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  1. Got these two for sale: The Blenders "Your love has got me down" (Mar-V-lus) @ 300 GBP SOLD! - Condition is EX. Clean label and vinyl. Drillhole. A few light marks. Plays perfect - both sides. The Metros "Since I found my baby" (RCA wdj) @ 100 GB...
  2. Got a M- copy of The Differences "Five Minutes" (MON'CA) for sale. Best offer by Thursday. Minimum 400 GBP. PM me if interested, or if you have any questions. Kind regards, Christian
  3. Best offer is now 125 GBP. Ending this one tonight. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks for PMs. Best offer so far is 100 GBP.
  5. Taking offers on a VG (+) copy of M.J. Wade "I'm gonna ball baby part" (HELVA) Nice modern dancer from 1982. Used to get some spins @ Yarmouth from Soul Sam, I believe. The 7" is much rarer than the 12" (check out Popsike.com) Have a list...
  6. Soul Bros Inc. "pyramid" (Golden Eye)

    *** SOLD *** Thanks for all the PM's, emails and offers!
  7. Have a mint- copy of Soul Bros Inc. "Pyramid" (Golden Eye) for sale. £500 including P&P or best offer. Paypal as gift, please. Email or PM me, if interested. Kind regards, Christian
  8. Ending this one tonight. Best offer: £525 PM me if interested. Thanks.
  9. Best offer so far: £500
  10. Best offer so far: £400
  11. Taking offers on a M- copy of Cloudburst "I'm loving you" (Stormy Monday) Best offer by Monday (15/2) - PM's please Listen: Sound clip Kind regards, Christian
  12. Got a M- copy of Chain Reaction "Search for tomorrow" (Blue Wave) for sale. £300 (including P&P) or best offer. Listen: Sound clip PM me if interested. Thanks for looking Kind regards, Christian
  13. Best offer so far is £400. Going to accept offers until 26/12
  14. SOLD PM if you're interested or if you have any questions Kind regards, Christian