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  1. No probs Glen; understand completely. Take care mate Tim
  2. Eh up Glenn, hope yre well mate. Not sure if this is what you mean but I have the following: Jimmy Soul Clark. Inferno Test Pressing. £30 James Fountain. Cream Test Pressing. £50 Drifters. Atlantic Test Pressing. £50. Lou Ragland. Burn Test Pressing. £30 Tim (Ashibende)
  3. For Sale: The Other Ones. The Two of us. Knoll. This was a big record for Richard Searling at Wigan. Played there as The Players 1V. This is the rarer release; same number, same song, same label. Its absolutely Mint in every way; the label, the vinyl, the audio. Its impossible to find in this Condition. £400.
  4. For sale: Both absolutely pristine M- (Both look and sound unplayed) Prince & Princess. Stick together. Bell Demo. £200 Chris Cerf. Sweet Music. Amy Demo. £175.
  5. FOR SALE: The Other Ones. The two of us. Knoll. Ex Wigan monster for Richard; rarer release than Players 1V, but same label number. Impossible to find in this condition. M £400 The Styles. Baby you’re alive. Modern WD. M- same backing as ‘I’m a bashful guy’ etc. Len Jewell class. £80 Harold Hutton. Lucky guy. Checker. Ex/M- £75. (This is Bobby Hutton). The Soul Bandits. Be good/ save it. (Great group Northern) Groove Right. M- £200 Otis Brown. Sound of the wind. Ole. Ex/M- £150 Postage: Special Delivery £7. Signed For £3. Over £200 SD post free.
  6. For Sale: Inverts. Time will change. Broadway WD. M- £1200. (Recently sold for $1639 on Ebay on 24/3/19 and only in Vg+ condition) Christopher Cerf. Sweet Music. Amy. M. Absolutely pristine. Looks and sounds virtually unplayed. (Impossible to find in this condition now). £200.
  7. For Sale: Original AT727 ‘SOUND BURGER’ : £250. o.n.o. (About half price judging by Ebay etc).This is now as rare as a Stoke City goal . It used to be the average ‘record hound’s’ most prized possession, then they disappeared. In its day it was undoubtedly the coolest portable turntable ever, and probably the smallest. It is now some 30 odd years old; a proper vintage,iconic, music world antiquity. It comes complete with the original folding type headphones, and a somewhat tatty original box. It is in superb condition and of course is fully functioning, but to my ears plays fractionally slower than equivalent speed on a mains-operated deck. But it’s definitely good enough to show you whether you’ve just found the next Gwen Owens, or merely another ‘Country and Western’ frisbee. Collection in person would be best, but failing that, secure postage by arrangement would be extra.
  8. What about this: Little Anthony: Call me the joker: ‘Why can't she see that it's always been me Beside her making her laugh When she's starting to cry I cheer her up when she's down Twist away every frown But still I see her with so many other guys I played the clown That's okay But she always didn't know me that way I'll be the joker And I'm laughing you see I'd like to stop, stop Getting hurt I'd walk away if I could But she knows that I wouldn't So I stay every day and pretend that she's mine I go around with a smile Though it hurts all the while To see her handing out what I know should be mine I played the clown That's okay But she always didn't know me that way I'll be the joker And I'm laughing you see I'd like to stop, stop Getting hurt I played the clown That's okay But she always didn't know me that way I'll be the joker And I'm laughing you see I'd like to stop, stop Getting hurt’
  9. Just thought this may be of interest; Someone I know has just had a book published about Man Utd. Its basically about Bobby Charlton, Dennis Law and George Bests influence and era. Im not a Utd fan but I bought it to show support. But actually its a good book, especially if like me you lived thru that era as a teenager or kid, coz its against a backdrop of life in 60’s, 70’s in a northern city. There is reference to Northern coz of the Twisted Wheel etc. Its a good read and evokes the era and the memories associated with it, very well. If you grew up in that era and love football; you’ll probably enjoy it...... unless you absolutely hate Man U of course! Otherwise; I recommend it. Available from Amazon. Sorry the pic is upside down; technical error, lol.
  10. I have 3 copies actually, all are approx ex visually and same audio. £75
  11. For sale: For Sale: The Puffs. I only cry once a day. Dore Demo. Vg+. £300. The Velvelettes. Lonely lonely girl am I. VIP WD. M- Never see one in this condition; Pristine. £250. Marge Dodson LP. A lovely way to live. Decca. (Includes ´BE YOUR BABY´). Very rare LP. M- £200. Ernie Marbray. Ain’t nobody’s business. Wee. Ex. £120. Free Special Delivery postage on all (if within U.K).
  12. Gilly youre right; he was a nice guy; friendly and always approachable. Also, unlike some Wigan dj’s he didnt set himself apart; he would always mingle in the Record bar etc. I especially remember him for playing the superb Lou Roberts ‘Everything you always wanted to know’. I admired the fact that he played good ‘under the radar’ records which werent necesarily expensive, such as Lenny Welch ‘you cant run away’, on Mercury, and Grant Smith and the Power ‘Thinkin bout you’ MGM. Theres too few djs around now like him; not afraid to play cheap records; putting quality above value. As quite rightly said....’an unsung hero of the Casino’
  13. Hi Benjamin, Yes just seen your message and yes its still available. Tim
  14. For Sale: 37 x Mint/Mint- Northern Compilation LPs, mainly KENTs, but others too. 98% are unplayed! It’s basically an instant Northern collection cheap. £400. *Please Note: Postage is a whopping £67 so buyer ideally needs to collect / meet etc.
  15. FOR SALE: All beautiful Mint/Mint- originals: Sunday. Ain’t got no problems. Alteen. £150 Melvin Elling. Lonely Eyes. Stretch. £150. Para-Monts. Come go with me. Ole. £150. Wendy Rene. Bar B Q. Stax WD. £130. Free Special Delivery postage with all.

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