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  • Birthday 19/09/1965

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    Brighouse but a Leicester girl born and bred

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  1. Debbie Butler


    Brilliant Chaz , one of the best weekends spent with beautiful people inside and out xxxx and the foxes trophy topped ot all off xxxxxxxx
  2. Debbie Butler

    Happy Birthday Debbie Butler

    thanks Hon xxxx
  3. Debbie Butler

    Heywood Civic Soul

    Tony & crew, Our first time there & ourselves as well as the full crew enjoyed it. We do know a good tune & so will be definately coming again. Debbie & Craig
  4. Debbie Butler

    **bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Events**

    Paul, We're still coming but have to go to a wedding do first from my old work - so just letting you know we'll be a little late but hoping to get there for 10, after we've made our excuses at the wedding do. Looking forward to it. Debbie & Craig
  5. Debbie Butler

    Darrow Fletcher

    I'm just in the middle of putting together a complete Darrow Fletcher CD (for personal use only of course) & I'm one track missing if anyone can help, as mine's a demo & doesn't have the flip. The track in question is "Let's Get Together" on Atco 7083 If anyone can help then please send a decent mp3 to sonicfortunes@btinternet.com ATB, Craig
  6. Great night was had once again..............I think we can say "The Brighouse Crew" behaved and played it low key...........However I sooooo need a new head and so does Craig........but we love this great Soul night, great Music, Great friends.....so Paul when is the next one????????
  7. Debbie Butler

    2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Thanks again for the photo of me way back when with the biggest hair ever, funny as f##k my friend.......night to remember...o and Craig say's he has your Detroit DVD...
  8. Debbie Butler

    2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Hi Steve, Yes it was great to see you too, glad you had a blast, had a wicked time, great people, great music and lots of memories brought back............. Debbie
  9. Debbie Butler

    2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Couldn't have put it better myself Mick, had a blast. seeing the Stafford Crowd was amazing.....the sounds took me back in time....Stafford for us was a very special time and to relive it for a few hours was great.....me and Craig will see you very soon for your big one x
  10. Debbie Butler

    Pat + Neurotics (Crown Ltd) + Sound Clip

    Played this at Lowton last week mate & it went down a storm. ATB, Craig
  11. Debbie Butler

    Bradford Rarer & Underplayed Soul Club

    Paul, Sorry to say I can't make this one as I'm on in the "Room With A View" at Lowton on the same nite. Bet it will be a killer, so will have to wait til the next one. ATB, Craig
  12. Debbie Butler

    New Leicester Oddfellows Photos

    me and Andy, Bear and the top of Daz Clay's head...happy days way way back...taken at the 2nd anniversary
  13. Debbie Butler

    Leicester Oddfellows

    thanks Mick, got mine today and how strange....it was Feb 17/18th 1984........25years to the day....found myself sitting with Bear and Andy Hunter downstairs with good old Keb (with Hair) D jing ...great times.... and everyone looked about twelve ha ha ....
  14. Debbie Butler

    Blackpool Tower Weekender

    I just want to say that there are 1000's of ok oldies which could have been played but i think the real issue is that this was just a money making event with no thought to what the scene is really about. 1. promoters should be ashamed of themselves and as for the DJ's at the Tower (apart from Butch and Tim) give it up...too old and too sad........ 2. the scene that I love and have been attending over the past 28yrs have been about the music. listening to great tunes, collectors discovering great sounds, DJ's playing great soul, without these 'minority' groups as some would say...THERE WOULD NOT BE A SCENE for all the sad acts that went to Wigan once and enjoy the same 20 shit records. 3. And as for the "we promoted it as Northern Oldies, what the F**k do you think that means top 20 records played over and over until 3am when Butch came on?????? and yes the dance floor emptied but that was because most of the sad (i went to Wigan once) had died and gone home out of bordom of listening to that bloody 20 naff oldies over and over again..... 4. so charging £30.00 for saturday ummmm.... so the greedy b*****ds didn't do it out of love and supporting the scene then... so to sum up............... this is not the scene i grew up on and love, and it is about time people gave some respect to everyone who has supported (attendee's, record collectors, DJ's) the scene and built it up over years.


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