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  1. Hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction regarding uptempo sounds from the 70/80/90s which get played at modern venues. I have heard some really great tunes with fantastic dance beats played at the Tower Circus / KGH Windsor Suite among others but can never remember the titles Is there any sites which lets you listen to sample tunes so I can pick & choose which songs to purchase? Many Thanks in Advance
  2. Agree with Alison, Clarence played some blinders hope he's back soon. Great Afternoon as always with all the DJ's playing great sets; never fails to send everyone away happy. See you next Month
  3. Back in the Day my first visit to the Mecca Now it has to be Heaven in the Afternoon @ the Grand fantastic venue and superb people
  4. Sounds like another good time had by all, I had the directions from Des and planning to make my first visit but unfortunately work got in the way :-( will try my best to make the next one.
  5. Many Thanks Larry Will check through all my Computer Music to see if I can find the ones I am looking for hidden in a lesser known or rarely played Album.
  6. Larry, any chance of your playlist, there was a couple of records during your set which I have not heard before and would like to know what they are? Another Fabulous Day at a fantastic venue with superb people Cheers Mark
  7. footstomper


    I also agree with geoffp & MsSoulie!! This was my first time at this venue after hearing some fantastic reports of how good it is; I always go to new venues with an open mind to the music being played and the people who attend but last night it didn't take me long to figure out it would be my first & last time. First impression was why the need for Bouncers? in the last 15 years of attending soul days & nights I have only seen 1 incident & that was the idiot at the Blackpool weekender dance final. As there was absolutely no chance of getting a seat or even a decent standing place in the main room I stayed in the bar area and as geoffp stated there was a lot of pi##ed people, not the style of usual N/S people. I am sure there was a good time had by a lot of people just not for us though.
  8. Another Fabulous Sunday afternoon at the Grand. The Music as normal was a great mixture of Northern / Motown / Modern with a bit of something different that people may request, all the DJs played blinding sets but for me Steve Lawson pinched it this time (Good dancer as well) Already looking forward to the next one :-) KTF If you havn't tried this venue yet then give it a go you will not be dissapointed, there is always a warm welcome from Steve / Ann / Malc & Lesley
  9. Not so often we get a good soul night in Darwen, looking forward to this one :-)
  10. Going to enjoy a week away from this awful weather hopefully in Sunny Spain I have never been to this resort before and was wondering if there are any Bars or Clubs that play Soul Music? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. Agree with above comments, it was a great play which should be doing the rounds again. Saw it at the Guild Hall in Preston; packed audience with bag loads of atmosphere and a great Cast who where very good. Went to the end of show Soul Night at the Swallow Hotel (I think that is what it was called) and met some of the Cast who where great and made time to speak with anyone who wanted to ask any questions and they also had quite a few turns on the floor which was good to see. Would definately go and see the play again!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sounds & looks (pictures) like everyone had a great time as per usual, Unfortunately couldn't make this one due to work commitments , and just to rub salt into the wound I can't make August either due to being away on hols Will be trying my best to get to the Golf Club as my feet are getting an irritable itch to get back onto a dance floor , if I can't make it then have a super night and will probably see you in September @ the Grand.
  13. t'was a very good night had by all . Agree with you on the floor it was a bit sticky in places, but that didn't stop me from having a good whiz around. A few small glitches like the loss of music through an electrical fault you should have got Ann to sort it out rather than you bunch of amateurs , I was at a bit of a loss as to the bar prices £6.01 where the hell does the penny come from As per usual from You, Ann, Malc & Lesley another great night, which I am more than sure will become a permanent fixture on the Soul Scene Calender. Many Thanks for a super evening and will see you at the Grand.
  14. As per usual a Superb Sunday spent in the company of very freindly like minded people I don't think I have seen anyone yet that hasn't enjoyed themselves, it is such a great venue run by extremely nice folk, what more can you ask for? The bar staff where as always very efficient & freindly so a big Thank You goes out to them As to the DJs I can honestly say that all of you/them played blinding sets the only thing that got me off the dance floor was beer and let my legs have a rest as they can't keep going like they used to Well done and see you next Saturday @ the golf Club

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