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    Soul music der! (and everything involved) footy, trying 2 lose weight, and some other boring stuff
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    Yeadon nr Leeds Now Laguna Niguel Cali
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  1. DeeJay

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Not sure if this has been added but i did read through quite a few Faye Crawford RCA "What Have I done wrong " ace beat ballad
  2. DeeJay

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Funny you should say that .......remember as plane as day looking at it. No label, able to see. Just a "Mod" targetBullseye where the label was.
  3. DeeJay

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Jerry can't find your reply but got it in my feed I thought no one would get that What sad bastards we are : ).......and yes you're correct
  4. DeeJay

    Awesome Richard Searling Spot At Wigan

    It's funny what you hear, (i Know for a fact i would have danced the whole way through this spot, so i would have danced to these records) and what you remember I was there that night (I know that as i went 3 years running) But as much as i now love The Demures......don't remember Dicky playing it. Having said that, don't remember him playing Holly St James, funny i do remember it getting played, not by Dicky. 95% of the othere records I remember being played for the first time....The other thing i find suprising is i would have thought he was playng some of the "modern" stuff by now Cheryl Berdell, Top Cat, Over the Top, Anything i can do for you, I know Phylis Hyman came out in 79 ....interesting. Pete thanks for the memory jerker
  5. DeeJay

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Just for a bit of fun does anyone remember who Russ covere this up as?
  6. DeeJay

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Monsta choon Bonus question What was it C/U as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
  7. I used to play this when i dj'd in the nightclubs and bars in and around Leeds in the late 70's/80's I would hazard a guess that they got their name from that epic sci fi film Blade Runner? Another from around that period that i still enjoy Is Yo Yo Honey
  8. DeeJay

    New Vinyl Recommendations

    I like this where can i buy a copy?
  9. DeeJay

    Are You One?

    Pointless question-of course!!!
  10. DeeJay

    Gino Parks Tamla White Demo

    GINO PARKS FIRE TAMLA W/D 150 Quid becoming a little harder to find, especially the white demo. As i've mentioned in previous ads. There's a possibility of me moving back to the U.K. so the postage is from the U.K. Condition isn't brilliant. labels are a bit dirty, and there's a bit of biro but apart from that everything's kushty.
  11. DeeJay

    Searling Cover -Up - Jean Washington

    Nice (ish) for some reason reminds me of to sir with love!! However i digress I much prefer Rita's version which Gets a regular spin at Angel City Coincidentally where im dj ing this Friday)
  12. DeeJay

    Fast Dance Records

    How about Bell Boys I dont want to lose you-cracker been playing it tonight on repeat also how about ton of dynamite? DJ
  13. Either way i personally know the seller. I can vouch for him 100%, he doesn't make mistakes, X casino lad, Knows his stuff DJ
  14. DeeJay

    Stolen Records

    Kimbo very sorry to hear that mate, problem with this is twofold. Losing choonage. But worse still. Stolen by so called friends. The only silver linning is that at least these are not irraplaceable (I know thats not the point) But it's not going to cost an arm and a leg to replace them. You know whats more difficult? is Who do you decide to trust in your home now -tough one Glad it's not me that has to figure this one out Good luck DJ
  15. DeeJay

    Winstanley's Disoveries?

    I remember him playing Jay Traynor exclusively from about 77 on


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