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    Rare Soul, Latin Soul, Some Funk, , Kendo/Iaido/Jodo, Spanish Civil War, My Wife/Kids, Swing Music, Chelsea FC, Cricket, Cycling and trying to keep this battered old abused body going just that little bit longer!
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  1. Ok when did the Adorables get to that kind of price? I am so looking through my boxes to see if my copies arestill there!!!
  2. Selling another collection sadly so have a look if you get the chance. Cheers, Neil http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122763525611?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. Selling another collection sadly so have a look if you get the chance. Cheers, Neil http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122763525611?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  4. Happy Birthday Mr White LOL Hope its a great one
  5. Latest sales. If interested drop me a line at janeoppegaard1967@gmail.com . PayPal family and friends and postage extra. Selling up the collection (:-( SALES LIST SEPTEMBER 2017 (Sold ones already removed from list) 2. Wardell Piper – Power Of Love – Midsong £100 (Great Modern Soul and only on rare issue) 3. Tommy Marks – Crazy Crazy – Zel £150 (V.Rare version, slight click at intro for approx. 8 secs ) 4. The Deb Tones – Groovy Generation – AngelTown - £75 (100mph Northern yet to have its day) 5. The Soulville Allstars – Nobody To Blame – Soulville £150 7.Jerry Jackson – Rough Out There /Pretty As A Picture –Parkway Demo £200 8. The Del Counts – With Anothyer Guy – Soma £40 9. Stan Deveraux – Sad Tomorrows – Sujay £125 10. Jay Lyle – How Good Can ItGet – Angel City £100 12. Cindy Lynn – Meet Me At Midnight – In-Sound demo £175 (Classic) 13. Sue Ann Jones – Missing You – TCB £200 14. Pat Peterman – Love The Way You Do Your Thing – 123 £50 (Belting Northern) 15. The Lovers – Do This For Me –Phillips demo £30 16. Mill Evans – I’ve Got To Have Your Love – Constellation (Straight logo – TOON!) £40 17. Mercy Men – You Made It Thunder 0Bee Gee £100 (This will be huge one day ) 18.Linda Elliot – Fell In Love With You Baby – Josie demo (Label stained) £75 19. Big Joe Turner – Two Loves Have I – Phillips French P/S £75 20.Tommy Youngblood – Tremble Walk – TYB £75 (Another sleeper -belting toon) 21. Harold Bennett – Shake A Lady – Copa £100 (Great Instrumental Northern/Mod/Popcorn) 22. Eddy Jacobs –Was I so Wrong/Friday Night Get-together – Kiss Kiss £100 23. Darnelle Darris – Don't Love Me And Leave Me/Lets Do The Shotgun – Commerce £150 (rare 2 line design) 24. Andy Chapman – Double YourSatisfaction – Atco demo £30 25. Carl Henderson I I Love You So – Renfro £75 26. Chuck Bernard –Indian Giver – Satelite £20 27. Paul Peek – I’m Moving Uptown – Coulmbia £35 ( 2 great sides) 28. Margie & Formations – Better Get What Goes For You / Sad Illusion – Coed demo £100 30. The Four Exceptions – You Got The Power – Parkway demo £80 (Stomper) 31. Johnny Daye – Keep On Loving You – Blue Star £60 32. Bill Pinkney – Don't Call Me – Fontana £40 33. Pico Pete – Cant Go For That – Grooms £75 34. Oberia Martinez – Gotta Think It Over – Keith £50 (Great dancer still unknown to most) 35. Van McCoy – Anit No Big Thing – Rockway £25 (The Master) 36. Anita Henderson – Bit By Bit – Sevens Int. demo £25 38. The N Group – Keep On Running – Wes Marr £25 (Stomping Oldie) Coming UP: Hank & Buzz – Still A lot Of Love – RIM Johnny Darrow –Love Is A Nightmare – Sue (orange label) Johnny Bartell – If This Isnt Love – Solid State demo The Tyn Tymes – Baby I Love You – Music Box Tobi Legend - Time Will Pass You By (Cracked but plays fine)
  6. Leave with me Chalky, will scan and arrange to get to you via t'ut net lol
  7. Understatement LOL The scene has scenes within scenes and every area has its own unique clubs, customs, ideals and sounds, all under the umbrella of the national scene. I do not envy you Chalky but do admire your drive and can only hope we all can support you whatever way we can. I am going through the boxes in the loft and have come across old flyers from clubs long forgotten and one-off nights etc as well as the legendary, and quite funny if I do say so myself, Trading Cards from the days of the Plinston in the early 00's. B interesting to see what other promo tools and posters with wit are out there (100 Club ones with themes I recall, Socialist Soul with Red Mick etc or similar)
  8. DOH! lol Why I am not surprised. Mines single sided so now I am curious as to what the other side is like
  9. Ending this Sunday at 6pm and currently at £550 is this Ex Frankford/Wayne acetate from Eddie Carlton 'You're My Love', stomping Northern Philly soul complete with glorious girlie backing and apart from the test pressing with Butch (see below) this is the only other copy. Probably plays better pitched at -3 but what a record! Either PM me here or email janeoppegaard1967@gmail.com with bids. I've a 30 second mobile phone clip if you want to hear it. Cheers TheBigO I am also going to be auctioning off a Tobi Legend too with edge crack thats NAP so watch this space.
  10. TheBigO


  11. Agree with Chalky on this one, the Bombay release far superior plus that unissued acetate that was doing the rounds a few years back that i can only remember being called something like "That Ani't fair (who told you)" which i another goodie from Bill. He was a piano player and writer for Chess records and co-wrote one of my all time fave 6Ts "Selfish One" for Jackie Ross. Thats' all the info I have on him.
  12. I've had the 45 for years Jordi, what's the price on that these days?

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