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    Chess,Church,Winding gullible people up...like you!
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    not out and about
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    King Tutt or any of that genre
  1. nomad

    Chris Plant

    Anything with a pulse would be tasty to you Mr C
  2. nomad

    Chris Plant

    I went with him to John Manships because John had got hold af a rare one he wanted... Off we popped in his red mini cooper. He came back the proud owner of a Gwen Owens and I came back with a handfull of unknown modern.. Good times and great memories. He had some top sounds at that time and I still have some tapes he made for me somewhere. I must dig them out and see what is on them
  3. nomad

    Chris Plant

    I lent a couple of sounds to Chris when I left these shores for a 3 year stint in Cyprus. He sold up while I was away and my sounds went with them After 25 years of not seeing him I met him at the Cavendish anni and low and behold he handed me back a copy of one he had borrowed all those years ago. Top guy but I want the others back now
  4. nomad

    Rare Lp Tracks

    Brothers By Choice is on 45 aswell
  5. Ian, What a wonderfull tribute to Wolverhamptons Premier Lady of Soul.I am writing this through tearfull eyes She was always a friend to me and a person I will never forget. Even in the early days when I came home from the army she would always make me feel welcome as one of those youngsters. Many great and fond memories like the weekend away in Blackpool and even my stag night. I was so sad speaking to you on that fateful morning but as you said ''you want to do her proud'' and you have. We will all be there in Stourbridge to support you and pay our respects to a true icon of our scene God Bless you Helen XX Paul x
  6. nomad

    Restoring "noisy" Vinyl

    I Just do what every man should do .... If you have a dirty record just leave it out of the box and the missus will clean it up for sure lol I wouldnt advise you to leave a good record out though :P
  7. Duane Clark .. Stop! Come Around etc This is on Spark and Barclay ... is this what you mean?
  8. nomad

    20 Grand?

    Makes Sams look like a bit of an investment
  9. nomad

    Inside The Casino

    Or Burning Bush
  10. nomad

    Planet Records New Northern Soul List # 2

    ] THE CARSTAIRS - IT REALLY HURTS ME GIRL - RED COACH VG/EX 20 Clicks all the way through the intro I'm afraid - I counted 13 rotations PMSL..... I thought you would have doubled the price of your fave sound in that condition Pete
  11. nomad

    Harpo's Party 11/06

    Yet another great night Good tunes..Good Atmosphere..Great Friends Even had a drink off Rattlesnake Got home safely at about 4 am But well worth the journey Looking forward to the Harpins special event in October ...Gonna be a long one... Thanks again xxxxxx Nomad
  12. This has been going on for years Geese. You ask how I feel about this...Im all for the rights of the original artist interpretation. That was the way the record was intended to be heard. I know speeded up or slowed down may suit the dancing but in this time of remixes, that are popular at the moment, is it really considered a crime? Nomad
  13. nomad

    2010-04-04: Stafford, Fancy Another One ?

    Spot on... could not have said it better...see you there Nomad


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