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    Hi, I Love my uptempo 60's and RnB and Northern, u"ll find me in the middle of the dance floor, taking up too much space ! I have my own record collection, separate from him in doors. I've got two wonderful, and If I say so myself, good looking kids and I met the LOVE OF MY LIFE (TAF) 5 1/2 years ago and have never looked back! Northern Soul has been in my life for over 30 years and it will always be there. Taf likes everything except Funk, rare groove and soulful house. Jane & Taf x

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    Early 60's soul, RNB soul, and a little doo wop. Vintage clothes, etc., dancing me legs off !!!!
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    Black country
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    wade in the water - big mama thornton!!/ trade martin - worksong!!

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  1. I'ts a thumping up-tempo r&b tune. FANTASTIC! Taf
  2. Great transaction. Easy and very quick to reply and post Album. Thank you Paul. Jane & Taf
  3. Seems like no-one knows anything about this recording or the period in which it was released. I'ts a shame because its a mighty fine dancer! Taf
  4. All the best for Saturday night Carl, sorry we can't make it. Catch ya soon Jane & Taf
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN Have a good one and we'll see you soon. Jane & Taf
  6. If somewhere doesn't do it for you - just don't go again. Simple. Thats why venues are not getting the numbers in.
  7. Lou, your love for soul music is unquestionable. Unfortunately to many people are so jaded with what they're hearing at soul nights/nighters that instead of wasting money travelling miles to venues to hear either the same record being played 4 times or being force fed funk that they would rather stay at home! Maybe one day all the like-minded people will pull together and create a rare soul night/nighter that will work. KTF Lou and we will catch up with you when Jane is back on her feet. Taf
  8. How about : SPENCER DAVIS GROUP - IT HURTS ME SO (flip side to their terrible version of ''every little bit hurts''). Here's an obscure on for you : KING EDWARD & HIS BD's - M.T.Y.L.T.T. Its a great northern dancer. Taf
  9. Title: marie williams - come back to me - smart - 45 Artist: marie williams Track: come back to me Label: smart Record information: rhythm and blues
  10. Title: bill blacks combo - tequila - hi - 45 Artist: bill blacks combo Track: tequila Label: hi Record information: great version
  11. Title: jules b and band - heartbeat - norman - 45 Artist: jules b and band Track: heartbeat Label: norman Record information: popcorn
  12. Matt and Adam, Sad news indeed.... It is a great little club with an atmosphere second to none, as Jane has always said, "more like a boys club than a soul night " Keep us informed about whatever your plans are for 'Move On' and of course we'll see you both out and about.. Taf & Jane
  13. Title: kenny smith-soup bone-flo roe 45 Artist: kenny smith Track: soup bone Label: flo roe Record information: northern soul

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