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    Golf - Dancing - Meeting People - Humour
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    In the Bottle - Gil Scott-/Macie Leak Version too
  1. I like Alan Shearer's Suit Jacket - WOW something different :-)

    1. good angel

      good angel

      His minge is getting short now sorry his fringe

    2. Miss Wasperella

      Miss Wasperella

      LOL it sure is :-)

    3. Marky Tee

      Marky Tee

      It looks like a tailors pattern was left on lol

  2. I would like to be cremated and have the following played:- Just love the lyrics 1. The Masqueraders - How 2. Sergio Mendez - Love Music 3. The Contemplations - Alone with No Love 4. Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto 5. The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Will add to this
  3. Went a few times and enjoyed it - very interesting place Also agree some good music played here
  4. whether to go out or stop in......

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mach


      stop in and get drunk gal..lol

    3. Miss Wasperella

      Miss Wasperella

      Just may do that as I still can't make my flipping mind up :-)

    4. suzannek


      Gan on out :0) I'm on the Bailey's hic lol xx

  5. Thats the baby a speedo tube - gawd I loved that bag - I had to throw mine away after I found it rotting in a box in the shed - mind you I will admit I did try to revive it in the washing machine but it had definately seen better days :lol: Buttttt I still have a skirt from when I was 16 and will defo not part with that - in fact they could use it for a museum sorry gone of topic apologies
  6. I knew you would come back with that - well it was round on either end like O==O I'm in stitches now
  7. Thank you it does take you back - It really is true, time surely does fly, it only seems like yesterday since I was there. Where do all those years go, funnily enough I found my box of memorabilia the other day with both my 3rd and 4th Anniversary badges in. plus many others and even remembered my electric blue speedo bag which was round oblong shaped. Our gang used to sit upstairs next to Ladies Loos right hand side of stage and there was a spate of nicking badges off bags hence we all removed them and luckily enough I managed to hang on to mine. Many many happy days and fond memories of NS life as it was then "underground" and I for one loved it that way- Happy Days for sure - Thanks again Pete
  8. Not been on here for a long time - where has the icon for the music gone to?

  9. Personally, I don't actually think Northern fits in with Modern dancing as Russ commented about styles above after all the beat is different I find it a tad grimmacing to see someone doing backdrops in a modern room - it always reminds me of a "Peacock" showing its feathers, although that might be just to show the moderners what they may be missing in the Northern room thats only my thoughts . At the end of the day people will do what they feel like doing but for me it is different. Its like someone attending Northern Soul and doing rock & roll and I have seen that before which is just wrong - again my thoughts
  10. I did hear it will not be on as there is not enough time to sort everything out - boo hooo :-(
  11. Well I just hope they revive it for Brid Weekender this year - lets have it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Summertime................woo hoo

  13. Just would like to thank all you soul sourcers who replied to me for all your help with this - much appreciated - OMG you know your stuff xx thanks a million xx XX
  14. Oh SIMON T Thank you so much - its just got that good feel factor for me - Absolutely love it xxx MASSIVE THANKS X

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