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    Been resident dj at a few places in Edinburgh, Gordon's Bar (no longer there), Spider's web (no longer there). Hibs club and Gilmerton Miners club (top 2 nites in Edinburgh) (both still going strong).

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    fly fishing for trout
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    california montage

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  1. When i go fishing i always take a black refuse bag with me to pick up any litter, sea anglers are the worst and i have filled the bags many times, when trout fishing i find a small carrier bag is ample. I don't know why this is this way. The one thing that really annoys me is people smoking at the bus stop and throwing the butt on the ground when the bus comes even though there is a litter bin about 3 feet away.
  2. One went off yesterday on Ebay for £10.50, but i have seen them go for more. I had my bootleg copy nicked many years ago, now got it on the Grapevine label.
  3. In my seemingly unending quest to download my collection onto my computer (although i am now on box 3, and some are already done) this is what i listened to tonight. The Daniels- Big City- Lantam Otis Brown- I don't wonn'a cry- Expect More Mystic Merlin- Just can't give you up- Capitol Larry Davis- the magic is gone- Decca (d) Orientals- Soul ain't you thrilled- New Dawn Brenda Holloway- Just look what you've done / Starting the hurt all over again- Tamla Jackie Moore- Both ends against the middle- Atlantic (d) Spinners- I'll be around- Atlantic Spinners- He'll never love you like i do- Atlantic Solomon Burke- It's been a change- Atlantic Jackie Wilson- Lonely life- Brunswick Triboro Exchange- Seven lonely nights- Buddah (d) Inspirations- Gotta find a new love- Benn-x
  4. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~abdnpaul/power.html As geobuch335 says this is the best place for info for Scottish soul. Bonnyrigg on 17th Aug is not very far from Edinburgh, with a no.31 bus from city taking you straight to the door.
  5. Also got the "busy busy bee" already posted.
  6. check my post from Tuesday at 17:20
  7. The only coloured vinyl originals that i have are all (4) Bobby Patterson Jetstar demos with yellowish coloured vinyl.
  8. i was wondering about this myself, as you say both have the same stamped matrix although the label number on the 1st press doesn't match this but is correct on the 2nd press. A very quick look on popsike showed very few 1st press in comparison to the 2nd, and i didn't notice any of the 2nd issue sellers mentioning the fact that it was the 2nd issue although at least 1 stated that it was the original.
  9. got it, you meant the number on the label not the stamped matrix number.
  10. As the picture above appears to show the matrix as 55438 you both can't be right
  11. martinsbox is a member on here but according to his profile page he has not visited the site since July 2017. If you type martinsbox into the search bit you might be able to find out more.
  12. Great track Mike. I've got a Gordy demo in one of my boxes, but must admit that i have never played this when i have been dj-ing.

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