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  1. Hi - Loretha Vanover for me, please? Please confirm - ATB Zane
  2. There are quite a few on there now, almost a year's worth. I will keep adding them as I get time.
  3. Hello all - it's been a while since I've been on here. It recently occurred to me that I should share the archive of these excellent radio shows for others to listen to again. So, I have started a Mixcloud profile called SoulPeople and have started uploading the shows there. In case anybody wants to record/download the shows (or indeed anything else on Mixcloud), there is a little known site called which is pretty easy to use. You'd need to rename the files afterwards, but that should be pretty straightforward. I will progressively upload more over the next few weeks/months and will try to add playlists too (some DJs didn't make these available) but if there are any particular shows anybody wants to hear, send me a message or post on here. All the best, Zane
  4. It occurred to me recently that there is not a great deal of point to me having years worth of recordings of such a great radio experience on one of our hard drives where others can't listen So, I have started adding them to a MixCloud account We are just about to depart for a late summer holiday and so will not be able to add any more for a period, but I'll try to get to it again when we return. I am aware that there were many guests on Shaun's show so if anybody has any requests for shows to be uploaded sooner, then let me know. Foor what it's worth, this does take a bit of effort so feedback would be appreciated as there will no point if nobody wants them....... Best wishes, Zane
  5. You're welcome - very welcome, but I do appreciate you saying! Best wishes, Zane
  6. Today's show was superb, Greg - take a bow! Some superb gospel soul in there today, including proper low-rider soul and the outrageously catchy and apparently rare United Sounds 45! Here are the download and streaming links (the two "in parts" will fit on to CDrs) SoulPeople21Oct12 - Greg Belson (full show) SoulPeople21Oct12 - Greg Belson (Part 1) SoulPeople21Oct12 - Greg Belson (Part 2) All the best, Zane
  7. Lovely stuff Bob - look forward to seeing the playlist Here are download links SoulPeople12Feb12 - Bob Abrahamian (full show) SoulPeople12Feb12 - Bob Abrahamian (part 1) SoulPeople12Feb12 - Bob Abrahamian (part 2) All the best, Zane
  8. Thanks to Chalky for being thoughful. Here are the download links for today's show, which should also allow people to stream (i.e. just play it from the website) SoulPeople05Feb12 - Dave and Jordi Ripolles (full show) SoulPeople05Feb12 - Dave and Jordi Ripolles (part 1) SoulPeople05Feb12 - Dave and Jordi Ripolles (part 2) The part 1 and part 2 files will fit on to CDRs All the best, Zane
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a copy of Washington Jam Band - You Have Made A Big Mistake (Leo) Best wishes to all, Zane
  10. I'm looking for a copy of this, needs to be an issue copy, please. Best wishes, Zane
  11. Hi, Looking for a copy of this, please, in reasonable nick. Hank Sample Jr - "Think Before You Answer" (Super Dome) Let me know - thanks Zane
  12. As requested, here are the links (John, apologies for not having posted them recently, I'll try to address that shortly) It was a tremendous show yesterday - many many great sounds. Jules Johnson was a surprise, as was Bernard Drake (still can't get it out of my head).... Here are the download links; the split parts should fit on CDs SoulPeople20Feb11 - Steve Guarnori (full show) SoulPeople20Feb11 - Steve Guarnori (part 1) SoulPeople20Feb11 - Steve Guarnori (part 2) All the best, Zane
  13. Thanks folks for the kind comments - we are glad you enjoyed at least some of the tracks we played. Here is the playlist SoulPeople 13Feb11 - Fraser Dunn & Zane Hunter Part 1 Johnny Washington - Oh Girl Clem Curtis - Never Found Me A Girl The Blue Notes - This Time Will Be Different Bobby Rush - I'm Still Waiting Tony & The Hearts - Thank You Baby Maceo Parker - Show And Tell Tyrone Davis - Was I Just A Fool Jewel Akens - What Would You Do The Right Combination - Move And Groove Pep Brown - Think About The Children Dee Dee Warwick - That's Not Love The Perfections - Since I Lost My Baby The Mighty Diamonds - Never Say Goodbye Freddie & The Sounds Of Soul - I Can't Break Away From You Mitch Mitchell & Gene King - Never Walk Out On You Part 2 The Lovers - Someone Bill Spoon - Be Concerned The Dramatic Experience - Someday, Somewhere Willie Clayton - Make Me Yours Forever Marvin Gaye - Groovin' Johnny Green - Thinking 'Bout My Happy Home Bobby McClure - To Get What You Got The Four Tops - I Am Your Man Syl Johnson - Try My Love Soul Chargers - My Heart Beats For You The O'Jays - Now He's Home Marva W Taylor - Nothing I'd Rather Be Than Your Weakness Fantastic Four - I Believe In Miracles Eddie Steele - I Still Love You The download links are: Full Show SoulPeople 13Feb11 - Fraser Dunn & Zane Hunter (Full Show) Individual parts for CD burning SoulPeople 13Feb11 - Fraser Dunn & Zane Hunter (Part 1) SoulPeople 13Feb11 - Fraser Dunn & Zane Hunter (Part 2) Best wishes and thanks again, Zane

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