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  1. Has Colin Curtis Sold His Collection?

    I don't think that CC has to justify himself or anything he does to anybody. He has probably forgotten more than most of us know...has been at the forefront of playing & promoting new music for the past 30 years at least. Most of the stuff he plays now I ...
  2. Did You Go To Jazz Funk Nights ?

    My first Jazz Funk experience was this: Can't say that I enjoyed everything I heard,but ones I remember hearing for the first time were Charles Earland 'Let The Music Play', Karen Young 'HotShot',Bohannon 'Let's Start The Dance' and in particular a trac...
  3. I recently bought a collection of mostly modern/contemporary soul CD's and this was in with them. Released in 2002, 4 years after his death. Produced by James Dockery,Musical arrangements by Morris Williams and Johnny Moore. On the 'Soul Craft Records' label....
  4. £342 For A Carver

  5. £342 For A Carver

    If someone had just registered on here and tried to sell a 'carver' for more than 99p he would have been ripped to bits,probably by the same people kiss-arseing and making excuses for bootleg sellers/selling. Give your heads a collective shake.
  6. Frank Wilson On Soul Auction

    quote name='Val' date='Feb 4 09, 12:09 PM' post='992264'] Not too sure if I know this....anyone have a clip?
  7. Sorry - Another 70's One I Just Found

    Mid-life crisis, pal. Welcome on board.
  8. Happy New Year To All Members

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY... Keep up the good work Mike & team...
  9. Wakefield Unity All - Nighter

    Loved the Unity niters. One of my top 3 all time favourite venues. All the best Malc...
  10. Soul Train

    Have a look here Ed, http://www.tv.com/soul-train/show/7494/episode_guide.html Some great performances there. I managed to get all the episodes on DVD's, my cousin in Ohio located them for me, so there are some floating around but don't know how l...
  11. Shoes (oh Lord Shoes)

    'FAITH' were in Wolverhampton (and Birmingham), had some great styles in the 70's. Went all mainstream & predictable late 70's or early 80's.
  12. Ebay New Layout

    Think you'll find you're part of an ebay experiment, I had the same problem couple of days ago. Go to ebay uk main page, click on the white 'search' button at the top of page (without actually searching for anything!) and you should get the option to keep you...
  13. Ebay - Something Dodgy Going On

    Not a scam is it, Pete? Did message have a link attached?
  14. Motown 20th Anniversary Singles Box

    Cheers. Now sold.
  15. 21 Singles Box Set, TMG956-TMG975 plus TMG 1000 Marvelettes "Finders keepers,losers weepers"/ Kim Weston "Do like I do". Does not contain the enamel badge which came with this set. Most if not all of the discs appear to be unplayed,this has been stored awa...

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