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  1. Bernadette

    Sweet, Deep and Soulful

    Tickets sorted and really looking foward to a day of quality soul yay!!!
  2. Bernadette

    MAJESTIC SOUL with Anthony, Dave and Donna

    Awww this makes me miss London and my old friends very much! Might have to pop down for a visit soon Bernadette
  3. Bernadette


    Well there should be 4 of us at least....I'm coming with my sister tomorrow for the first time. We've been to the Masonic Hall in Gateshead a few times though. See you there if the snow doesn't hold us back
  4. Bernadette

    Soul at the Lion

    I'm planning to attend for the first time. Recently moved back to the North East from London and looking to try out a few gigs around and about. Used to go to the Lion years ago for Jazz/Funk/Soul gigs. Will be nice to see an old friend after all these years...hope it's worn better than me!
  5. Bernadette

    2010-07-30: Monumental Soul On Sea July 30Th-1St Aug

    OMG Binsy...hadn't seen that before...cant' stop you are my new poster boy
  6. Bernadette

    Soulgate 2010

    Bumpety Bump Bump Bump Always a good day out
  7. Bernadette

    London Soul Night?

    It's 3rd or 4th Thursday in the month near Old St....good across the board do! I quite like a mid-week do in London but then I live a tube journey away so it's handy for me. Used to go to the Push Bar in Soho when it was on - last Thurs in the month I think?
  8. Bernadette

    Va Va Voom-24/04/10

    oh god just looked at the gallery....got my leg wrapped around poor Geoff
  9. Bernadette

    Va Va Voom-24/04/10

    nice to meet you and Susie too my first time there and there was such a lovely friendly bunch of people...liked the venue too definitely would go back
  10. my first trip to Va Va Voom & really looking forward to it
  11. Bernadette

    Majestic Soul - Thursday 22Nd April

    aaaggghhh thought this was on next week 29th - got it down as last thurs in month - wrongly obviously - what a div will try & get there
  12. Bernadette

    Northern Noise London 10/4/10 7Pm-12Pm

    damn same weekend as Soul Essence weekend in Yarmy otherwise I'd be there! will there be another one?
  13. always a good day out....and just down the road from me...that's what i call a result
  14. really fancy this....is anyone driving up from (or more importantly driving back to) the north London area???
  15. Bernadette

    Niki Golding & Neil Forbes Starpoint Radio

    Hi Niki & Nelly...been downloading the shows cos don't get to hear them live...usually my bathtime listening...with a glass of wine of course...luvverly bubberly


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