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    soul music, making new friends, cider, southern comfort and CREME EGGS xxxxxxxxxxx
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    everywhere and nowhere baby
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    Prophets/one gold piece

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  1. dj diva di

    Records to go

    All sold
  2. dj diva di

    Records to go

    Troy Keyes on hold
  3. dj diva di

    Records to go

    Yep will do honey x
  4. dj diva di

    Records to go

    Hi everyone Small list , £2.50 P&P Just message if interested , photos available on request
  5. dj diva di

    Part 3 sales

    Sorry didn’t realise, I will
  6. dj diva di

    Part one sales

    Will keep it for you honey ok pm me when you get in x
  7. dj diva di

    Part 3 sales

    Part 3 The Drifters- Baby What I Mean - Atlantic EX £15 SOLD Jan Davis- raunchy - direct hit - EX £10 Duke Baxter - I ain’t no school boy - VMC records EX £10 Emmet Grover junior- check out what you’ve got- maxwell EX £10 Deon Jackson- you said you loved me - carla VG+++ £15 John miles - one minute every hour- British orange- VG+++ £10 Trammps- scrub board - British Buddha EX £10 Crusaders - put it where you want it- blue thumb records solid centre EX £10 The precisions - New York City/ you’re the best- atco WD Both sides EX £10 Bobby bloom - where are we going- roulette pic sleeve EX £10 Gene Chandler- I’m just a fool for you- constellation - EX £10 SOLD Edwin Starr - headline news - ric tic - EX £10 Fontella bass - recovery - checker - VG+ £10 Jay jay Taylor - tell me the truth - Jewel WD- EX £10 The amboy dukes - Judy in disguise- British polydor- EX £10 Wilson Pickett- Baby call on me - double L -VG+ £10 Johnny and the bandwagon- breaking down the walls of heartache- British epic - VG £10 Jackie Ross - selfish one - chess - VG+ £10 The capitols - we got a thing that’s in the groove- Karen- vg+ £10 Jamo Thomas- bhama mama - SSS WD- EX £10 Act iv- bless you/ a better man than I - cub - EX £10 The sandpipers- young generation- kismet VG+++ writing on label £10 SOLD The Charles iv- we can do some business- smash WD vinyl EX label damaged £30 (superb) SOLD Tyrone Ashley- feet start moving- British pye- VG+ £10 Ramsey Lewis- wade in the water- cadet - vinyl VG++ writing on label £10 Tony Talent- Gotta tell somebody- vando WD- vinyl VG++ label damaged £15 SOLD Syl Johnson- straight love no chaser- tag ltd - Ex £10 SOLD Mike post coalition- afternoon of the rhino- British warner brothers- Ex £10 King Hannibal- the truth shall make you feel/ it’s what you do - shurfine EX £10 Al Green- let me help you- Bell - EX £10 Junior Parker - I’m so satisfied- blue rock WD- VG+++ £10 Don Covay- iron out the rough spots - Atlantic- VG+++ £10 Young hearts- I’ve got love for my baby- Minit - Ex £10 (little gem ) Soul ambassadors- I’ve got the feeling/ just like she said she would- SSS EX BOTH SIDES- £20 SOLD Bobby McClure- you got me Baby- checker- Ex £10 SOLD The chiffon’s- Nobody knows what’s going on - laurie EX -£10 Roger pace - the minute my back was turned- Select WD- VG++ plays great £30 (absolutely superb) SOLD The Fantastic fifth dimension- lovin you forever/ too poor to die - liberty pic sleeve, EX BOTH SIDES £20 The Capitols- cool Jerk 68 instrumental- Karen WD- VG++ £40 (brilliant) The Artistics- hope we have- Brunswick- VG+ £15 The Fantastic epics - let’s get together- kelton - Ex £125 (absolute gem ) Esther Phillips- catch me I’m falling- Atlantic- Ex £20 Wind - groovin with mr bloe- life VG+++ £10 Human being- Nobody but me - capitol VG+++ £15 Quick brown fox - working on my thing- French roulette- EX £15 The shakers - one wonderful moment- probe solid centre British- EX -£15 Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love- Phillips- Ex £15 (little gem )
  8. dj diva di

