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  1. I feel like I have lost a brother, so saddened by this news. One of the purest souls you could ever hope to have as a friend. You could always have a reasoned debate with Win, he had time for everyone, very diplomatic, articulate in his words, and had great empathy for the less fortunate. We shall all miss him dreadfully he enriched so many peoples lives. Carms (lollo) xx bless you Win RIP
  2. For Sale scan available if required a very hard label to get this great sound on normally seen on Jewel ... Pm me if interested - Price 350.00 pounds condition Excellent
  3. Anais nin Carms


    Must say we loved playing for you guys . What an absolute joy for you to have such a great support group of people that attend the venue each month that encourage the players to just go for it and play what they like with welcome ears. I don't think I have ever been thanked personally by so many , can't wait to return for part two
    Well it was my first visit to Go Go , to say I was overwhelmed by the place is an understatement. It was a mega journey for us as Nige had played at the H&J in Doncaster on friday night . The journey took us around 4.5 hours so we were a little jaded when we arrived around 4.30pm However after the benefit of an hours sleep and a shower and as the car pulled into that sleepy little dark side street and we saw the most amazing building , this being the old prison all in its cobblestone finery one got a power surge that could almost let the imagination run riot, the air felt slightl
  4. Ian will be remembered as a really nice gentle soul , well respected who will be missed by many .... Play I hurt on the other side for me...on the the other side xxxx Carms
  5. The event starts at 9pm and ends at 2am , should you get there early you can have a few beers downstairs whilst we set up. Enjoy !
  6. Anais nin Carms

    Top of the Nags

    A soul night where those spinning have a free play of all genres of soul in one room.Spinning mixed tempos, a night that welcomes younger Djs as our prime guests. Basically the priority is not rarity of records the priority is having a good time. First guests Tom Dacey and Calvin Lee Hughes. Tickets available in advance on Skiddle.
  7. Anais nin Carms

    Keele All Nighter

    Well if a nights success is measured by the speed the event takes you to the end of your journey, ours being 4am last night's Keele experience has to be one of the best I have sampled. The night flew past at astonishing pace. We arrived just before ten and spent time chatting downstairs catching up with many friends and also listening to the lounge beats as I was due to play at eleven. When it was time to play the hour just sped by I absolutely loved contributing to the cafe culture of keeping things light and inspiringly soulful. The mission was playing records that I hol
  8. Anais nin Carms

    Soul Toon 5

    Loved playing in the underplayed room , thank you for your support. It goes without saying that I think this promotion has got everything right and is well loved by all its fans that support it with their feet every time it's on. Personally I find the Geordies so accommodating they make every one so welcome and nothing is too much trouble. I have to applaud Paul Conroy he has to be the most caring promoter I know, amazed at the time he puts in to make sure everything is going to plan to the smallest detail and that everyone goes home happy. Now I was asked to put up my play list by a c
  9. It's already taken ...me Lol sorry mate
  10. Condition MINT "French" release - Please PM if interested , thanks Face A The Soul of a man A woman has away This is it All I want is you Something is wrong with my baby How Many times Face B Nobody But my baby You walk so fine Talk about love Don't leave me It's not you Baby come back
  11. Thanks Jocko yes please I like this type of sound as,an alternative groove. Doing a wine bar type night and this kind of stuff really goes down well along with a bit funk
  12. Could do with some help regarding a release in Japan ? I am trying to source a 12" mix of this track. I have sort of stumbled of some Japanese sites with no translation? so I am a bit lost among the very pretty pictures... can anyone help ? Cheers Carms
  13. I would like to labelled as "A rare soul enthusiast/fanatic" that covers the whole kit and caboodle

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