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    Been around a long time since 74 but prefer to keep myself to myself even though pretty well known on the rare scene

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    4x4s imports, collecting rare soul , dogs rugby league
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    Southport from Wigan, spent a few years in Holland
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    lots & changing all the time

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  1. I was talking about job opening
  2. Was me chalky off Pete and yes your right , it was a long time coming and worth every penny sadly gone now with others, sorry for bringing this up after all this time , I hadn’t seen these posts till now
  3. Mac staten was cheap very cheap , but I tried to find it in the listings weeks ago , no show I only found it when I put specific date in , I don’t think many even knew it was on auction until looking for today’s auction , as last week I put in just auctions everything for weeks to come but no Mac!!
  4. Thanks ste , believe it or not I only just remembered myself on the day lol getting older doesn’t matter much, hope you & family are ok , catch up soon I hope cheers mate atb paul
  5. Up - called in at an old friends house listening to records that some will never see in a life time let alone buy them , down - virtual DJ spots zzzzzzzzz about as interesting and entertaining as the flue!
  6. Got to say for me that night was second only to Jackie Wilson, she was awesome truly great night also had a good day at the chemist, I heard that Russ Winstanley saying on the night Jackie was on Jackie wasn’t very well, all I can say’ is to see a man performing back flips & somersaults in line with the music and a voice and performance second to non , then jeez what would he have done differently if he had not been poorly? To see Jackie Wilson perform was one of the highlights of my entire life
  7. Well it’s not as rare as folks think then because I know 3 others who’s names have not been mentioned and I missed one on eBay around ten years ago, was sold to a friend I bid but wasn’t sure of value back then but I’m sure it wasn’t a great deal over two grand but it was ten years ago , may be I should say yeah it’s bloody rare but their are more people own a copy than maybe folks think I could give you the other names but it’s their business not mine and not for me to announce lol
  8. I have attempted a few repairs over the years one was a two grand record 6 years ago now it’s not worth a carrot , I have never seen crack repaired that stayed repaired, personally after my experience with them I would just stick tape across underneath and be carful with it , over many years I was taught a lesson be weary with advice as I have wrecked lots of records
  9. Always packed and a full dance floor says everything , and not an oldies venue says even more lol but seriously it’s just one night a year but what a night!!
  10. Anything you want , vg+ plays excellent, label worn £180 pp&p Robert John stone mint copy bargain price £65, carlena weaver again stone mint , £60 bargain manship wants 150 so there you go
  11. Only hurts for a little while
  12. Expected this to have gone by now ,
  13. Eula Cooper Let Our Love Grow Higher £1050 mint minus , usually higher price for this condition pp&p

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