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  1. Fantastic description Paul, must admit "Just as long as we,re in love" comes a very close 2nd for me after "Do what you gotta do babe" and I agree, some of the greatest 70,s soul ever recorded. Regards, Kev
  2. Does anyone out there know this album or own a copy. I have asked around a lot of soulfull folk and drawn a blank everytime. I know it is a bold statement considering the volume of quality that they have put out but in my opinion this is their finest hour. From 1972 this LP cotains 6 ballads of gut wrenching effect with the "Jewel in the crown" being the life changing " Do what you gotta do babe". Any Dells buffs out there, if you don,t already have this, search every inch of the globe for it, If you haven,t heard it I envy you the thrill.
  3. Here here Sean, "The Bullmeister" has been flooding myself, Gaz Simon and PJF with top quality CD,s for a while now. Crossover, 60,s, 70,s 80,s and Deep stuff, no categorising, just simply SOUL MUSIC. Myself and the aforementioned have been listening to and collecting SOUL MUSIC for over 30 years and if you add the stuff he has put us onto there is another 30 years of listening and collecting to be done, I think his inspiration comes from what all genuine Soul lovers have and that is once they hear something that blows you away, you just have to share it with like minded folk. Keep em coming Bully Boy.
  4. The reason I am replying on Joans quote is because I can remember 20 Years ago talking to Joan about the record I am going use as an example for this thread. It was at the 100 club and I was talking to her about The International Kansas City Playboys version of "Quittin Time" on Wheelsville, what do you know a few moments later it comes on, I am straight up, within 20 seconds I could feel the imaginary "shepherds crook" around my neck dragging me off the floor, "big big mistake".
  5. Saw Buddy Guy and Junior Wells in Newcastle in 1987 and they were absolutely brilliant. I saw Aretha at the Victoria Appollo in 1978 and she stank the joint out. She didn,t want to "get down" at all. She never got out of 1st gear, instead singing M.O.R. like Streets Of London. I must admit though I had been warned that she was very temperamental. I am probably setting myself up here but the Masqueraders ended up being a let down for me at Prestatyn. The reason I say this is because Lee Jones was not there and for a long time I have considered him as right up there with the best as far as Male vocalists are concerned. It was a bit going to see the Temps in their day and finding out David Ruffin wasn,t there. Phil Perry in the modern room at Prestatyn though was magnificent.
  6. Kev Cane

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    How are you doing Daz If it is still there, keep the Bunny Sigler for me, should have had it ages ago, let me know. See you soon Me and Gaz are on at Joes on Friday if you fancy a beer and a chat.
  7. If we are to bring soccer parralels into the equation I think that the North East has a strong argument. If we could borrow a black American phrase, If one is to be into Soul Music one must be able to "Get Down", then to translate further into English terms it would state "Go Down" .The North East is blessed with Soccer teams that can meet with this criteria. Kev
  8. Hi Wally How are you doing mate. I think this was a one off do organised by Harry using only the small room at the top. As far as I know Steve is still going to run his do as the feedback especially from the last couple of nights he held was really positive. While I am on I will complete play lists as stated. Have a good New Year mate, hope to catch up with you soon. Please excuse any discrepencies on the following text because all I have in front of me now is a load of drunken scribble for reference. Carlo and Big Harry Barry White-I never thought I,d fall in love Marcia Hines-You gotta let go Bobby Story-Lets do something different Mark IV-If you cant tell me something Originals-Down to love town Gentlemen and their ladys-Like her Archie Bell-Good good feeling Chuck Cissel-Dont tell me your sorry Mandrill-Too late Tavares-Too late Bunny Sigler-Keep smilin Popcorn Wylie-How did I lose you Real Thing-Love makes tears Lamont Dozier-Dont let nobody come between us James Walsh-Cos its you girl Love Committee-Am I wasting time Bobby Hutton-Lend a hand Ewan Renton and Daz Carr(how many f-----g spots do you want Daz) Donna Mcghee-It aint no big thing Deon Jackson-I need a love like yours Terry Huff-Come on around Delilha Moore-Ill just walk away Ace Spectrum-Live and learn Bobby Patterson-Everythings good to you Dee Dee Warwick-Funny how we change places Maxine Brown-Belle mia 6 a.m-Missing you Cubo, where is your play list at ? Thats the lot folks minus Cubo,s whose I dont have. (
