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  1. P.S. - Found 3 DJ's on Facebook who run some soul nights so they will keep us posted on events out there at our time. Will let you know how we get on.
  2. Thanks for the tips people. We intend on doing lots of walking and have sensible shoes with warm coats and doing all the sightseeing. Even decided on where I want my Birthday Dinner is to be - the Tonga Tiki Restaurant at The Fairmont Hotel - complete with fake thunderstoms and lightnening! Alcatraz is deinately on the agenda.
  3. Can anyone recommend any Northern Soul etc. Clubs and Hangouts for me in San Francisco . We are going out there fom the 15th November to the 25th November 2010 to celebrate my big 40!! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated including tips on record shops and groovy places!
  4. We're off to to celebrate my 40th Birthday around the 15th November for 10 nights in San Franciso, U.S. Anybody know of any soul events/dos on at all or any contacts would be most appreciated. I've found 3 DJ's on Facebook but am greedy for any more info if anyone knows of anything. Thanks.
  5. Excellent night. Only been once before when it was on at the other venue. There was something for everyone in the music bag! Great to see some faces haven't seen for ages. A big thanks to Helen for driving us there. Here's to the next one! :-)
  6. I think for us it's a money thing. Our bills are going up and work is tighter for my partner. We would love to come up to the 100 Club more often as we just love it as a venue and everything that goes with it but with purse strings being tightened it's not something we can afford to do as often as we like. I could drive up there to save costs on trains fares but then I can't drink and that's no fun at all! Will aim to come up soon though as we miss it.
  7. Suz, hunt me down next time! Didn't realise you were going! xxx
  8. Lol! The ones of you and me came out alright in the end but Professor Turnups managed to take a very close up photo of himself!!!
  9. Yes it was great to see you Billy and the Professor - sorry didn't recognise you at first lol. Great night eh see you soon xx
  10. My first time at Radcliffe and it didn't disappoint! RnB room and main room for me although popped into the Modern room a few times to try and educate myself!. Good music, great people and electric atmosphere although I agree with Helen that the lighting was a little weird.. Great to see and catch up with people and a big thanks to Helen for taking us.
  11. Had a great time. Yes numbers were lower than when I last went in February but it still made for a good atmosphere. Enjoyed the music and superb company made this a night to remember. I can't think of a better way to see the New Year in!
  12. I used to have a Swatch Watch when they first came out in the 80's. Mine even had the "Swatch Guard" which was some weird rubber plastic contraption to place over the wathc face to protect it. My watch had pink oblong blocks on the face. It was quite something back then!
  13. See you all tomorrow night!
  14. Hello Jamie, Just realised who you are lol - we all met you at the weekender with your Dad - I'm on your Facebook as "Maude Matson" - nice to see you on here - all the best - Catherine (yes my real name - get's confusing doesn't it).
  15. Good luck with it. I went to my local pub a few weeks back and it was a free for all jamming session. There was a really good brass section and it got me thinking I'd like to learn sax too but what with money and time it's not an option at the moment (plus neighbours lol). I can play piano but that's about it. Would love to learn another instrument and the sax just sounds so magical in the sounds it produces. Let us all know how you get on with it and go for it! Nothing to lose at the end of the day.

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