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    Dancing, Disco, Northern Soul,meeting lots of interesting soul folk, eating biscuits and collecting records.
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    Lady in Green Magnetics

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  1. Imogen

    Record Hop

    If you're a record collector in the South Essex area with spare time to kill on Wednesday nights why not pop in with a few select tunes of your own. 60's 70's/Northern/Motown/Beat Ballads/Deep/Southern/Jamaican/ 70's/Crossover/R'n'B/Disco/-whatever's your bag. It's open decks and free pool table. No monies involved. Nice and cozy with lots of record chit-chat. All for the love of it. Hope to see you there.
  2. Imogen

    2011-08-20 100 Club 6Ts Northern Soul All Nighter

    Sorry can't make this as it's our Julie's 50th. Have a good one. We'll be back full throttle for the Anniversary in September after the Hitsville weekender in Spain. See you all soon xx
  3. Imogen

    Birthday Bash

    Looking forward to seeing you and Kev on Friday Julie. Just sorting my records out now xx
  4. Hi Audra I hope you find the track you're looking for. I have recently been listening to lots of Roller Disco records and thought you might this Lp I found. James Last and The Rolling Trinity Lp 1979. There's some good tracks on it especially One More Chance.
  5. I didn't know it was Brian's birthday today, double celebrations tonight then. I'll be leaving Starpoint towers as soon as my shows finished so should be arriving about 9.00. Really looking forward to seeing you all there! :) Imogen x
  6. Imogen

    2011-07-09: 100 Club-6Ts Nighter

    Hi Ady, Really looking forward the 100 club, it's been a while! See you all down there Imogen x
  7. Sorry Mark you look lovely in that photograph
  8. Or you could even get the regulars to dress like Seahorses!!
  9. Or maybe you'll be giving away free cuddly toy and flashing light Seahorse necklaces to the regulars?
  10. Brian whatever next? Maybe Majestic will look like this soon?
  11. Great stuff, really looking forward to Tony's set.
  12. Imogen

    Mixology - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes 3Cd

    Great thanks Ian
  13. Imogen

    Mixology - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes 3Cd

    Hi Ian the Disco Discharge comps are excellent, there's some great obscure disco on them. If you could send me those links that would be great . Cheers Immy
  14. Imogen

    Mixology - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes 3Cd

    I've got that record, not one of their best ! Their version of Sunny is good and I know Ian likes that one!
  15. Imogen

    Mixology - The Definitive Salsoul Mixes 3Cd

    Looks like an interesting LP. What's the Boney M track Love For sale like?


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