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  1. Wow, What an evening of entertainment that was last night. Sat 24th Oct the Mathews Suite definately had the X Factor. Brilliant music. Brilliant Sound system. Very friendly people. An atmosphere to die for. I am just hoping my legs recover in time for the Tower. Credit to everyone involved with the organisation, if the above 4 points were your objective then last night you superceeded them. Rob
  2. Cant wait for the next one. It could be an Illuminations special. What a great night, superb venue, superb DJ's, and a wonderful atmosphere. Eight of us came along had a wonderful evening and our appreciation goes out to the organisers. I am nearly looking forward to SATURDAY NIGHTS again. Rob.
  3. 8 of us locals coming down and looking forward to a wonderful evening of music. Could I add a couple of Motown tracks. Aint No Mountain - Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell Love Starved Heart of Mine - Marvin Gaye And a fewPhilly tunes. If You Wanna Go Back - Jean Carn Clean Up The Ghetto - Philly All Stars Ill Always Love My Mama - Intruders ( It is Mothers day after midnight). Good luck with the event. Rob.
  4. I may have missed this listing but has anyone yet listed David Rhodes "Hung Up In Mid Air" around 75ish Rob.
  5. At the time there were quite a few tracks played from albums at the Mecca. I mentioned earlier IMHO a great Bobby Womack track "I Dont Know" that I think was album only at the time, along with the Nights "Drop Your Guard", Myroslav Vitous "New York City" Idris Mohamed "Could Heaven" and I am sure many more. I think one of the great things about the Highland room that made it stand out was the fact Ian & Colin did'nt close the door on anything musicaly and tried many different avenues, most worked brilliantly and a few not so well. I guess thats pioneers for you. Happy Days. Rob.
  6. What an intriguing thread. Its great reading these lists, and only the odd track duplicated. Here are a few more tracks I remember being played, that I don't think have been posted yet. Wally Cox - This Man Al Delory - Right On Alfie Kahn - Law Of The Land Frankie Crocker - Ton Of Dynamite David Rhodes - Hung Up In Mid Air Archie Bell - Lets Groove Todays People - SOS Pockets - Come Go With Me Van Mcoy - Party Alfie Davidson - Who's Gonna Love Me Lolleeta Holoway - Runaway Fantastic Four - Got To Have Your Love Santiago - Mr Love Brainstorm - Were On Our Way Home Tramps - The Night The Lights Went Out Running Away - Roy Ayres Timmy Thomas - Stone To The Bone Idris Mohamed - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This Doris Jones - Cant You See The Smile On My Face Jimmy Castor - E Man Party The las post mentioned the popularity of Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis "Your Gonna Get Next To Me." At the Hilton last month Colin Curtis played an excellent 7 minute version that packed the floor, although I dont think this was available back in the 70Ts. Rob.
  7. I don't often post but this thread has got me interested as I went to the Highland room mid 75 to the end. Anyway these are a few tracks I recall that I don't think have yet been posted. Last Hour George Benson - The World Is A Ghetto Marlena Shaw - Go Away Little Boy Ramsey Lewis - Spring High Rest Of The Night. Nite-Liters - K Gee Doris Jones - No Way Out Bobby Womack - I Don't Know Bang Gang - Who Said Honkies Aint Got Soul Linda Clifford - You Are You Are Sisters Love - Learning To Trust My Man James Wells - Still The Same Man Fat Larrys Band - Centre City Crown Heights Affair - Sexy Ways Lawrence Hilton Jacobs - Time Machine Its great reading the list printed by everyone, Ill have to look through the record box for some more. Rob.

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