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  1. Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Sounds good to me (but i'm still waiting for somebody else to come in with a different opinion, just to upset me ). I also like your idea about the Capitol (U.S) pressing plant. Thanks.
  2. Difference in Benny Troy Label

    After doing a search through the sales forum i have found 3 versions of this label 1: Where the writing starts under the coloured lines 2: Where the writing is through the coloured lines (no non-slip serrations) 3: Where the writing is through ...
  3. Difference in Benny Troy Label

    Most, but not all copies that i looked at on popsike have this style of label i.e. the writing going into the coloured lines. But it is hard to tell if they have the non-slip serrations. I bought this many years ago from a reputable dealer as a U.S. origina...
  4. Spotted this in sales, But labels are different to my copy, Is this just the usual answer of different pressing plants?
  5. Is it, time to sell up.?

    It would be very silly to sit on a record as it would probably break.
  6. Whats a good day for ebay?

    when i did sell of some stuff, a few years ago, i found it better to have the end time on the Sunday closest to the end of the month.
  7. Facebook.

    Never been on it, After seeing some off my friends sites i think that i will stay away.
  8. Valuation / going rates

    Seen the larry davis sell for £100 recently. I wouldn't let my copy go for any less than that.
  9. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    I think that some of the recent posts may have put some people off. The original question is if you were dj'ing for yourself, it doesn't state that you only have one turn. I listen to my records 2-3 nights per week. It is like asking you to name your top 10 (...
  10. One of my favourites, But is it the end or a new beginning?
  11. If you were dj'ing to yourself

    I put the Patti Drew on a cd about 15 years ago for a fellow dj. but didn't tell him anything about the tracks. he was on my back for months trying to find out more about this track. It was the same when i first played out Dean and Jean "lovingly yours" i ha...
  12. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAJUN-HEART-GOT-TO-FIND-A-WAY/192446303340?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 £48 For a Stardust 45, the worlds gone crazy.
  13. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Sorry Mike didn't mean it to have a "tone", maybe i'm just having a senior moment but i really couldn't follow his posts.
  14. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    OK if you tell everybody what you are talking/printing about, But shufflin is right we don't have a clue what you are moaning about

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