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  1. colsoul

    Removing Dymo tape

    got a celebrities I choose you on boss with it on the instrumental side' think I will leave it alone, col
  2. colsoul

    Bishop Auckland RAFA club

    just back of my holidays for this one, looking forward to playing some tunes Colin
  3. colsoul

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    was it the first anniversary? he was throwing records onto the dancefloor, most of them where thrown back ha,col
  4. colsoul

    Little Walter and friends at Rafa Club Bishop Auckland

    yes I will call in with a few paul, col
  5. colsoul

    Wigan Casino-'live acts'?

    was it jerry or billy butler I saw sang ballads for all his spot iI remember, everyone just sat down on the dance floor what a downer,col
  6. colsoul

    A Friday Nite Chill-Out Pod

    Right up my street ,what is the track after willie picket n0 2 on the post, thanks for sharing, Col
  7. colsoul

    If I was granted one vinyl wish...

    Arthur Fenn also ,magic tune
  8. colsoul

    Prestatyn. Reviews !!!

    think they will all be still thawing out Steve,Colin
  9. colsoul

    **CANCELLED** Bishop Auckland Rugby Club **CANCELLED**

    the soul nite tonight has been cancelled due to snow, sorry for late notice
  10. colsoul

    Happy Birthday Joan

    Sorry im late hope you had a good day hope to see you soon ,Col
  11. colsoul

    **CANCELLED** Bishop Auckland Rugby Club **CANCELLED**

    great nite last time, top tunes and people, hope to see a few new faces ,Colin
  12. the traits , too good to be true garrison wd ex £45 minzi berry , I don't want you no more score m- £50 terry felton , idont want to have to wait /your welcome back revilot ex £40 sold the herbs , put a hurtin on my heart /there must be a answer smoke ex £30 lenis guess , just ask me/ working for my baby s.p.q.r 102 stamped ex £40 albert jones, you and your love candy apple ex £50 timothy Wilson ,he will break your heart veep white demo 2 small x on lable ex £30 chuck carter ive done you wrong Bedford m- £30 pp as f/f £3 recorded post thanks for looking, colin
  13. colsoul

    Oscar Wright - Fell In Love

    colouredman on here
  14. colsoul

    Suzannek. Birthday

    have a good one tard lass,xx Colin
  15. colsoul

    Chalky. Birthday

    have a great birthday chalky,Col


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