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    I am 65 years of age born 1952 been into soul from around the age of 15 whilst at school and then did a bit of djing at the school youth clubs when i was 17/18 years old as i could drive then and take our disco gear as it was then around a couple of gigs.Worked in a local record shop in the 1970ts for 5 years in my home town,was a Wigan regular and Blackpool Mecca back in the day,still doing a bit of Djing still and promoting local gigs.

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    Phil Kingswood
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    Seven Day Lover

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  1. Ok Neil thanks,hope alls well Cheers Phil
  2. Looking for a Vinyl copy of 2016 RSD release,price and condition please
  3. Hi Steve the copy you have should have parts 1&2 on one side and part 1 on the flip side of the 12 thats the ooriginal issue
  4. Hi steve yes let me know if it is a promo copy if you had it years,it did get reissue/bootleg few years back . Phil Hi Kev yep know about the bootleg copies mate from Italy,thanks for reply. Phil
  5. Looking for a original promo 12 on Tabu Label,price and condition please
  6. Looking for a copy of the 2019 reissue on Bell Label
  7. Looking for a copy on White Whale issue not promo
  8. Johnny Johnson/Bandwagon - Strong Love Proud Love - Emi ex v/g Biddu Production nice tune £10 Johnny Johnson/Bandwagon - All The Way - Emi ex v/g Biddu Production £7 The Majors - It Only happens - Magnet Demo (same tune as J.Wilson) ex v/g £13 Dennis Taylor - Can I Take You Home - Soultownie ltd issue purple vinyl n/m £20 Index - Starlight - Record Shack - 1981 boogie tune hard to find on british ex v/g £20 Brenda Lee Jones - Youre The Love Of My Life - Uk Label 2012 004 ex v/g £8 Gene Chandler - Does She Have A Friend/Let Me Make Love To You - Uk Chi Sound - £6 Millie - My Boy Lollipop - Fontana 449 ex v/g £10 Life - Tell Me Why - 70ts reissue mono same both sides ex £15 Mike & Bill - Where Do I Stand - York ex £10 Estelle Levitt - Im Gonna Love You Till Flavor Is Gone - Metromedia d/s demo £12 Sons Of Robin stone - Lets Do It Now - Epic d/s demo ex £15 Anthony & Imperials - You Only Live Twice - Veep Promo ex £8 p/p only £2 on single items
  9. looking for a issue copy on the venture label please
  10. Lovely Demo copy for sale in Okeh Sleeve label and vinyl great, i say nm- condition £360 plus p/p,seen listed copies eleswhere £400 plus
  11. Looking For A Copy To Go with Some Other Mirwood Reissue I Have,Think Its On Red Vinyl ? Phil
  12. Looking for a copy issue or demo Kapp Label price condition please
  13. Index - Starlight - Record Shack 8 - Boogie Tune from 1981 hard to find now on a 7 inch v/g+ vinyl & Label £35 The Majors - It Only Happens - Magnet Demo -great version of the jackie wilson song v/g+ £20 Dennis Taylor - Can I Take You Home - SoulTownie Coloured Purple Vinyl Ltd Issue mint- £30 Conner Reeves - Joy - Charity Single Chloes Wish Ltd Issue -n/m- £40 Unique Blend/Houston Outlaws - Yes Im In Love/I aint Lying - Kent 125 long deleted v/g+ vinyl label all ok £40 Chants - I Get The Sweetest Feeling - Rca 4 Prong Centre vinyl ex slight biro number on label £75 Eddie Holman - Shes Wanted In 3 Staes - Grapevine G2k 150 Demo n/m- £40 -SOLD Timmy Thomas - Whats Bothering Me - Climax Label v/g+ £80 Jerry O - There Was A Time - White Whale vinyl ex slight label wear £25 -SOLD Life - Tell Me Why - 70ts reissue mono both sides vinyl label ex condition plays great £20 p/p £3
  14. Timmy Thomas - Whats Bothering Me - Climax Label vinyl and label ex+ £75 Eddie Holman - Shes Wanted In Three states - Grapvine Demo mint- £40 Unique Blend/Houston Outlaws - Yes Im In Love/Aint No Telling Kent Town 125 v/g+ £40 Lorraine Johnson - More I Get More I Want - Prelude -v/g + £25 SOLD Jerry O - There Was A Time - White Whale v/g £25 Life - Tell Me Why -Reprise 70ts reissue Mono Both Sides v/g+ £20 The Chants - i Get Sweetest Feeling - Rca 4 prong Centre- Label slight biro mark 20 on,Vinyl v/g+£80 p/p £3.00 recorded

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