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  1. A bit late in the day but are you all saying this version is the rarest ? Anyone know it’s current value ?
  2. Just wondering if you knowledgable soul people out there can answer something that I’ve wondered about for ages. Now I bought my first soul record in 1969 (Jami Thomas - I spy on uk polydor ) and have carried on buying them ever since although not very often and not for high prices. The thing is I know in all types of collecting rarer means more expensive but in say collecting paintings it’s generally known what works of art have been produced so if investing you know there’s not another like it. But with soul records how do you know how rare a record is ? With say Frank Wilson it’s accepted there are only 2 copies so the price is determined by who wants it the most and how much their willing to pay. But say with Don Gardner- Cheating kind I’ve read there are 7/8 known copies with the price as far as I’m aware being around the £7000/£8000 and Eddie Parker’s - I’m gone listen at £6000 on Anglo Americans website so assume there’s a few more copies of this than Don Gardner’s. The thing that puzzles me is who knows for sure how many copies of these and many more there are ? Is there documentation to back up the numbers that were released back in the day ? Sometimes I see Issue copies of some releases being valued higher than the demo copies, so it goes without saying that there are less issues but who has this info ? If I was to say invest in a life long wants for even a few hundred pounds how would I know that there weren’t 100’s more copies sitting somewhere waiting to bring the price down. This of course may be general knowledge to the serious collectors. So just wondering (seriously) if anyone can shed any light on this for me.
  3. Can anyone tell me what “it’s time you knew” by The Icemen on Ole-9 (black vinyl)would be worth.
  4. I’ve still got this boot, must have bought it around 70/71 time and although I live near Leicester I didn’t get it from Leicester market. I assume I got it from selectadisc in Nottingham as I bought a lot from them around that time. It doesn’t play very loud so you have to crank the volume up to hear it properly.
  5. Burbanks in LA, it's where Warner Brothers Studios are.
  6. There's another ameoba records in SF just down the road from Rookies, keep going away from centre of SF along Haight st when you reach the park you'll have just gone past it on the left, (it's next to the McDonalds) Check the opening times before you go most of these places don't seem to open until nearly mid day. There's another record shop on Haight St somewhere between Rookies and Ameoba, it wasn't open when i was last there but it looked interesting. If you go into Rookies ask him if you can look in the cupboard , seems thats where he keeps most of the 6T's soul.
  7. Nope, it just doesn't happen. I've been in that position so many times. When you think that you've got that last track along comes a shed load that you just have to own, and then it just repeats itself. I'm gonna stop when i get to 1000. space permitting. Dave

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