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    Been resident dj at a few places in Edinburgh, Gordon's Bar (no longer there), Spider's web (no longer there). Hibs club and Gilmerton Miners club (top 2 nites in Edinburgh) (both still going strong).

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    fly fishing for trout
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    california montage

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  1. As i don't know any of these, i have lots to look forward to hearing
  2. I don't want to start another ovo argument but just wondering. i have records in my collection that i wouldn't play out. Some examples Formations- At the top of the stairs- MGM (orig on Bank) yvonne Caroll- Stuck on you- Domain (white writing for label name orig black writing) Joe Turner- Two loves have i- Phillips (french) (orig on Bluestime) Bobby Moore and the formosts- It was a lie- Red bird (orig on dw) Superlatives- Lonely in a crowd- Westbound (orig on DW) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Ligit 2nd issues Betty harris- I'm evil tonight- Sansu Steve Karmen- Breakaway- United artists ---------------------------------------------------------------- UK issues Olympics- Baby do the philly dog/ Mine exclusively- Action (origs on Mirwood) Jackey beavers- Trying to get back to you girl- Jay boy (demo) (orig on Dade) Grapevine uk issues and demo's My main reason for asking is that i recently saw a dj (at an ovo night) playing a record on a national (us) label whilst i made sure that i had it on the orig (us) local label. Am i right or do you think that there are some that i could play out.
  3. Always play originals (as far as i'm aware) but even the best of us can get caught out occasionally, i'm just going to start a new thread on this subject so have a look in (and an opinion).
  4. Cold and very wet outside, so decided to get back to my quest of downloading my records. Mickey and his mice- Cracker jack- Marti Mighty Sam- Never too busy- Malaco Bobby Freeman- C'mon and swim- Quality (canada) Earnest Jackson- Love and happiness- Stone Whispers- Needle in a haystack- Soul clock Lisa Stansfield- Eight three one- Sonic wax S.o.u.l.- This time around- Musicor Bobby Womack- I'm gonna forget about you- Liberty Little Milton- You ought to be here with me- Golden ear Music Makers- United- Gamble
  5. Now so tempted to put up Don Covay " It's better to have (and don't need).
  6. If your cash flow allows then do it, i've got a couple on different labels and US & UK issues but all at the cheaper end of the market.
  7. Unless he's changed his number since then.
  8. Thanks Mick, as it has been many years since i last sold anything on Ebay i never knew this.
  9. Well spotted, i never noticed that. But does this mean that you could list a really expensive record using the "list an item like this" feature picture even if you don't own said record, would this not be open to abuse/fraud?
  10. I have noticed that nobody has mentioned the fact that 2 different sellers on Ebay have used the exact same picture to sell a record, does this not bother anybody?
  11. Is this the same as when "The carstairs, Babe Ruth, and others from the 70's started getting plays. Is it not better to look forward instead off looking back all the time whilst still remembering yesterday.
  12. Borrowed from another thread "Kev Roberts in the sleeve notes to the Golden Nuggets CD says Al Matthews 'Fool' was a big record in Birmingham." I don't live in Birmingham but even i have a copy of this.
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Al-Matthews-Fool-7-Single-Kno-Vinyl/303046637937?hash=item468efcb971:g:-ogAAOSwT5tcU1hk https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Al-Matthews-Fool-Vinyl/322821928424?hash=item4b29afb5e8:g:Fz8AAOSwkOJZ3zPV Both records have the exact same tear on the label but are from different sellers.
  14. One of my favourites ,taken a couple of years ago whilst out fishing, just love the way that the red tree stands out against the "forest" of green.

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