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  1. not watched it and not interested the scene is too fluffy these days and boring! I may write a lot more soon
  2. well that's the last time i do RSD..sorry but the one's I bought on the day are at least £2 cheaper on line..and the lps £10ish..
  3. sound dimensions more games is the inst?
  4. fcd would be federal coxsone dodd. Aka studio one. Will look in my matrix books might take a while.
  5. post the matrix numbers that might help
  6. Ernest Fiztgerald Ace In The Hole..
  7. it sounds like an interesting LP from what I read on the sleeve notes..
  8. yes mate never saw it listed so thanks
  9. saw one copy of this six tracker Saturday anyone with more information as there's an LP coming out.
  10. some records mentioned are casino tunes !
  11. that back slop record its certainly slop and not reggae or soul ☺
  12. more books like this needed...£13 well spent incs PnP !!!..recommended
  13. can't believe that with so much quality on the label that these are still available!
  14. TOAD

    craig from shewsbury

    a very funny guy !
  15. came out twice...a different version!
  16. definitely as large collections hit the market

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