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  1. Some nice tunes played. O.T. Sykes, Bobby Thurston etc. Always liked the Tony Fox “Love let love and be loved” from the early 80’s when it was played at some all-nighters!(Clifton Hall?) It was said that it only came out on the LP, but I have been told that there is an original very rare 7” 45 in existence! Another Northern Soul myth or a true fact?
  2. 4 turns on the run in is an original. 2 turns on the run in is the counterfeit. All on the outside of the playing grooves of the record.
  3. solidsoul

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    Just to stray a little from the original question. There seems to have been some good condition UK collections up for sale lately, demos and rare issues of Tamla Motown, Stateside etc. Maybe a sign of the times!
  4. solidsoul

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    There both great, but I have really liked the Johnny Hampton since I heard it at one of my first nights at Wigan Casino!
  5. solidsoul

    Ted Ford Striped w/d or not?

    My vinyl white demo has the black strips across. Had 2 other vinyl demos in the past and they where the same. I know there are demos without the strip, but not had one to compare. My vinyl demo of Breakaway by The Valentines does not have the black strip across.
  6. solidsoul

    this is america

    It’s a shame if that’s America! What am I supposed to getting from it? The music isn’t any good and a lot of actors running about a warehouse being daft!
  7. Did you miss out on getting one of these a couple of years ago? Great unissued Chicago, Northern Soul dancer! "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER" - THE SHARPEES - ONE-DERFUL - £10 + £2 for 1st class postage. c/w "Darkness of The Night" Condition is Mint-
  8. solidsoul

    Fred Benson playlist Easington Welfare 5 May 2018

    Very entertaining,great stuff!
  9. solidsoul

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    For all it’s faults the 70’s was the golden age,the very best of times, when it was all happening! Some of the greatest record discoveries, big all-nighters packed with people, great atmosphere because we were all young and Northern Soul was at it’s cutting edge.
  10. solidsoul

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    There was a special funky wedge haircut! It was short on the sides and back, but had a large wedge of hair on the top that was pushed over to one side, at least that’s how I remember it!
  11. solidsoul

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    Depends what era! The fashions changed from Mod styles to Northern Soul to New York disco. Then some people just did their own thing. Towards the end I remember plastic sandals, peg trousers with pleats,very wide at the top, but narrow at the bottom.
  12. He worked driving a lorry in the 1990’s!! If there was any justice in the world a man of his talents should have been a multi- millionaire! At least he got to know that all his great work was eventually really appreciated by the Northern Soul fraternity. When I read how many great records he was involved with I find it incredible that he knew what Northern Soul was, before it had been invented! One of the very..
  13. solidsoul

    Best live performance

    Richard “Popcorn” Wylie when he came to UK around 1988. He sang a lot of the songs he wrote for other artists, but I especially liked it when he sang Deon Jacksons “ I need a love like yours” as he wrote that as well! It was a privilege to be there and see the great man himself perform!
  14. solidsoul

    Tojo - Broken Hearted Lover

    I have never seen a boot/pressing of it. Don’t think it has been done. I have often wondered who Tojo is? Tec is a Washington DC label, that’s as far as I know!
  15. I have always really liked the brilliant double sided “I Need My Baby/ A Love That Never Grows Cold” by Jackey Beavers on Revilot 208. But it is really rare and hard to find! Most of the other Revilots around this release number are relatively easy to get, does any one know why this one is so hard, when it’s one of the very best on the label?

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