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  1. solidsoul

    West Coast Rarity

    Pure 100% Northern Soul!
  2. solidsoul

    The Anti-Valentine playlist 2019

    Great record and i think the best version , but I wish it had been released on a original USA 45!
  3. solidsoul

    Sue Label variations

    USA Sue label numbers can be misleading! Started at number 700 to 807 then changed to numbers 100 to 150 then changed to numbers 1 to 17. So the early Sue releases have the highest numbers!
  4. solidsoul

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    First time I heard "Say It Isn't So" by Betty Boo around 1978. It was a new sound to the Northern Scene and it was Soul Sam who played it that night! Maybe not the first to have it, I don't know, but it was great to hear! A Northern Soul classic. Both the record and the man who played it!
  5. solidsoul


    Well you better tell all the major record dealers, because the Formations on MGM has always, from the dawn of the Northern Scene, been sold as an original even though it came out on Bank first!
  6. solidsoul


    It's not as simple as that! That would mean something like for example, The Formations on Bank records is an original, but it was also released about a month later by MGM for a bigger national distribution to the USA public. That MGM release has always been considered an original because it was part of the original promotion of the song, while the group were still together and hoping for a hit.
  7. solidsoul


    If it got released on LP and 45 and then picked up by a major label for bigger distribution, as long as they all came out about the same time, as part of the original promotion and release to the general public they are all originals. Original part of the promotion and distribution to the general public of that song.
  8. solidsoul

    What makes this soul scene great

    If I was still going to allnighters I would have added something else onto that list!
  9. solidsoul


    At one time it was £3 and was her cheaper easier to get record, compared to "I Can't Help Loving That Man" on Roulette. Both great records, but fashions have changed!
  10. Look at the fantastic quality of those 4 releases! Imagine if they could make records for the charts, as good as that now!
  11. I think they meant it was a Solid Hit record. Hit as hitting the top spot. Top selling No 1 sound in the charts.
  12. Solid Hit 102 Debonairs and Solid Hit 103 by Jimmy Gilford used the plain label like Pat Lewis 101. So Pat Lewis 101 on the later coloured bubble label design must have been pressed up a significant amount of time after it's original release!
  13. solidsoul

    Prices and Values of Music

    You are right when you say that a record is worth what people are willing to pay for it. But that goes for everything thats for sale in a market place. So if you know that 50 people will pay over £200 for a certain record, that record must be worth at least £200. So thats about what it's worth! Just about everything in life for sale, is worth/value what people are willing to pay to get it! I don't really know what point you are making?
  14. solidsoul

    Songs with 'the Power'

    "You've Got The Power" - Gail Wynters - Hickory. (big record in the venues around the mid 70's) "Sock Some Love Power To Me" - Lee Rogers - Premium Stuff


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