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  1. Flynny

  2. Sales at AnoraksCorner.com

    600+ label scans of discs for sale at AnoraksCorner.com...if you're quick!
  3. Lorraine Chandler's performance of, "Lost Without You" is sublime...her vocal is often deeper in the mix with her dance tracks, but this really highlights her ability...wonderful!
  4. Yep, Ray Terrace, and yes plays loud and proud...good quality vinyl...never seen a finished label copy, mind.
  5. For reference, and not for sale, I have a 7" of it on Japanese Capitol...very rare!
  6. Lack Of Knowledge, Or Just Deep Pockets ?

    I think you can also add, "lost in translation" into the equation, as I bet a few non-native English speakers are also slipping up due to dubious descriptions.
  7. Worth an upload...here's my Japanese copy...obscure for sure.
  8. dcp little anthony

    Gone to a good home.
  9. wild deuce - emanuel lasky wd.jpg

    Gone to a good home.
  10. dorothy williams - bandstand usa

    Gone to a good home.
  11. No big problem. Just wanted to clarify any confusion your wording/picture could have created, as you typed..."all insert are with it". This reads as if there is more than one insert, and your picture has two pieces in it. Some Japanese releases come...
  12. Buying From Japan

    7 days...that's terrible...should've been 4 or less!
  13. White Demos Ovo: Classics & Oldies

    Just knocked a few prices down...see above...happy to move them on!
  14. For your reference: That white card-stiffener is not vintage and has nothing to do with the actual release...just a modern day shop accessory.
  15. Jazz Record Dealers

    Totally understand confusion on these two, as they have been reissued so many times! There are some clues to be found on the label/sleeve, with regards to names, addresses and phrases...this website may be able to help you identify what you have: https://l...

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