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  1. gogs

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Seen an issue sell on ebay last year for £92, Crazy prices
  2. gogs

    Biddu Orchestra ‎– Biddu Orchestra

    I've still got my UK 7" copy and a Italian 7" with picture cover.
  3. gogs

    Storm Ali

    Very wet and windy during the day, but a lot better now. My neighbour kept texting me to keep am eye on her daughters trampoline.
  4. gogs

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    Don't think that £20 is enough anymore, JM has this at £75 and i seen another copy on sale for £125.
  5. This is what i was after, most of these i had never heard before ( i tend to just listen to stuff i know or a few that i stumble upon). Thank you The only one that i couldn't find on youtube was "Willie Tee"
  6. gogs

    Living Room DJ

    OK staying away from you-tube tonight and back to my boxes Brown sugar- The game is over Brothers- Are you ready for this Benny troy- Ecstacy, Passion and pain Spookey- Who's taken the lid off this affair Al Matthews- Fool Anthony White- Hey baby Bobby Patterson- What a wonderful night for love Lyn Roman- Unchained Act 1- I never had a love like yours Chi-lites - Vanishing love Richard "popcorn" Wylie- lost love Ronnie McCain- This time i'm gone Spinners- He'll never love you like i do Spookey- Im your heart Spooky and Sue- I've got the need Futures- party time man Benny Troy- I wanna give you tomorrow Anthony white- Hey baby Dean and Jean- Lovingly yours (1st time i played this out Mr Kenny B was straight up to the decks to see what it was) Clausel- Let me love you As always i will continue but that is my first 20 for tonight (next ones "Basic black and pearl")
  7. Thought that i might open this up again just in case @chalky might want to tell me what i should be listening to. All suggestions will be listened to. Don't want to tell him what i an listening to tonight but it includes the "del-larks" and "jon & the weirdest"
  8. gogs

    Cracked records that play great

    I only have 1 record with a crack but it also has a hole in the dead wax at the start and the finish, i will play it on my turntable as it plays well but i wouldn't play it on anybody else's decks. ("cause your mine"- the vibrations)
  9. A couple of years back i bought a copy of Lisa Stansfield- Eight three one- Sonic Wax for a Tenner. But recently i have seen it sell for £59 on Ebay, £85 in sales on here and even popsike is showing purchase prices of £50+, Has it gone up this much in 2-3 years?
  10. Never crossed the Scotland/ Otherplace border, that would be too far south
  11. The idea of putting this thread up was to see what other people where listening to, and maybe suggestions on what to listen to as that's not happening i'm just going to close it.
  12. Maybe because i like oldies?
  13. I already dj with my collection of original vinyl, ( if you search "hibs club" or "gilmerton" you will find some of my playlists, there are others from other venues as well) i just thought that it might be interesting to hear what other people might listen to on you-tube


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