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  1. nksouldude

    [Rs] soul brothers inc - teardrops - salem

    Well said Gina you tell em gel
  2. nksouldude


    Don't think its at the Brit its next door at the boat club
  3. nksouldude



    Coming over from England for the first time arriving Thursday afternoon so looking forward to this much talked about event see you all there Nigel
  4. nksouldude

    KINGS HALL STOKE- 21 years!

    Hi all Left my phone and glasses in K Hall last night If you find them contact me through here or call 01159463605 though will be in bed till1pm Thanks for looking Nigel
  5. nksouldude

    Irish Club,Nottingham, quality of soul

    Great night in both rooms enjoyed the young lad James Pogsons spot
  6. nksouldude


    see you all later N K
  7. nksouldude


    ok Fletch see you there
  8. nksouldude

    Source Poll: Allnighters October 2016

    Probley go to the Irish club in Notts at the end of the month as its a nice mixture and close to home
  9. nksouldude

    Colette Kelly City Of Fools

    Sold mine recently to raresnorthernsoul .com Don't no if they still have it though
  10. nksouldude

    'Spot-light On' Nev Wherry

    Nevs records did get auctioned and most went to Tony Clayton Tony passed away recently and the remaining records went to a collector in Peterbourgh
  11. Herd yesterday Tony had passed away through ill health Had may great memories with Tony who I new from around 1979 when he was vicar at Hemington and Lockington parish in Leicestershire We went to many dues up and down the country including Wigan When Wigan closed Tony started the Nottingham oddfellows allnighter were he regularly dj Tony had a great collection of 45s Some of the 45s I remember him by are the Nomads somthins bad Don Gardner cheatin kind Lucky Charms tied to your heart and Pookie Hudson this gets to me Tony had a good innings and turned 80 earlier this year and still lived in Nottingham city center. RIP old pal
  12. nksouldude

    Quality of Soul,Irish Club ,Nottm

    Went round Notts for a beer first before arriving at venue around 10 30 Stayed in the rare room most of the night were the sounds were top draw with a great crowd in apprecation with a mix of djs from home and abroad The main room was pretty packed with a great mix being played Stayed till the end were it seamed nobody wanted to go home Look forward to the next one. Cheers Guys Nigel
  13. nksouldude


    Takin a walk down myself hoping for some nice rare sounds if Mr Masseys on though don't no who ted masey is
  14. nksouldude

    Paul Cridge

    Sure Paul still in Aus mate Herd him mentioned when ive spoken to mates in Aus
  15. nksouldude


    As a teenager in the seventies I started to get into soul music such as the band Tavares This progressed into attending local youth center and other clubs Were I enjoyed listening to northern I started to dance and buy some records I then went onto some bigger clubs in my area and eventually in 1979 attended Wigan nighters along with other venues I still attend local and national dues Ive enjoyed all aspects of soul music Ive been over to the States were ive found some nice 45s Ive now decided to sell my small collection of about 300 45s The collection contains different types of soul 45s from northern rare modern and some r n b I still like all sorts soul music and In my collection there is some nice originals to reissues and pressings Heres a few examples of the rarer stuff that's in the collection L Allen Cant we talk it over Green Dolphin Joanie Sommers Don't pity me W B Ellusions You didn't have to leave Lamon The Lucky Charms Tied to your heart Sugerhill ( One of my all time favorites ) Kenny Wells Isnt it a shame New Voice The Natural Four I thought you were mine Boola Boola Flffy Falana My little cottage Alpha The New Wonders This man in love Ready All my collection the 45s are in allsorts of condition there is about 330 45s Im open to offers but thinking about £20000 Im not going to list them and will only sell as a collection Any body can come over and have a look through the collection I live in Long Eaton Derbyshire You can pm me or call 07703743932 Thanks Nigel
  16. nksouldude


    Hi Peter thanks for your kind comments Unlike some folk on here
  17. nksouldude


    Not salesman but have done an apprenticeship as a plumber/gas fitter and still learning today
  18. nksouldude


    Thanks for the comments but there my records so will do what I want and not what others think If you cant be bothered then fine by me Cheers Nigel
  19. nksouldude


    I normally go on the caravan site near the town center Cost £60 for 2 nights last year and the caravan was pretty decent but 20 minutes walk from venue.
  20. nksouldude


    Got to the greyhound about 3 30 not many there, just a few djs. Started to think bad decision to come over, boy was I wrong. Venue soon started to fill up with the djs playing some great tunes The dance floor was pretty busy as the venue started to fill up to. Had to leave about 7ish, though really enjoyed the afternoon and would recommend this to finish your weekend off. Thanks folk Nigel
  21. nksouldude


    a few of us derby lads coming down today so get your funky edge stuff out c u all later
  22. nksouldude

    Selling my Collection

    Got a similar collection myself with some nice rarities included Thinking of selling the lot Will be interesting to see how you sell them Maybe you could let the site no what way you sell them. Cheers Nigel
  23. Hi Foi Ive got a Elliot Small without the hiss in my collection Also Ive noticed in the past that your after a Fluffy Falana and L Allan The only way I would part with any of these is to sell my hole collection Though Ive not advertised the collection I Would be willing to sell and would want about £18000 Probley bit to much for you but id thought I would let you no. Cheers Nigel
  24. nksouldude

    What's your favourite Motown Song?

    Bottom and Co .....Gonna find me true love Personal fav of mine
  25. nksouldude

    Scratch cards

    Best win for me on a scratch was £50. Not much over the years but better than the lottery.


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