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  1. bonsors

    Misc. Stuff

    Giddy up - Love Brothers- North Bay £4 This is My Song - Milt Matthews £4 Steppin' Out - Snoopy Dean - Seville £4 Puff Puff - Broadway Express - Philly Groove Wheels - The Meadows Brothers - Kayvette - £4 I Just Cant Get out out of my mind - Four Tops - Dunhill - £4 Shake n Bump - Snoopy Dean - Blue Candle - £4 Bumpin and Stompin - Garland Green - Spring - £4 Super Sweet - Wardell Piper - Midsong - £4 Drea..
  2. bonsors

    This is Wales 12 - the Sequel Soul + Ska Night
  3. bonsors

    Everything A Fiver

    Baby Washington - Can't Get Over Losing You/I've got to break away - People Mirettes - In the Midnight Hour/To Love Someone - Uni Mirrettes - The Real Thing - Revue Ace Cannon - Memory/I walk the line - Hi Rascals - I believe/Hold On - Atlantic Sonny Stitt - The Double O Soul of - Wingate Qunicy Jones - Oh Happy Day - A&M demo Reflections - Comin at You/Poor Mans Son - Golden World Reflections - Shabby Little Hu..
  4. bonsors

    First Coventry Alldayer

    The Stoke Green place went with the "new" road that was pushed through there.....and you say that Morris Social Club is going. So the "Elephant" should be pulled down pretty soon as well? Has the Hope and Anchor also gone?
  5. bonsors

    First Coventry Alldayer

    I stand corrected. Was that moniker also used for the couple at the Woolfe? Did I get the right year? It could be 86 - 87 was the cup final win which me + Niall watched drinking some Newcastle Browns and then getting lfts of anyone around the city centre.... That would put the first Breaks ones about 87/88?
  6. bonsors

    First Coventry Alldayer

    First and only "RCN". The ones after were "New Century". And there are more pictures lurking somewhere Tim.
  7. bonsors

    First Coventry Alldayer

    A RCN production...Rob/Chris/Neil. Apologies for the out of focus pictures..... First pic - Niall, Chris, Tim, me, Rob Second - Rob, Andrea, Chris, Denise, Graham Third - Tim, Niall + Rob 4th - Adam? 1985? Mercia Sporting Club?
  8. bonsors

    A Killer New 'retro' Soul 45 - Available Now

    The same band that released "Junkyeard Dog" on GED as well. Nice label - some of the cuts are bit more funkier than this.
  9. bonsors

    Really? Errr - obscure?
  10. bonsors

    Roosevelt Carter Info?

    Hi - interested in some info on Roosevelt Carter - especially "Right Track" - label and estimated prices I guess.... Thanks.
  11. bonsors

    Outta Sight

    lowest price, please - anything on this reissue label.
  12. bonsors

    Channel 3 - Sweetest Thing

    Any version.
  13. bonsors

    Misc Stuff

    Wanted, will pay reasonable price Goldmine sevens GS008 - Jimmy "Soul" Clark - I'll Be Your Champion / Dynamics - Yes I Love You Baby GS020 - The Tempos - Countdown (Here I Come) / Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why ¨ GS027 - Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby / Mickey Champion - What Good Am I ¨ GS037 - Wade Flemons - Jeannette / Hank Jacobs - Elijah Rockin' With Soul ¨ GS038 - Empires - Y..
  14. bonsors

    Goldmine Sevens - Job Lot?

    Looking for a few Sevens, low prices please! GS007 - Dobie Gray - Out On The Floor / Al Wilson - The Snake ¨ GS008 - Jimmy "Soul" Clark - I'll Be Your Champion / Dynamics - Yes I Love You Baby ¨ GS011 - Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me / Majestics - I Love Her So Much (It Hurts Me) GS020 - The Tempos - Countdown (Here I Come) / Freddie Chavez - They'll Never Know Why GS037 - Wade Flemons - Jeann..