  9. As previously stated here are some more of the stuff played the other night. Little Harry and Graham Dinsdale Gloria Scott-What am I gonna do Lost Family-Blow my mind Chuck Bernard-Love bug The Esquires-How could it be Jesse Boone-I got to love you Oscar Weathers-To prove I love you Denise La Salle-I get what I want The Lovations-Heaven told me so Edwin Starr-Running back and forth The Clovers-Try my lovin Masqueraders-I aint gonna stop Lee Williams-Its everything about you Sam Dees-Fragile handle with care The Enticers-Calling for your love The Dramatics-No rebate on love Joe Hinton-Got you on my mind Brief Encounter-What about love Gaz Simon and Kev Cane Counts-Whats It all about Towanda Natural Destruction-Wear yor natural baby Sir Ted Ford-I wanna be near you Gene Middleton-No one to love Ralph Johnson-Have your fun Emotions-Ill love you but leave you Enchanted Five-Have you ever Willie Tee-First taste of hurt Lee Bates-What am I gonna do Jo Armstead-Stone good lover Spinners-Its a shame Brothers Guiding Light-Getting together Ujima-Im not ready Debbie Taylor-It just dont pay H Melvin-Love I lost Invitations-Look on the good side Charles Johnson-Never had a love Natural Four-You cant keep running away Almeta Latimore-These memories Reggie Soul-My world of Ecstasy Bobby Reed-The time is right Nathan Williams-What price Delegates of soul-Ill come running back Lee Fields-Tyras song Alex Brown-Im not responsible I will try my best to finish off tomorrow
  10. Yes I must agree with you Kirsty its a cracking little room that generates a great atmosphere when theres a few in. Heres a few of the playlists with the rest to follow. Pete Foster and Daz Carr Janice Saddler-My babys coming home Enchantment-Call on me Impressions-Potent love Anthony White-Stop and think it over Bottom and co-Gotta find a true love Dynamics-Never find a man like me Tams-Precious moment Smoke-Sunshine roses and rainbows Phillip James-Keep on loving J P Rodgers-Baby come back home Lamont Dozier-Can,t get over Imperial Wonders-You live only once Unique Blend-Yes Im in love True Reflection-Thats where Im coming from Willie Hutch-Lets try it over Jack Ashford-Ill fly to your open arms Satisfaction Unlimited-Lets change the subject Main Ingredient-Have you ever tried it Gene Taylor-My nose wide open Popcorn Wylie-I can take the world on with you Lou Ragland-What should I do Street People-Liberated lady Reggie Sadler Revue-Just wait and see "Tez Wright" Brothers of Soul-Dream Dynamics-You make me feel good Chimes-Beginning of my life Major IV-Down in the ghetto Gene and Eddie-Its no sin Randy Brown-Im always in the mood Larry Wedgeworth-No more games Jesse James-If you want a love affair Eugene Record-Overdose of joy Fir-Ya-Keep on trying Johnny Bristol-When he comes Luther Vandross-Got to have your body New York City Band-The meditation Leon Thomas-Love each other Timeless Legend-I was born to love you Solid Solution-Think about it girl Deep Sensation-Soul heaven more playlists to follow, got a tin of quality street to finish Kev
  11. Hi Kirsty Can,t wait myself, sat in, misreable weather outside, just sat in playing a few tunes, I,m sure there are plenty of other Soul Fans out there who could do with an alternative to the same old shite being wheeled out on the telly and stuffing there faces with quality street (only the jaw breaking toffee ones left anyway). I think I will alternatively listen to some great 70,s and Xover soul music and stuff my face with numerous bottles of Bud. Come on Soul Fans get your arses down to The George at Piercebridge. To borrow a phrase from H Melvin " Satisfaction Guaranteed" Kev
  12. Correction:- I thought it was Paul who played The Holidays when actually it was Karl, great initiative mate, I dug it out as soon as I got home.
  13. First visit to the DDA and it was even better than what Baz and Gaz had described. There is a genuine warm and hospitable feel about the place but thats hardly suprising with the likes of Joan, Paul, Karl and Debbie running the show. There is no politics, bullshit or ego,s to contend with. There were some rare tunes played but without compromising quality. Quality was the name of the game where the underplayed and even unplayed are met with even more enthusiasm and appreciation than some of the better known quality sounds. I think it was Paul who played The Holidays "I,ll love you forever". Ill be honest and say that I have never heard It played out at a venue before and I challenge anybody to say that it isn,t out of the top drawer, hairs on the back of the neck stuff. Kev played Bobby Sansom " Don,t leave" and Sandra Richardson "Stay here with me", both in need of more venue action, straight from the top drawer again and completely different records. I could go on but most people have been around long enough to get the drift. It was also great to catch up with the likes of Jock O,conner among others, one of the nicest blokes on the scene and still mad keen for it. The DDA is a diamond that must be preserved. Heres my playlist Mark Putney-Todays man-Atlantic Detroit Emeralds-Holding on-Westbound Profiles-I still love you-Bamboo TSU Toronados-Got to get through to you-Atlantic Tony Owens-This heart can,t take no more-Soul Sound Lee Fields-Take me back-Angle 3 Jimmy Lewis-What can I do now-Era Otis Clay-Showplace-One-derful The Hesitations-Soul Superman-Kapp The Shepards-Little girl lost-ABC Betty Moorer-Speed up-Wand Stoppers-Come back baby-Jubilee Debonairs-Please come back baby-Soul Click Steve Mancha-Monday thru Thursday-Groovesville Ronnie West-Lil Woman-Goins Fabulous Apollos-The one alone-Valtone Dynamics-I need your loving-RCA Nathan Williams-What price-UA Accents-You better think again-One-derful The Enchanters-Theres a look about you-Tee Pee Reggie Soul-My world of ecstasy-Capri Freddie Hughes-We gotta keep on-Wand (LP only) Kev "the tornado Johnsons playlist to follow shortly. Have a SOULFULL Christmas everyone Kev
  14. Music from the gods mate. I have The Icemen, Lew Kirton, Soul Children and Mckinley Mitchell ( I think you made a slight slip on the keyboard) the others I will be looking out for if you say they are anywhere near as good as the aforementioned, hats off to you mate , great taste. Kev.
