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  1. Remember him telling me a few years back re his diagnosis at Bidds. Always think of Kev when driving up to Rugby as he did same as me drove into Police station instead of car park!!! RIP Kevin save us place by the stage Best The Big Fella
  2. BigPaul


  3. BigPaul


    Me n the little fella are coming Goole and Skipton crew in attendance to Spoke with a good few at Burnley and Lifeline who also said the gonna attend. Great venue first time at nighter though. Looking forward to it and only 6 mile down the road. Be in bed for 6 15 Best Paul
  4. Just Large Littles a bit short this week
  5. It's the little fellas Birthday "Keep on chatting. Keep on chatting. Chatting all night long" Best Wishes The Big Fella and Catherine x
  6. Happy Birthday my friend The big fella and Cathy
  7. until

    I've done it before mate. But would bell Ady to confirm
  8. BigPaul


    Bbbbbanging Bbbburnley have it.
  9. Sorry to hear that Kev hopefully a good dose of Lifeline will do you good mate.
  10. See you there Ez. Bringing Mr Cornock ??????
  11. Would be rude not to
  12. Think I should have quoted below your post
  13. Think I should have quoted below your post
  14. Don't know how that happened anyway you know what I mean mate

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