    Part 2 sales

    Part 2 Hammond brothers &maggie - soul over easy - British London-EX £15 Jackie Wilson- Whispers- Brunswick- EX , DRILL HOLE SPLIT DOESNT AFFECT PLAY £10 The party brothers- do the ground hog - revue EX £15 The Du-tones - Sweet lips - onederful EX £15 Maskman And The agents- love bandito - dynamo EX £15 Bobby Patterson- right on jody- paula records EX £20 The capitols - I got to handle it - Karen- EX £10 Jesse James- if you’re lonely- 20th century fox - EX £15 SOLD Artistics- love song / I’ll always love you- Brunswick both sides EX £25 (superb double sider) Lenny welch - you can’t run away- mercury vinyl EX label has wear £20 (one of the best oldies around) Herman Griffin- are you for me or against me - magic touch WD VG+++ £15 Jimmy Bee - outside man - EX £10 Jamo Thomas- education is where it’s at part 1 - decca EX £10 Syl Johnson- I’ve got to get over - tmp ting records - EX £15 Donnie Elbert- in between the heartaches- British polydor EX £10 SOLD The reflections- June bride - golden world- Ex £10 (great SOLD Patti Labelle- jokes on you- New voice vinyl ex label wear - £15 (lovely record) Young holt trio - soulful strut - Brunswick- Ex £15 (same as “am I the same girl” fabulous instrumental Cash McCall - let’s try it over - Thomas, VG+++ £20 (absolutely fantastic) Denise lasalle- get up Of My mind - westbound EX £10 Ben Vereen - by your side- Buddha EX £10 Tyrone Davis- Turning Point- British Brunswick- EX £10 The James boys - the horse instrumental- cbs pic sleeve Ex £15 The platters- Devri - musicor- EX £15 (brilliant) Clarence Murray- don’t talk like that- SSS VG+++ small edge chip doesn’t affect play £15 (gem) The forevers - what goes around comes around- weis WD VG+ £20 The showmen- take it Baby- VG+ bit of label wear B.B. RECORDS £15 (fantastic) Occasions - there’s no you- Big jim - EX £15 Innovations - just keep on loving me - hit sounds - EX £25 (fantastic record) SOLD Billy butler- nevertheless- OKEH- VG+ £10 SOLD The mighty marvelows- I’m so confused- abc - VG++ £15 SOLD Hollywood flames - I’m gonna stand by you - symbol - EX £15 SOLD Willie Mitchell- the champion - French London- VG++ £20
  9. dj diva di

