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  1. ShaneH

  2. King Mojo Club 1967

    Yeah John. I'm a King bee regular. Will be supporting Pow Wow too I'm the organiser of the Joe Dutton event at Yellow Arch on Sunday 1st May which isn't far from those venues. Plenty of King Bee/Pow Wow tunes for that event! Im sure we will have me...
  3. King Mojo Club 1967

    Club 60 is still very much a venue. A few Sheffield lads I sort of know through friends open it up for cool invite only parties quite regular. Been in many times over the last few years. Its not not changed by all accounts. Incredible part of the Sheffi...
  4. King Mojo Club 1967

    I'll pass on a link to this thread to Charles Petticans daughter. He might be interested in this.
  5. King Mojo Club 1967

    Not the John I knew but great to hear he had some good times! Nice one graham.
  6. King Mojo Club 1967

    Never knew they were into soul. Cheers Roburt and Graham.
  7. King Mojo Club 1967

    Hi Graham. John was my uncle too. He sadly passed away around 8 years ago. My mum is Annette the younger sister of them both. Shane.
  8. King Mojo Club 1967

    Hi Roburt Charlie Pettigan - Goole could this be Charles Pettican? If so I think you are talking about my uncle. When you said he moved to Reading this sounded more likely as he moved to Wokingham, Berkshire in the late 70s I think. Deffo Woki...
  9. Dave Wooley.. Rip

    Sad news about Dave...had some good nights out a few years back. I remember a few years ago he was texting me tips for the horses...me and a few at work had a brilliant run of winners over a few days then one lost and we decided to call it a day. We did ...


    not long to go now! if you are thinking about going, i seriously recommend it. i loved it last year and can't wait to get over there again.
  11. Gary Welsh R.i.p

    I was certain i had met this guy at the Wilton earlier this year. I remember having a long chat outside about Thorne and the snooker player Steve Davis. I really enjoyed my 15 minutes or so with Gary. I wasn't sure it was him at first but I am stood behind hi...
  12. The Lost Soul Club - Sheffield - 12Th Dec

    i will be there steve! its only a walk down the hill for me. namedropping and backdropping it is then! ps. i have told a lot of the old northern soul guard to get fully kitted up in the best baggies etc. i hope brett appreciates it.
  13. i remember when gary was a regular in freebasing a few years back. i also got to meet him at the gambian all-dayer. sad news. shane
  14. That Driving Beat, Leeds 30Th April

    i had a great night. well done to all involved.
  15. this will also be my annual appearance - for what looks like a Spinal Tap type reunion for soul fans just getting my shoes re-heeled for those cobbles in Leeds

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