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  1. TOAD

    Hinckley leisure centre

    did Kim Weston replace someone on the ric tic tour..as I have her autograph and can't think where from.
  2. TOAD

    Hinckley leisure centre

    won free tickets for ric tic and major ? cheers black echoes
  3. TOAD

    Steve Lane is "No longer infected!"

    brilliant news ATB
  4. TOAD

    Cassette to MP3

    ion double tape recorder here..very easy to use..
  5. oh a topic lets bore everyone about me me and once upon a time I paid over the odds for an expensive yes not that rare record now that is yawn yawn yawn
  6. if your not active on the UK scene your opinion is not worth anything.
  7. I've lost the plot with northern too many #dippers # and DJs that are winging it. It's dying just accept the fact!
  8. TOAD

    Old list from John Farrell

    had Danny woods of him £4
  9. TOAD

    Mecca Memories

    quality night !
  10. TOAD

    Rugby Allnighter

    a decent venue..had a very enjoyable night.
  11. TOAD

    Turntable on a budget recommendations ?

    not true my pro ject has 45 &33
  12. TOAD

    Empty Dancefloor - Dj Reactions

    it was a question not necessarily my opinion give me some examples then..and I don't mean house whatever dance music
  13. TOAD

    Empty Dancefloor - Dj Reactions

    how do you play records in the right order? Its a myth imo
  14. TOAD

    Birthday Wishes. Soultown Andy

    Happy birthday ?
  15. TOAD

    Rita Graham

    only seen this on a LP
  16. TOAD

    Rufus Wood original?

  17. TOAD

    Happy Birthday Martyn Pitt

    Happy birthday ??
  18. TOAD

    Any Rocksteady Experts Here ?

    Jackie's early studio one records are ska
  19. TOAD

    New Style Paypal :-(

    Err nothing changed..however I did spend ages trying to pay by pay pal on one dealers site gave up after 30 mins ordered the same different seller in a few minutes ?
  20. Title: platters - washed ashore - musicor Artist: platters Track: washed ashore Label: musicor 1251 usa Record information:
  21. A person with a camera found me the other week and I told him the same mellowful it's an intrusion
  22. Most show empty dance floors and venues
  23. TOAD

    John Manship Auction Results 11 -2 - 2015

    sorry I misquoted you I apologize
  24. Dolly.. A brilliant DJ and collecter


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