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  1. Soul Sam played the Jimmy James version for a while circa 75. l bought the LP after hearing him play it at the Cic all nighter in Burnley.
  2. That's my old copy, l sold it to lan
  3. Yeah there is that one and one of the Hot Wax ones as an extra track on, not sure which one without checking. It's maybe 20 plus years since l played it, but l think it's Hot Wax three.
  4. Hi Rick, trust you are well, yeah l bought loads of stuff off Bob circa 74/75. As for the Johnny Baker it was "Shy Guy", l got a few and sold them on, sent for some more and when they came they were pressings (he said they weren't) lol. Same with the Servicemen, got the cartoon design, then the 2nd lot was the plain label. My best buys were, Mickie Champion when it was still covered as Jody Williams and a nice green issue of Alice Clark. (all WD's around at the time) Celest Hardie was a good seller, because it was popular at our local venue (Accy Legion) and may
  5. It did get spins at the Mecca mainly last hour, but both me and Phil Duckworth were playing it at Accy Legion before that and it was a floor filler. It became more popular nation wide with the crossover scene years later. l wish l had kept back a few copies, l was selling them at two quid each, and the last couple of copies l sold at 50p each. lan Cunliffe also had copies for sale around the same time.
  6. Bought 21st Century for the "Coming Right Back" side back in 74 to play at Accy Legion. In 76 flipped it and played "Shadow Of A Memory" at Accy Band Club.
  7. l sold it to Ian, a few years before Ted got hold of it, yeah he is from East Lancs.
  8. Yeah very sad news Pete. Just got a phone call a few minutes ago. Yet another one taken too soon. RIP.
  9. Are you saying that the 1974 boot of Dana Valery on Pussy Cat, been booted again recently?
  10. Yes it was a big tune, played 1st at the Mecca back in 74.
  11. If you think that's a bad list, you are lucky you didn't hear some of the stuff played between 75 and 79.

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