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  1. madkev


    Hiya Carl Looking forward to seeing you again, it has been too long. The floors actually pretty good and served us well at last years reunion. Its going to be a cracking day of fine music. Xx
  2. madkev

    Soul In The Cellar - Lincoln

    todays the day the teddy bears have there picnic ,come alog and join us too hear jazz funk classics, 80,s anthems mixed with modern soul and soulful house ,and remember its free of charge this time ,looking foward too meeting freinds ,old and new
  3. madkev

    Soul In The Cellar - Lincoln

    its a good job i dont take insults badly or i would get a complex , and john you call me a dog ,whos bringing the squeaky bone lol
  4. madkev

    Soul In The Cellar - Lincoln

    coma and join us at the best little soul night in the area
  5. madkev

    Skegness Northern Soul Weekender


    and yet again in september we have whinstanley doing skegness butlins,.get the point russ ,nearly all the orignal wigan dj,s are on in blackpool, doesnt that tell you something,wigan shut years ago but you are still living on that memory,no wonder the scene is on its arse,playing stuff we heard in youth centres,and as for mr burnett and mr russell, who may i say was sat at the back of the room getting pissed,if you are gonna spout your mouth off about selling 500 plus tickets ,well it showed and i have never been too a weekender where the promoters or host,s dont welcome you ,like i said the sound system was rubbish,as was everything else,i can never understand 2 rooms one playing oldies and the other motown,surely if your numbers are low ,close the littl.e room so your punters are all together, but i dont think these promoters could run a piss up in a brewery
  6. madkev

    Skegness Northern Soul Weekender


    sorry i dont understand what you mean did happen,lets be honest here, too set up another weekender in the same town that ones been running for 13 years is in my opinion fecking stupid,bet they wont try that at whitby or brid, no , the music was like being back at my youth club, i was only waiting for someone too open a fecking tuck shop, the sound system was shite feeding back all the time there was more atmosphere , there was probably more in mcdonalds accross the road and come too think of it busier aswell,, i praise anyone who puts a weekender on as its a big risk but why is everyone raping skegness with them ,and now whinstanleys doing skeggy butlins in september ,, whats up couldnt he get on at the one in blackpool for christ sake with all the other original dj,s if you wanna run a weekender stay in your own back yard and not try it where theres already a succesfull one already and im here if this upsets anyone
  7. madkev

    Skegness Northern Soul Weekender


    what you mean blah blah blah , if youve ever run a big event then you would know that its not just the event your running ,theres also dj,s wages ,advertising, paying for the venue,equipment,and much more, as many big promoters would tell you graham,and if you had run something like that scale you would know
  8. madkev

    Skegness Northern Soul Weekender


    we,ll see i dont care who you are ,you would have too have deep pockets too keep an event running if your losing money hand over fist and i dont think mr burnetts pockets go that deep
  9. madkev

    Skegness Northern Soul Weekender


    i attended this event on friday night with an open mind as im a dj at the officail skegness soul weekender,after being told there had had been 500 plus tickets had been sold, err where , i cant really understand why have 2 rooms basically playing the same thing,when youre numbers are down surely the best thing would of been too get everyone in the same room ,and before anyone goes on about the weather affecting this event , i went too blackhearts all nighter on saturday and they had more poeple in there, there was no atmosphere at this event,i knowtommy hunt very well and felt sorry for him playing too an empty room as such ,if your gonna blow your own trumpet about weekenders ,then at leasttry something origanal, i know that either the weathers gonna get the blame or dave raistrick putting the mockers on it as i was told friday night,the truth is whoever ran this event had a chance too make this a decent one but yet again went down the same old , lets play the classics and everyone will come shite ,i think the northern scene is going backwards,i may get slated for this but for christ sake 50 odd year olds in baggy pants half way up the legs do you really know how stupid you look, anyway enough of the rants cant wait for april till the proper skeg weekender playing proper music cheers kev Thomas
  10. madkev

    Soul in the cellar

    was good too see some new faces plus the regular crowd even johhny barker had a great time which is hard nowadays , great set from chris and john loved playing some old style jazz funk and a pleasure too see john take his cap and coat off again ,look foward too may the18 th and maybe should start putting up play lists, well done everyone , great atmosphere, great friends and great music ,and thanks for all who attended
  11. madkev

    Gary Welsh R.i.p

    sorry too hear such sad news,got too be one of the best who will be sadly missed by many , condolences too ronnie , kids and grandkids , a legend on the soul scene and a true gent , god bless you gary
  12. madkev

    This Girl - Cookin On 3 Burners

    crazybeat records had some and so fid simply soul i beleive so give them a try
  13. madkev

    Birthday Bash

    dont you get so clever gi joe lol
  14. steve jefferies has a joe jama for sale on his site
  15. too toad , i wasnt saying these lads dont give a toss , i was reffering too other promoters who will remain nameless, we know who they are,this isnt the first time things have gone wrong with weekenders and it wont be the last , but at least they are trying too resolve issues, i went too a certain weekender years ago too see one act , charged £50 for 2 , and the promoters knew full well on the tuesday the act had a throat infection and still charged full price , all im saying is give them a chance too work with what they have :lol:


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