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  1. Probably puts the question mark on a lot of so called rare records listed in today's fascinating northern soul world supply and demand counters this saying anything new other then the truly daft prices fetched on many 45's not really imo
  2. Startones--Billy Fran Gia Mateo-RCA ISSUE Herbert Hunter-Demo Please mail me direct -wrightmd65@outlook.com
  3. Please can you hold Jean Carter if an Issue please advise Thanks
  4. Wanted The Startones - Lovin you baby-Billy Fran Deadbeats - No second chance - Strata Please call or text on the below number and ill call you back 07765340792 With thanks
  5. Looking for this one top price paid - anyone ? Gia Mateo-If you cant say anything nice-RCA ISSUE - Not demo Please mail call or text thanks m - 07765340792
  6. It was first played by Soul Sam at St'Ives just for the record around that time I would think before the Destiny release I cant remember the date everyone has views some like it some dont if it wasn't like that the scene wouldn't change
  7. Looking forward to another night of great music rather then the same ole Worth a trip - Thanks Irish for the mail
    What another classic night main room was packed and rocking on arrival standing room only you could only find a space at the edge of the dance floor atmosphere was good like the old days - downstairs was busy dj's played a good mix of music and done the job required for another memorable visit to this venue that still makes it happen I haven't danced so much and didn't want to let it finish roll on next year - Well done Ally & the team for making it happen -
  8. becker154


    Any DJ times please ?
  9. Gary Spencer at his best awesome collection at the time -
  10. becker154


    Ely Soul Club - Surprised by the club two rooms -main room large wooden dance floor good turn out for the first event cheap drinks food on site made a change for an All Dayer its been a few years for me music mainly oldies mixed with a few modern numbers nice to hear a few different things rather then a lot of over played big ticket titles Next one Sunday March 12th
  11. Top memories Dick Coombes early 80s Peterborough nighters

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