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  1. Mrs Simsy

    100 Club 'Nighter

    I really enjoyed myself. You can't go wrong with people like Keith Money on the decks. Loved Joel's first set aswell. It was a bit quieter than it has been recently but I wouldn't say the numbers were low. The dance floor was pretty full for the time that I was there, you just had a bit more room to dance. Only Rob Messer there selling records though. The days of the back bar being lined with dealers seems to have sadly passed. I can never afford the ones I love anyway. Had a great time celebrating Julie's hen night. A combination of working til 5 and then drinking from 7 meant that I was on my last legs by 3am so we had to call it a night. Thanks to Ady and the team for a top night and see you next time.
  2. I never met Joe personally, just knew him from on here. Very saddened to read the news. RIP Joe. The posts on here and Facebook speak volumes about his personality and character. My condolences to his family and friends.
  3. Wow what a night. We got there a little late thanks to the junction we needed being closed (we're jinxed! ) but it just meant that by the time we got there the place was rocking! Loads of friends old and new were there. The dance floor was full in both rooms at times. Just a great night generally. Thanks to John Weston for playing The Traditions for me. Great to finally meet Ali Nightingale after many years as friends on Facebook! Rugby by just gets better with age. Happy anniversary Ruggers! We had to leave at 4 unfortunately because of a family birthday today but when we left the place was still going strong. Sorry to have missed the last DJs sets as I really enjoyed the music last night. Until April......
  4. Go out oop North a bit more. Managed to get North of Rugby just once this year! Hopefully Simsy won't get a nosebleed going past Watford Gap. Edit- I just had a look at previous posts and I said more or less the same thing last year!
  5. Mrs Simsy

    6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    Feels like it's been ages! Can't wait.
  6. Mrs Simsy

    Rugby Allniter

    Cor that line up looks good. Plus we get the pleasure of hearing Keith Money two weeks running!
  7. Mrs Simsy

    Rugby Allniter

    Thanks for asking me to spin a few. Had a great time. Really enjoyed the Willinghams spot, they just never disappoint. :D"‹
  8. Hello, I'm just cataloguing some records and came across this in the back of my box. The shocker-Peg Leg Moffett. Peachtree. Any ideas of value? I've used up all my goes on Popsike today apparently. Produced by William Bell but was just reading on another forum that he may have sung it as well? Was thinking £20. I don't remember buying it to be honest.
  9. He definitely didn't show any DJ skills when I saw him 'live' a couple of months back. My friend was the warm up DJ and told me that CG had a pre mixed CD going for at least part of his set. What was more stupid was he pretended to be mixing the songs in. Farcical. Butchered a Marvin Gaye track as well!
  10. Tickets arrived. Thank Ady. Can't wait.
  11. Better get some tickets then!
  12. Mrs Simsy

    Rugby Allniter

    Feels like it's been ages! Really looking forward to it. The September Rugby is always a goodie.
  13. Mrs Simsy

    6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    What a night! Really enjoying the clapping that seems to have made a return, especially liked the packed dance floor to the penultimate (I think) record Carla Thomas, where everyone was clapping. Brought me out in goosepimples! The atmosphere was great, music was as always on top form. Something for all discerning tastes. Good mix of chatting and dancing for me and we stayed until the lights came on. Always a sign of a brilliant night. All that's left to say is I'm glad that I booked today off!

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