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  1. Well what a brilliant venue this is, had really good night. l must have as l stayed till the end . met people old n new a very nice crowd of people dance floor was healthy from arriving till 8am great atmospher would recommend this venue it has all the makings of a belting soul club Well Done to all the DJs my only moan has to be djs please give us over 50s a break we cant do 90miles an hour records for a full 60 mins .try and slot a few slower ones in every now and again so that we are not burned out for the rest of the djs that follow. other than that had a TOP NIGHT Weldone brent and all involved see you at the next one xx H XX
  2. hope to make this at some point in the night ,was going to another first but had to change my plans as l dont go out for a poor floor show lol see you all saturday and good luck with the new venue for you xx
  3. squaw

    Prestatyn Soul Weekender


    looking forward to this john hope to catch up with yourself n angie and andy dyson and the rest that lve not seen for some time defo something for all ,see you their xx
  4. Now 2 rooms 2nd room from 1 30am .Main room bangin up tempo soul for the dancers from a class line up,2nd room somethin different from the collectors and djs.
  5. Chapter 5 sorted,still after john andrews .
  6. I traded a ja demo bout 3 yrs ago to the value of £350 so our prices were more or less in line then,its obviously increased in value.But not that much and i dont buy on jm,s auctions lol.
  7. Me to ive got a fairly good idea what there worth had em both before,but hindsight is a wonderful thing lol.Got cash waiting if anyone wants to sell.
  8. Looking for chapter five you cant mean it on cbs,and john andrews its just love on parlophone.Demo issues of either pm price and condition cash waiting ta.
  9. Sincere condolences ,was a nice guy.
  10. squaw


    Correct but the only one of us that was at lowton cant answer so time to leave it,sure lowton will carry on as usual next mth.
  11. squaw


    i know,weve been to the odd soul event.
  12. squaw


    10 yrs,well maybe but not by you.Like it or not stubbshaw is in ashton run by a man from ashton and it was advertised all year.I think you know very well what im talking about,but its no matter now people go were they want just wanted to answer a few points am sure andy will be more than happy to disscuss any of this out and about.
  13. squaw


    Vitriolic and offensive comments ,so ninja gets to tell people that they should keep in line with his uniformed version of appropriate clothing for visiting a soul venue.Anbody who responds is out of line,not sure how you measure how well the blind are doing.Its my guess most wont still be around in 18 months but lets wait and see.
  14. squaw


    Andys banned off the site for answering ninjas ridiculos post regardeing shorts but from what weve been told you and mr garside would know all about that.But the answer is no you clashed with them., As for happy clapper shacky patton from the university of ns as he likes to tag hiself and the other chappy from the same camp,the blind leading the blind.

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