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  1. Was that the packing for France?

    What a great weekend that was...;-)

  2. oh Maggie, I will miss you so much this weekend! always in my thoughts.for ever x x x x x x

  3. Ditto, what a lovely start to the new year, love to Johnny and family Margie xxxx
  4. Sorry we won't be able to make it tomorrow night , you know we would have loved to be there celebrating your 50th with you, and Lou will more than make up for us not being there (just don't give her too many props to play with LOL. Iknow you will have a wonderful night anyway. Oh and i will say a big hello to CHUCK for you sandie and make sure i get a good video for you . Have a great Birthday Sandie See you soon love Margie x x x x x
  5. is gonna start the packing ;-))

  6. PMSL, nearly spit tea over my laptop .........think Dave might want one for xmas ?
  7. Looks like i missed a good night. Why is it every time i stay in because i feel unwell Dave comes home and tells me he's had a brilliant night do you think he's trying to tell me something LOL, but don't worry Lou, next time i'll drive .
  8. thats when you do your kazoo solo isnt it louise LOL
  9. I bet we live closest, looking forward to Friday night, even if i have been ordered, oops sorry asked to do the door ...... see you Friday Helen will you be bringing Martin with you Margie x x
  10. Hi Chrissie i think we have a poker set up the loft i will find it out and bring it to cleethorpes for you if thats any help margie xxx
  11. post-8190-1241357011.jpg
    Poor OLD Dave 2 birthday cakes and he cant have any because he's diabetic Thanks to Jonh Weston for this one and me and the lads for this our little niece helped to blow the candles out Thanks again to everyone who made this a night to remember for Dave
  12. Perhaps we ought to make this an annual event.

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