    Part one sales

    Hiya part one of 3 £2.50 recorded delivery P&P, will combine postage, please pm me , PayPal friends and family please xx Record list Mitty Collier - I had a talk with my man - chess VG+ £10 Marvin Gaye/Jackie Ross - lucky lucky me / Trust in me - Northern soul stories freebie EX £15 SOLD Henry Lumpkin - Soul is taking over - Buddha EX £15 Tyrone Edwards- can’t get enough of you- invictus VG++ £15 Samuel Moore and the tnts- I’m so jealous- Daran EX £15 SOLD Rocky Roberts- just because of you- Spanish durium pic Sleeve £15 New beats - run baby run - British London VG+ £10 Carla Thomas- I’ve got no time to lose- Atlantic VG++ £10 Little Rena Scott - I just can’t forget that boy - grand junction VG++ £10 Bull and the matadors- if you decide- toddlin town EX £20 (superb) Otis clay - show place- onederful EX £10 The moments - All I have - Stang EX £15 P j proby -niki hokey- liberty EX £15 Andre Williams- soul groove- sport records VG++ marks on label £10 Vontastics- keep on rolling- st Lawrence VG++ £10 Jackie lee - your personality- mirwood VG++ sticker on label £10 Arthur Conley- there’s a place for us- jotis EX £10 Judson Moore- Lisa - Chicago music bag records VG++ £10 SOLD Roni Hill - I wouldn’t give you up - British creole EX £10 Troy Keyes - you told your story- abc looks rough , plays VG++ £10 Joe Drake - I’ll do anything for you- Shamley Ex £15 (superb) SOLD Fantastic Johnny c - don’t depend on me - Phil la of soul VG+++ £15 The parliaments - Don’t be sore at me - revilot - EX £15 SOLD Alvin cash - let’s do some good timing - marvlus EX £15 Millie Mclaine- he’s got what it takes- hi state EX £15 Tyrone Davis- can I change my mind- dakar VG+++ £10 J j barnes - Real humdinger- ric tic - VG £10 Donald Wilson- find somebody- Columbia WD EX £10 Margie Joseph- Sweet surrender- Atlantic VG+++ £10 Joe Simon - When - Sound stage seven- VG+++ £10 The Artistics- chase is on - Brunswick- EX £20 Milt Matthews- all these changes- British London- VG+++ £10 Lonnie youngblood- roll with the punches - loma VG++ £10 Wayne Fontana- my eyes break out in tears - Fontana British VG++ £10 Frankie valli- you’re ready now- phillips VG+ £10 Johnny moffet- send her home to me - Canterbury- EX £10 Otis leavill- Nobody but you / Charlotte- smash VG++ £20 Ben e King - the record- atco - VG+++ £15 The Opals - I’m so afraid- OKEH EX £30 (superb) The Four hi’s - pretty little face - verve VG+++ £30 (superb) Shades of blue - Lonely summer- impact - VG £10 Betty swann- make me yours - money - VG+++ £10 Cliff Nobles - Love is alright- Phil la of soul EX £30 (gem of a record) Bunny sigler- Girl Don’t make me wait - cameo parkway- VG+ plays well £15 SOLD Don Covay - it’s better to have- mercury- VG+ £15 ◦
  10. dj diva di

    Few to go

    Few to go, £2.50 P&P first class recorded, just pm me The Cavaliers - I really love you/ I've got to find her RCA EX £50 Maurice and the radiants - Baby you've got it CHESS EX couple of very light scratches DNAP £30 SOLD The Du-ettes - every beat of my heart MARVLUS EX £30 Sam &a Bill - I'll try DECCA EX £50 Garnett Mimms - it was easier to hurt her UNITED ARTISTS VG+++ £30 Billy Butler - Burning touch of love BRUNSWICK EX £50 couple of very light scratches DNAP
  11. dj diva di

    2 Dee Dee Sharp beauties

    Wild and Where did I go wrong, both fabulous condition cameo , and in beautiful picture sleeves £20 each or both for £35 Free P&P in the UK
  12. dj diva di

    Few to go

    Free recorded delivery P&P The Diplomats -There's still a tomorrow, Wand EX £40 Chuck Jackson - Who's Gonna pick up the pieces , Wand EX £20 The Attractions - Destination you , Bell EX £25 Impressions - You've been cheating, British stateside VG+++ £25
  13. dj diva di

    Apollas & Fantastic Four

    Apollas - Just can't get enough- Loma EX £40 SOLD Fantastic Four - Pin point it down - Soul VG++ couple of light scuffs (see pic) £45 free recorded delivery P&P in the UK
  14. dj diva di

    Pearlean Gray

    Beautiful copy of Pearlean Gray - I don't want to cry - Green Sea EX £80 small pen mark on label. Free recorded delivery P&P in the U.K. ON HOLD
  15. dj diva di

    2 gems to go 😁

    Hiya , please pm , Free recorded delivery P&P Drake and the ensolids - Please leave me , Alteen EX has a couple of very light surface scratches £110.00 Billy Woods - I don't want to lose your love, Verve EX £40 ON HOLD


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