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    1000 Volts of Vintage Market (Manchester) - vintage market with soulful tunes, 1st Sunday of the month
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    David Ruffin - No Matter Where

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  1. Lydia H

    Burnley Allnighter - Sat 18 Jan

    Maybe contact Sean Haydon who runs the event...
  2. Lydia H

    Different Strokes.... New Years Eve special...

    Really looking forward to coming out tonight..I have not been around the last couple of years with baby duty and family life. I will catch up with many old friends tonight and have a drink and dance. x
  3. After a few wants Will add to this list.. Below is for starters Looking for a copy " she's the one " by the soul twins.. On back beat records Lee Rogers... Same things that make you laugh Millie Jackson.. Breakaway Valerie and Nick.. Don't you feel sorry The Hitpack,, Never say no to my baby Little Johnny Strutt.. There goes the girl... Thanks....
  4. Looking forward to seeing some of you down at the Bay Horse tomorrow - we've got some great stock, some of our regular stall holders and some new ones too x
  5. Lydia H

    Different Strokes.. Soul Or Nothing Meets Barefootin

    Looking forward to seeing you down there - I'll be the one flitting between the two rooms cos I don't want to miss anything! x
  6. good luck with the gig today x

  7. Very excited for the next vintage market, it's a great afternoon with great people...x

  8. 1000 Volts of Vintage: Vintage Market in Manchester Sunday 3rd July, 12noon til 5pm at The Bay Horse, Thomas Street (Northern Quarter) - in the basement Where you will find stallholders selling the best of: vintage clothing (50s, 60s, 70s and 80s), vintage inspired handmade clothing, vintage, retro and handmade jewellery, vintage bricabrac (glassware, pottery and other household goods), and handmade products/crafts. ..
  9. Lydia H

    Lee Moses

    Looking for Lee Moses,Bad girl parts 1 and 2. A present for a friend, any nice cheap copies around. Please send me a pm. Lydia
  10. Lydia H

    Soul Or Nothing.. Manchester.. 26Th

    I don't get chance to come on here very often but just wanted to say that I am looking forward to seeing you all on Friday night. Bring it on! x ps, soul or nothing page on Facebook for any of you that are into the site
  11. Lydia H

    Greatstone August 2009

    just a few faces from the last Greatstone
  12. Lydia H

    Radcliffe Rammed

    I had a fantastic time at this niter...thank you so much to Chris and Marcelle for this one and I am glad it went well for you! I stayed mostly in the modern room which is just what I like from a room, small, intimate, good lighting and great dance floor...it suited me just fine! Loved the music, of course especially the soul or nothing stuff and I know I am biased but this is the sort of stuff I really love to listen to an..
  13. Lydia H


    Sians love eggs (in her own words!)
  14. Lydia H

    time for a rest

    just resting...
  15. Lydia H

    love seat

    Brett's even easier than Steve!!

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