Join us if you can - as always an eclectic soul mix, totally across the board. Thanxfor reading. Ash PS: Same station Thursdays 7-9pm Fab n Groovy 60s
  4. soulmanash

    Redroad Radio

    Still here - still soulful - just celebrated 2nd anniversary of REDROAD FM Thanx for continued support Sundays 7-10pm (102.4fm or redroadmusic.com)
  5. soulmanash

    Etta James Has Died In Califonia

    Been following her demise over past 8 weeks, chronic leukemia and was dreading the news! Taken me a week to write something and now I'm stumped! I did a 7 track tribute to Etta on redroadmusic.com last Sunday - I could have played Etta for the whole 3 hours show but............. First heard her sing when I was 10 (I very quickly dropped Connie Francis & Brenda Lee LOL) Regret to say that she wasn't covered with enough respect thru music industry in general and THAT film "Cadillac" either(sorry)! Like she said "it took Janis Joplin 2 years and its taken me 25 and counting" Sad sad loss indeed - she was never a "Pushover" and "At Last" she's at peace - miss you girl RIP ETTA JAMES
  6. Jools not the most charasmatic guy BUT musically he is brill. Gives lots of artists exposure whether they be brand new or some of "our artists" can't fault the guy for that and his orchestra are really tight! Betty was gr8 even singing impressions during CUW. Gr8 way to see the New Year in - still watching it now LOL all the best everyone for 2012
  7. soulmanash

    Redroad Radio

    Didn't record a show yesterday(gotta be Grandad sometimes!) BUT back LIVE on Sunday 1st! Catch us if you can 7-10pm 102.4fm or redroadmusic.com - Soul Galore
  8. soulmanash

    News: Dobie Gray R I P....

    The memories won't "Drift Away" RIP Dobie Gray
  9. soulmanash

    Please Say It Isn't So!?

    My god - can't believe I've sat n read this whole thread!!!!!!!!!!! Why why why? Dunno cos it is boring, been done b4 many times Sorry but I mistakenly thought we (soul folk/people/fans etc etc etc) were better than this. What a waste of an hour - go where you wanna go, I fought for your freedom so damn well use it!!!!
  10. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    E X A C T L Y - that was my point, maybe I didn't clarify, sorry Little Willie John ??????????????
  11. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    Thanx all for responses and reading. Well here's my take on it.................................. SOUL BROTHER #1 is LITTLE WILLIE JOHN Have only got a couple of his choons however, here's what swayed me James Brown's choice as his favourite singer (Little)Stevie Wonder's mum quote"If you gonna call yourself "Little" you better be as good as Little Willie John and finally, the best is nearly always last Marvin Gaye quote "Little Willie John? The soul singer's soul singer" And to celebrate their is a book out:- LITTLE WILLIE JOHN "FEVER - The fast life, mysterious death & the birth of soul" Thanx again for responses, all interesting in their individual way - Ash
  12. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    Nuther I had 4gotten - thanx and good call Shine!!!
  13. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    Good call under rated singer but longevity I dunno.
  14. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    Clyde McPhatter must be worth a shout? Think its 50s as music developed so much in that era - might be wrong but hey ho keep 'em coming folks!
  15. soulmanash

    So Who Was Soul Brother Number 1?

    Some interesting responses indeed. Some have gone for their faves others have thought about it a wee bit more! lol In essence I think I'm looking at earliest soul singer not a personal fave (sorry) Thanx all so far - very interesting! Any more thoughts???????????


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