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  1. Think the guy with the tatoo was Hockey. Spent many weekends with him at Mick Scotts flat after the nighter.
  2. Is this the same guy?
  3. As a dancer, I've always liked Instrumentals but do understand where Bearsy is coming from. In my top ten would be the Just like the weather Inst Richard used to play at Clifton Hall. Clip anyone?
  4. Bought same from Bradleys in Doncaster when first getting into Northern. £1.25
  5. Managed to get to the Windmill a few times. Very handy from train station with no hassle. Had many a tussle from bus station up to Clifton Hall though.
  6. I did a few Clifton Hall podcasts a while ago, if anyone is interested.
  7. Best of times for me as a 17-21 year old. Fit as a flea and built like a racing snake Think I only missed a few due to the dreaded Hep B. Lost all my flyers over the years but still got my badges. The third anniversary vest lasted until a couple of years ago.
  8. That's just your old ears, mate. lol "Before you attract that man... ". "Strong are my needs.".
  9. But the Vibrations clearly sing " Can't get along without you now." So why the title? Just one of those things that's always bugged me.
  10. Can still hear all those feet hitting the floor.
  11. Love it but always thought Rose Batiste - Hit and Run was "a bit C&W".
  12. Waddaya mean crxp record? I'll have you know, The Dooleys and Barry Blue are the reason I got into northern in the fist place. :wicked:
  13. Wilson Pickett's Hey Jude. The best version IMHO And this I like
  14. That was the guy who was always eager to scrub your back for you in the showers. lol

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