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    Southport from Wigan
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  1. Always packed and a full dance floor says everything , and not an oldies venue says even more lol but seriously it’s just one night a year but what a night!!
  2. Anything you want , vg+ plays excellent, label worn £180 pp&p Robert John stone mint copy bargain price £65, carlena weaver again stone mint , £60 bargain manship wants 150 so there you go
  3. Only hurts for a little while
  4. Thanks Steve always been popular me mate lol lol
  5. Expected this to have gone by now ,
  6. Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher £1050 mint minus , usually higher price for this condition pp&p
  7. Spot on steve , at one time you saved and went without to buy the tough stuff now it’s dominated by the super rich ,
  8. Might consider letting this go as sourced a mint copy I’m not bothered about selling it , but offers invited if it’s a good offer then it’s yours I’ll leave it on for just a day or two condition is vg ++ or ex would be ex plus if it wasn’t for a couple of light pops at the start , message only please
  9. That is very good advice !! think very very carefully my friend and yes good luck
  10. Quit while i’m Ahead ( played at Stafford) Philips white demo mint- £150 pp&p Sold !! tommy neal going to a happening , on yellow pamline original as opposed to the suspect pink ones !!! Condition vg+ but plays fine ,odd little faint pop at beginning £130 pp&p hank jacobs rocking with soul old fist issue original £80 pp&p both tommy neal & Hank Jacobs grubby labels but these are old records from an old box I had forgotten I had , just dirty no rips or marks bit of writing only
  11. Shirley Wahls promo on king two good sides £100 pp&p ,
  12. There must be a better way , genuinely rare record open to offers !! ‘in near mint condition £1000, pp&p
  13. Just don’t love you , Original only on git ,down ,inc please pm only , ‘I don’t normally put wants up worth a try
  14. Had it sold it want it back

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