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  1. War - Herb Johnson (Previously Unreleased 300 only Bandcamp Exclusive) Athens of the North is proud to present a 300 Copy limited edition of a previously unreleased track from Philly legend Herb Johnson. Cut direct from the original master tape. No repress.
  2. A Few exclusive copies of brand new. 45 only in the first 500 copies of Henry stone LP (long sold out and no its not a bootleg)
  3. Thats cool, i just wanted it to be clear we do things the right way.
  4. All my releases are legitimate best not to assume, I have my business name and address on the Label and it states that is was licensed from Jeanie, it probably sounds better than the original as well. If someone is selling shitty boots just don't buy them, my pressing sounds good and Jeanie gets more money if we can repress.
  5. This is my release of Jeanie Tracey on the Sub Label of Athens of the North. It is fully Licensed from Jeanie, not a look alike or a boot.
  6. hi, looking for SANTIAGO: feeling good (Bam Boo) WHITE DEMO please PM, thanks for looking Euan
  7. I paid good money for a recording and did it direct from the minter on my setup here, only tool about 8 years to get it.
  8. There is certainly plenty young guys in Edinburgh that could never afford to buy originals DJIng in clubs and bars with repros. I d.j with two of them at Soulsville which packs in about 600 young non scene kids every month so just because you cant see it does not mean its not going on.
  9. There is a wider world out there, young people who want to enjoy good music who are not in your scene playing by your rules and who enjoy the 7" form factor for its obvious apeal. Just because you own a first pressing you do not have the right (legal or moral) to deny them that pleasure. If the original artists / labels are getting some small recognition and some money at the expense of a scene that wants to keep them in a box then frankly, good.
  10. I did it for money, its my job. I hate soul music, i only like Jazz, Fusion and Prog.
  11. I put this record out whilst i was working for Jazzman Records, all above board and correct, why exactly should anyone involved need to be named and shamed. What exactly is 'unsoulful', is that some unwritted code i have to aspire to that makes me a legitimate souly, please. If you want to shove it up my arse you can do so at prestatyn, i might have something to say about that though. I will ask that the moderators look at your rude threatning comments.
  12. I do go and see djs when i can, i have been to see dave many times djing that is where i heard it (at the time he was the only was only him playing it as far is i was aware). Myself,george, sammy and a few other were the only ones dancing to it. If i had the chance to purchase it i would have. Your assuming i dont buy records i have been for over 25 years and have many of 'these records', this is not an us and them thing, im as much a collector as anoyone here.
  13. Jeez, emails, tweets, post on soul source, so angry.... Nobody was trying to suggest the record did not exist (but many did not know it did) and it goes without saying that indeed some people would have it for the very reason that it does exist. You are one of those people who had copies and thats cool (as you said they went to japan so were not getting plays here) . I think its fair to say it was not generally known to the wider scene. If i had to consult every single collector in the world before putting out a press release it might take some time, tell me your story ill add it, but be nice. Seriously I have no idea why you would be angry, its a press release. I cant be in every place and read every magazine ever written or consult everybody. That aside, it sound bloody amazing, i think we did a good job.

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