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  1. blues

    Soulknights With Ginger Taylor

    What time is Ben on please.
  2. blues


    Who are the guest DJ’s please.
  3. blues


    Which DJs are playing tonight thanks.
  4. blues

    soul in st helens

    Any update on this gd xx
  5. Never been before might give it a try
  6. Gonna give this a try.
  7. This was our 1st time at Brid and have to say what a weekend it was, there was something for everybody, but i kept getting drawn to the underplayed room superb tunes. We met up with great friends and made some more wonderful people. It was sad to see the young lady who slipped and apparently broke a bone in her neck? hope you get well very soon. Only down side and there was only 1 was queuing 20-30 mins for a pint, to me it seemed if they had spent as much money on bar staff instead of the jobsworth security it would have run as smooth as silk. All in all fantastic venue great people (as always at soul venues) superb music, roll on next year.
  8. Numbers were a bit down on the normal but like you said it didn't stop the enjoyment of all the people that turned up, great tunes, great friends what more could you ask for to celebrate the 11th anniversary added with the great news that it will run for at least another 7 years, well done Bob Brierley for all the hard work you have put into and continue to do so.
  9. got my tickets at the monaco sat night, looking forward to this event gfarrington the nearest train station is a toss up between Hindley and Wigan but you'll still need a taxi either way, take care and see you there
  10. Really enjoyed last night pete, as you said the music and company was spot on, pmsl at the zimmer frame I think I need it this morning for my poor knee See you soon mate Ian
  11. PMSL at that Tony but I've moved off the zimmer, I only need 1 stick now see you sat mate
  12. I'm over the man flu now liz so Rett me and the stick will be there but i don't think i'll be up to 5mph tunes never mind the 100mph see you sat Ian and Rett
  13. Chalet booked, look out sharpy we are coming to your wedding, hopefully without the bloody stick
  14. What another top night at the legion, superb tunes played by all the DJ's, couldn't care less about the numbers, there loss couldn't dance as much cause of my dodgy knee but keep up the great work tony and lisa and see you next month ps sorry it took me so long to post, pc playing up, kids eh
  15. The knee is just about holding up so all been well we'll be there tony and lisa

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