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  1. About 7/8 years ago i gave a load of re-issues and boots away to a local charity shop, Does that count, now that i have seen what they can fetch on EvilBay.
  2. i was thinking that some of the records were a bit cheap for a JM's auction. I thought that Wombat, Navarro and the Bell Boys might have made £500, going by how JM's auctions usually go. for a change i could have probably predicted these prices.
  3. As i said, although i don't DJ very often i am probably better known for playing oldies, i don't have many rare or expensive records but i am a bit of a collector and tend to pick up a lot of stuff i like (when i have a bit of spare cash) this includes modern and crossover that i couldn't play at my usual oldies nites, but i rarely get asked to do anything other than oldies.
  4. Although i usually now only do "oldies" nights at my local Miners Club ( quite a few of my playlists are listed on SS), i have occasionally been asked to other ATB venues, The last time i had an early spot and a later spot, Starting the early spot (lasted 1 and a half hours, i was only meant to be on 30 mins) i announced that i was going to play modern, crossover and some that they might not know, one of the resident dj's said that i didn't have any of these. Boy did i prove him wrong. A DJ normally only plays what the promoter wants them to, but give them a chance and they might surprise you.
  5. Just how many records could you say the same thing about? If it was northern soul back then, it is still northern soul now.
  6. Whatever takes my fancy, because there is normally nobody else there to hear it.
  7. Very seldom play records at home, i have down-loaded about a 1/4 off my collection to my pc and despite my intentions i can't seem to find the time to download the rest. Any new record that i buy is listened to and down-loaded at the same time then put away in one off my cases.
  8. If i have put this in the wrong forum please feel free to move. Unusually i had 2 spots, so spot 1 (not in order). All ovo (as far as i'm aware) Jackie Lee -Your personality - mirwood James & bobby Purify- Help yourself (to all of my loving)- Bell Howard Tate - Baby i love you - Verve Shirley & the Shirelles - Look what you've done to my heart -Bell (uk) Gene Chandler - Nothing can stop me - Constellation John Miles - One minute every hour - Orange (uk) ???- ????- ??? (going to keep this one to myself) J.C. Messina - Time won't let me - Tom king Lenny Welch - A hundred pounds of pain -Mainstream (D) Sue Lynne - Don't pity me - rca (uk) The Rainbows - Help me if you can - Capitol (D) The Fuzz - I'm so glad - Calla (D) Garnet Mimms - Stop and think it over -Verve The Fenways - Satisfied - co&ce (D) Barbara Acklin - Just ain't no love - Brunswick The Amazers - Without a warning - Thomas The Playthings - Stop what you're doing - Pye (uk) The Fascinations - I'm in love - Mayfield Devonnes - I'm gonna pick up my toys (and go home) - colossus Betty Everett - Getting mighty crowded - Fontana (uk) The Bobbettes - Happy go lucky me - rca (d) Sharpees - Tired of being lonely - One-derful Spot 2 (in order) Don Thomas - Come on train - NUVJ (d) Little Anthony & the Imperials - Better use your head - Veep Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied - Bigtop Bob Relf - Blowing my mind to pieces -Trans-American Ann Sexton - You've been gone to long -Seventy Seven Dee Clark - That's my girl - Constellation Julian Covey & the Machine - A little bit hurt - Phillips (d) Fred Hughes - Don't let me down - Vee-Jay Sister Sledge -Love don't you go through no changes on me - Atco The Fascinations - Girls are out to get you - Mayfteld Bunny Sigler - Girl don't you make me wait - Parkway Shirley Ellis - Soul time - CBS (uk) Fred Hughes - Baby boy - Brunswick Flaming Emeralds - Have some everybody - Fee Wynder K Frog - Green door - United Artists Jerry Butler - Moody Woman - Mercury Micky Moonshine - Name it name got it - Decca (uk) The Carstairs - It really hurts me girl - Red coach Millie Jackson - A house for sale - Spring (uk) Ike & Tina Turner - Dust my broom - Tangerine The Prophets - I got the fever - Smash (d) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't no mountain high enough - Tamla Motown (Italian) (ok not ov, but comes with a nice picture cover)
  9. Lulu – Stop Fooling Around – UK Decca M- £50 Very Indemand RnB Mod style Dancer B side of a non chart record from 1966 always been hard to track down - now massive in Europe picking up spins here. LISTEN!! i've been playing this out for a few years now, great track. somebody needs to buy this and get it played.
  10. I don't think that there is a con, as long as you have the required knowledge in the subject (this is now so easy to acquire through the internet) but i do think that a lot of people now see a record that they like/want and decide that they must have it at any cost (you see this every day on ebay). I agree with many on here that collecting is a hobby and it is up to yourself what you want to spend on it and i have probably done the same (just don't tell the wife. Now where have i heard that that before.) But like i say the information is out there, all you have to do is check or shop around there are many good dealers out there that won't try to con you. ( I will agree with others in this thread that Pete S is one of the good guys)
  11. http://www.raresoulman.co.uk/d/172708/WILSON,_FRANK worth a few bob according to this
  12. My wand 149 has these lyrics "will you let ma have" + "come on baby take me for a ride" dead wax marks read "wand (scratched) 149A 50129-1E (pressed)"
  13. Tonight's selection Larry Davis- The magic is gone- Decca dj Basic Black and Pearl- There'll come a time- Polydor dj Clausel- Let me love you- Up Right dj Prince Phillip Mitchell- One on one- Atlantic Bobby Womack- Tried and convicted- Minit dj Robert John- Raindrops, love and sunshine- A&M dj Terry Callier- Ordinary joe- Cadet dj Robert Parker- I caught you in a lie- Nola Lew Kirton- Heaven in the afternoon- Alston Benny Troy- I wanna give you tomorrow- De-Lite We the people- Making my daydream real- Lion John Gary Williams- The whole damn world is going crazy- Stax dj Brown Sugar- The game is over- Capitol Bobby Patterson- What a wonderful night for love- Jetstar dj Players- Why did i lie-Minit dj Anthony White- Hey baby- Pir dj Paul Anka- When we get there-Rca Howard Guyton- I watched you slowly slip away- Verve Mill Evans- I've got to have your love-Constellation dj David Ruffin- Rode by the place- Tamla uk dj Martha Reeves- No one there- Tamla uk young holt unlimited- Califonia montage- Brunswick
  14. Thought that it was time to get re-acquainted with some of the sounds in box 4, so this is what i dug out The Spinners - He'll Never Love You Like I Do (atlantic) Jeanne Burton - Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (cotton) Bobby Caldwell ~ Love Won't Wait (clouds) Bobby Wilson - Here Is Where The Love Is (chain) Johnny Bristol Waiting On Love (atlantic) Stephanie Mills - Here I Am (casablanca) Linda Clifford - Runaway Love (curtom) The Summits - It Takes Two (DC International) Blossoms - There's No Greater Love (epic) Morris Jefferson - It's The Last Time Around For Me (good luck) Brenda Herb - Sweet dreamer (h&L) Bobby Womack - I'm Gonna Forget About You (Liberty) Louis Dyer - I Wanna Make Love To You (Little Star) ELIOSE LAWS - Tighten him up (music merchant) DAVID SEA - I'M IN THE MOOD (magic city) Betty Wright - Where Is The Love (rca) Ecstasy, Passion & Pain - One Beautiful Day (roulette) Freddie Scott - (You) Got What I Need (shout) SANDRA FEVA- TELL EM I HEARD IT (venture)