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  1. SteveSmith

    silliest thing on emidisc

    when sounds were really hard to aquire Richard Selwood of the Wax Machine used to sell Emi´s for four pounds tenty five pence,as we were desperate to hear the top sounds in gloucester/Cheltenham at the time many were done from dodgy cassette(really dodgy)recordings eg:- ski-ing in the snow ,complete with clapping from the Catacombs and the most famous Thumb a ride with Tony Jebb introducing it! on a side note i bought a disc at the Mecca with The Virginia Wolves/Chubby Checker on it by the time i got back to Gloucester i had picked the shellack off it and just had a strange old single! Steve
  2. SteveSmith


    Ian i would say this was the record that "Catapaulted" Levine to fame ;-) remember him going on about it in Blues and Soul! Steve not one of his better discoveries Torch record
  3. Think you will find that the instrumental was played first, it is on you tube(still don´t know how to put it on here) Steve Sorry Benji! early morning Steve
  4. SteveSmith

    Ernie Bush - Breakaway

    was played a bit at Cleethorpes Steve
  5. Careful Pete,keep putting these type of podcasts up and you will be judged as one of those"no record dj´s"that are giving "our"music to the unwashed masses who because they weren´t born when a lot of them were first played haven´t heard them unless they had a relative that passed away and left them to"our kid´s young ún to "keep the faith wonderful thing the northern scene,wouldn´t miss my daily fix Steve by the way nice podcast............keep up the good work
  6. SteveSmith

    Name That Tune Number 2

    Little wooden soldier -by the Wooden Soldiers - Pam-o 28.58 Fool that i am-Solitaires MGM 45.00 gotta have someone-Lee Edwards and the continentals-Lantic gold 54.00 My poor heart -Sunlovers-mutt and jeff/Breakthrough 1.28.00i was the one-Jamie coe- Enterprise after jamie coe-nowhere to hide-ben E King Atlantic steve
  7. SteveSmith

    Old Tape Transferred

    22.and a bit(before are you satisfied) Bernice Swanson-Lying Awake,Chess, 1.14 and a bit love in my heart.Entertainers.Symbol great records Steve plus many annoying ones to ponder over
  8. SteveSmith

    Underground, Overground Wom

    sort of off topic? is it just people(old) on the soul scene that go out every weekend or a general thing? i know when i started out as a youngster it was strange to see old people in the clubs, what i mean are there still disco divas etc on the lash every week Steve(bemused) here in my town in Germany they have "Schlager parties" Oldie party´s and they are terrible imagine the worst music from England in the 70,80 90´s they love it .God help me when "The Film"gets airview
  9. SteveSmith

    Underground, Overground Wom

    Totally agree Byrney,i had dropped out for a while to concentrate on family and work stuff(always collected though mostly oldies) then Dave Thorley asked me to dj at a Stafford oldies all-dayer,it was a total flop nobody was interested in the oldies and i realised then i had to rethink my ideas if i wanted to be asked again(which luckily i was) there generally was an oldies/new divide at Stafford although most of the dj´s mixed it up sensibly ,what you say about keele is also correct i went to the first one ,thought oh no! gave it a second try and never went again ,couldn´t bear it and saw the signs of what in my view the scene(generally )has become, nostalgia orientated i also stopped doing Wigan after the first oldies all-nighter . Love my oldies to listen to at home and if collecting also but you just can´t beat the wow effect of hearing a good unknown sound Steve
  10. SteveSmith

    Events - Problems Today ?

    one comment i do not understand? "no alcohol at niters like it used to be" does that mean people had not had a drink before? or didn´t drink in those days? don´t believe it, probably no drugs then either Years ago(or back in the day as it is now called)most people used to meet in pubs before the all-nighter started and get as much down their necks as possible (an English sport called last orders helped) it will never change ,nowadys there should be no need for it, members only,there will always be a way around that if the promoter thinks he may lose money . Good tip get Dave Thorley to dj ? at Bamberg he told!people with drinks in their hand "to get the fuck off the dance floor" didn´t make the slightest bit of difference Steve(beer monster)
  11. SteveSmith

    Jimmie Reed Jr

    Thinking right back,was it not Leroy Barbour that Ian first played Dave? Steve
  12. SteveSmith

    Jimmie Reed Jr

    popular at Bretby (no big name dj´s) steve
  13. SteveSmith

    Help Me Find A Cd Name

    Kev it´s not that one either just sent him a scan Steve
  14. Clapping ,not to a record but Major Lance at the Torch "Soul clapping" slow then faster and faster until it reached a crescendo ,that will never be matched, I sent a tape to Mark Freeman with The Major live at Hanley,maybe he could/would put it up? so you could enjoy it Steve
  15. SteveSmith

    Tamala Lewis Sells For $170!?

    Frankie, don´t be upset that comment comes from a man,who dj´d under an alias!! Frank take it as a compliment back on topic another one of those "sold it for twenty five quid records" Steve alias Steve


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