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    Collecting those pretty labels
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    Finding someone to sell me a copy of Natural Impulse for thruppence halfpenny (Hurray - I did !!!)
    Dee Dee Warwick
    Tent Music
    My lesbian lover, Karen Crane
    Footballers thighs
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    George Hobson - Let it be real / Melvin Brown & James Matthews - Love Stormy Weather / Art Gentry - This is my chance
  1. alison

  2. Rest In Peace Helena Stromdahl

    What awful news :-( I bumped into Helena a few weeks ago in Barcelona, having not see her in several years. We gave each other a lovely big hug and I was delighted to see her. Shocked and very saddened. John & I really liked her. Condole...
  3. Soul Essence Jim Wray Lounge

    Just love that Hard Tymes record superb
  4. Anyone help with a clean copy please ? TVM Alison
  5. I was just watching a recording of this weeks "Toast Of London" and spotted what I thought was a vision of Eddie Pillar doing a cameo part doing a bit of that northern soul dancing during Toast's enrolment into the local masonic lodge. Anyone else see this? a...
  6. Very sad, all our respect. Ali & John
  7. Various Musings On The Salvadors

    Passionately and precisely written Duchess, and a powerhouse of a record. I also have my own micrometer
  8. Hi Marva. Big welcome back (seems odd not nattering on FB) Ali x
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: My First Blog - What A Weird Weekend Posted by , 03 May 2005 · What a weird weekend we had; in parts wonderful, in parts really crap, and other parts there was both good and bad to be found. Start off Saturday with a ...
  10. No idea if I am up front, back to front or upside down half the time. Can I just like it all please ?
  11. September sales A - D 100% Pure Poison – You Keep Coming Back – UK EMI £75 11th Commandment – Then I Reach Satisfaction/ Today Or Never – Fastrack (Rare Issue) £250 125th St Candy Store - Loving You Baby Is So Very Hard To Do – Uptite DJ - SOLD 21...
  12. Hi Karen, John & I, Dave & Malayka are at the Travelodge - can we be included please ? Thanks you muchly. Ali x
  13. Sorry we left before your set Mark, I'd have enjoyed the Gregory Porter - I sing that one in the bath Thanks Sam and Andy for a fabulous evening, he was quite overcome wasn't he ? J&A x
  14. Yate Memories

    One of only two pictures I still have of Gabby (with me and Mark), Jo posted it up when she was on the forum a few years ago.
  15. New Member - Lorraine Chandler

    Ms Chandler, how genuinely wonderful to have you on here An iconic voice (and personality) for all of us. Can you feel the love ? All respect to you for joining the forum. Alison

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