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  1. "WHAT'S WRONG BABY" - RUDY LUDAWAY - ORIGINAL UNITED ARTISTS DEMO. CONDITION IS MINT. £40. plus £2.80 recorded to a UK address. Flip side is "Trying To Make It Home" Paypal, friends and family.
  2. There was a look-a-like repress/boot done of this record way back in the late 70's. It looks at first glance like a real one, but the label doesn't have strong colours and the vinyl seems inferior to the original.
  3. There are two kinds of DJ. 1. Has a box of great records because they want to be a DJ. 2. Dj's because they have a box of great records! The second is the only DJ I would want to hear!
  4. I think that you become a proper DJ when you break new sounds to the punters they can dance to, using your own taste. Trouble is most of the good new discoveries are really rare, and all the other good easier to obtain records have already been played! If you can build up a reputation for doing a good spot using your own taste, and not just being a clone of a lot of other DJ's, you might have made it to being a proper DJ!
  5. The price all depends on condition!
  6. Lots of others dealers do auctions as well! Why give one dealer free advertisment, and not the rest!
  7. I would think so as well, if it wasn't for Wade Flemons and Jeanette! It's gone from nothing and plenty of copies, to a monster and stayed there!
  8. If it's release number is C-103 it's a reissue. The first issue is Yellow label with Green text, like the one pictured above. Funny thing is, the reissue could be rarer than the original!!
  9. "MY HOME" BIG APPLE BRASS ROYAL FLUSH USA ORIGINAL PROMO. £30 + £2.30 recorded delivery. Excellent crossover soul/ modern. Vocal by J.R. Bailey. Condition is Mint-
  10. If only I had gone down to my local record shop and bought them as they came out!!! I am no UK collector, but there are some missing that I know of. Fascinations, Kelly Brothers, Jaybirds etc. Were these releases still to come?
  11. The clapping all the way through is only on the Kent single version, not the Spring original single!
  12. I know it's rarer with the spoken intro but I have always prefered it without. I remember the spoken intro version being played at the Casino. Too much talking when I wanted to dance!!
  13. It's not an original Thelma, because the Thelma Record Company finished in the 1960's. I think it could be a legal special pressing from an old recording, but it's no kind of original Thelma record! For DJing it's ok to play, because there is no original.
  14. It was not released in the 60's for the USA market, when it was recorded, so there is no original release of it!
  15. Willie Kendrick!