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  1. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    What about this label variation? Borrowed from popsike.
  2. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Notice that your demo says "mono, is the true of all demo's or where there also "stereo" ones as all issues that i have seen are "stereo"?
  3. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    The copyright symbol on mine would mean that it is an original (as i would expect as i bought it from a reputable dealer), the word "stereo" on your copy goes through the red line whereas on mine it goes through the green line. Just a printing variation?
  4. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    so which is which?
  5. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Good question. There is no mention of a bootleg/re-issue in Manships guide and i'm still not convinced that there is one (other than the recent outtasight copy) but i'm still at a loss to explain the 4 different variations that i have listed.
  6. gogs

    Living Room DJ

    Seems that everybody has stopped playing at home, so here's what i listened to tonight: Al Matthews- Fool ( just bought this. what a track) Al Wilson- Show and tell Spinners- He'll never love you like i do Lisa Stansfield- Eight three one Cecil Parker- Really really love you Bobby Caldwell- Love won't wait Bobby Wilson- Here is where the love is Joe Simon- Step by step Johnny Bristol- Wai..
  7. gogs

    Al Matthews - Fool - Live

    just bought a UK demo of this, great track. love the video
  8. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Just had another check on popsike i couldn't find a copy with the non-slip serrations, i did however notice 1 where "stereo" is on the left hand side of the label instead of the usual right so yet another variation.
  9. gogs

    Difference in Benny Troy Label

    2: Where the writing is through the coloured lines (no non-slip serrations) There are two of these on e-bay at the moment, both listed as re-issues. I'm still waiting on a definitive answer to this. Any help appreciated.
  10. gogs

    Modern day soul packs anyone?

    A modern 1 that i've just received on UK demo , but agree there are not as many packs being sold now.
  11. gogs

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    I noticed these, and the fact that they could reach £30 or more at the time they appeared.
  12. gogs

    Another Poll version battle.

    I know that Northern Soul is not a genre, hence part of my post. local presses- some local presses got picked up by the big companies i.e. Atlantic. the rest hoped that they would pressed to sell or give away at gigs etc.- This was used as an advertisement in the hope off recognition of promoters or big companies. The vast majority would never get the promotion or backing so were never going to trouble the charts.- I ..
  13. gogs

    Another Poll version battle.

    No record was ever recorded to be a northern soul record, they all wanted to be in the charts so your statement doesn't make much sense.
  14. gogs

    Left Field tunes

    I've got this on both the UK and US versions, great track