  15. Fine by me aswell Karl Pre-match nerves starting to creep in now, pre-match meal of pasta and an energy drink required I think (as if). The lads are right up for it, should be there early aswell. See y,all Friday Kev
  16. Been getting these lately Fabulous Apollo,s-The one alone-Valtone Reggie Saddler Revve-Just wait and see-DeiLite Whispers-Needle in a haystack-Soul Clock Nathan Williams-What Price-UA Moments-Where can I find her-Stang Ojays-Time to get down-PIR O V Wright-He made woman for a man-Backbeat Spinners-Its a shame-VIP TSU Toronados-Got to get through to you-Atlantic Lee Williams-I need you-Carnival Mad Lads-What will love tend to make you do-Volt Waiting for Chuck Ray-I don,t mind-Tam-Boo
  17. Then next on your living room playlist Rachel, has got to be The Notations album on Gemigo, jam packed full of quality. Top tip though is last track on side one "There I go". Give it a whirl if you don,t know it, should be getting venue plays. Kev
  18. Absoloutely Bully, in fact at this moment I am listening to "You can,t keep running away" Congratulations is in order by the way to you and Tats for last week, I said you would knock em dead Kev
  19. How about all this weekend playing :- The Dells, Dramatics, O,jays, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, Delfonics, Moments, Whatnauts, Masqueraders, Originals, Dynamics, Notations, Chilites, Hesitations, New Sounds, Esquires, Rance Allan Group, Controllers, Impressions, Detroit Spinners, Temps, Intruders, Tops, Fantastic Four. Dig albums out of all the afore mentioned and you will have enough top drawer soul for you not to surface for a month, oh" have I forgot anyone. Kev
  20. Can anyone out there remember a record that Rob Marriot used to play back in the day. The record was by The Speedlimits, " I can,t say no to my baby" I think it was an acetate out of Philadelphia. I have it on tape and its an absoloute group stormer. Does anyone know of its whereabouts or indeed has anybody heard it played anywhere.
  21. Fantastic record, while we are on the subject of SUBLIME what about Bobby Sansom- Don,t leave-Sublime, mid tempo masterpiece known to quite a few but seriously undervalued due to lack of turntable action. This is the type of record that could disappear from the face of the earth and rocket in price when mid-tempo stuff becomes accepted again within the soul society. Another tip, Leon Haywood-You and your moody ways-Evejim a great mid-tempo crossover gem available for next to nowt. In the right hands, a potential monster. The flip " You know what" is a great ballad, you just cannot lose with this.
  22. Hats off to you Marcus for playing Wilson Pickett- I,ve come a long way, in my opinion one of the most "frightening soulful records ever". I,ve only heard it in my room for the last 20 years, it must have been spine tingling to hear it out loud. Good on yer, Jesse James aint bad either.
  23. O.K. Heres mine:- Early set Charles CC Carlson- Shes not to blame Lee Shot Williams- It aint me tyronne Ashley- I want my baby back Leon Haywood- You and your moody ways Gene Diamond- I,m only a man Tony Owens- This heart can,t take no more Remarkables-Easy Mislead Jimmy Lewis- What can I do now Eddie Hill- Nothing sweeter Chancellors- All the way from heaven Sheppards- How do you like it Detroit Emeralds-Holding on Falcons- Love you like you,ve never been loved before Later on (pissed) Melvin Davis-I must love you Ronnie West- Lil woman The Dynamics- I need your loving Accents- Who you gonna love Enchanters-Theres a look about you Debonairs- Please come back baby Shepards- Little girl lost Betty Moorer- Speed up Nathan Williams- What price 3 I am not sure about
  24. Revised prices for the above TSU £125 Falcons £ 175 Charles CC Carlson £ 150 Or the lot £400 £5 special post Kev

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